Sunday, April 13, 2014

The new League of Nations: United Nations is failing ethnic Russians in East Ukraine.

It is a known fact in history that the rise of Hitler's Germany sank the noble ideas of the League of Nations. The League of Nations could not save the millions who died, including the mass extermination of over six million of Jews.We could now be looking into another League of Nations moment for this United Nations Security Council, which appeared to buy into western propaganda of "Russian meddling" and demonstrated no concern for the idea of a state using force against civilians and protestors. If their is mass murder against ethnic Russian protestors -- the United Nations, especially the Security Council shares responsibility and culpability in it.

Last night, the myth of Russian aggression and the the equally horrible myth that "Russia is interfering in Ukraine." The truth is that it is the regime in Kiev and the Right Sector neo-Nazis who have escalated the situation in Southeast Ukraine by sending military forces, including armored units, after protestors holding government building in East Ukrainian cities. The images of protestors holding these building are not armed, masked men, but also old ladies and ordinary ethnic Russians. 

What is sad is that there appeared to be little concern on the part of other members of the Security Council of the idea of military forced being used against civilians in Southeast Ukraine. There appeared to be more of the accusations that Russia was meddling -- but the fact is that there is more evidence of American meddling in Ukraine than Russian meddling.

Sitting here listening to the lies and stories of the Ukrainian rep to the United Nations in the Security Council. This fellow from the Ukrainian government is quite a liar --- classic stories about "terrorists," using the term "terrorists," These tales about ethnic Russian protestors are to justify violence against them, as well as to get the international community to turn a blind eye to any state terrorism against ethnic Russians --- but some of us out here are wide awake --- and ready to work to hold this irrational regime in Kiev accountable and responsible for ANY violence, genocide and ethnic cleansing of ethnic Russians in Ukraine. 

 The United Nations, along with the EU are failing to protect the rights of ethnic Russians! There is NOTHING that Russia can do about the use of the military force against ethnic Russian protestors in Southeast Ukraine! This claim that Russia can do something about this situation! There is, in fact, more evidence of American meddling in Ukraine than Russian meddling in Ukraine!

The fact is Russia cannot do anything - only the regime in Kiev can stop this by calling off its military forces. 
The regime in Kiev is doing nothing to protect ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine from Right Sector thugs. This regime in Kiev is irrational and seems to believe it can take whatever action it wants. The regime in Kiev, as well as Right Sector had better watch its steps: Their actions can be internatiuonal crimes that can bring indictments from the International Criminal Court.

 However - if mass violence is aimed against the ethnic Russian population in Southeast Ukraine - the United Nations will be equally responsible and culpable for the atrocities...


The actions of against ethnic Russians in East Ukraine will stain the European Union forever!

As I mentioned in the last post, one can tell that the anti-Russian twisting of Europe's arms is being dome from Washington. One can tell this through the European Union's current conduct toward Russia, which is conduct that cannot be described as keeping within the spirit of the European project. Sanctions, attacking banks, and stark divisions are not the European way, these are the American way. The European way is also reconciliation, not belligerency,  and the Europeanization of relationship involves peaceful and friendly working relationships. With Russia, this meant working in areas that Russia agreed to work in, such as border security, and since last year some European institutions have been calling for visa free travel for Russians. As demonstrated in the essay, Coal, Steel and Reconciliation, the European way of doing things is dialog and diplomacy to reach reconciliation between actors.

In the crisis over Ukraine, the European way is now absent from the European Union's actions and policies. Dialog has now been replaced by silence and indifference, especially for the rights and safety of ethnic Russians. Diplomacy has been replaced by EU efforts to attack Russian interests and attempts at isolating Russia. Reconciliation has been replaced with sanctions (although laughable) and that now includes excluding Russia from the human rights body of the Council of Europe (CoE) and its Parliamentary Assembly, called PACE.This is a sign of two things. The first if that the American hegemony has taken over the decisions of the European Union. The second is that European leaders, like Catherine Ashton, are once again placing American interests over European interests.

What is very grave about this is that this exclusion from the CoE tells us that Europe does not care about any human rights atrocities that will probably occur as the regime in Kiev and Right Sector neo-Nazis take actions in East Ukraine against ethnic Russians -- and there are now reports unarmed protestors are being shot dead.

The problem in Ukraine is the American installed regime in Kiev, not Russia. If gross human rights violations are dealt against ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine by Right Sector, neo-Nazis, not only will Russia be viewed as right and justified for its "invasion" of the Crimea, but the actions of the European Union against Russia will be a stain the European Union. The EU will eventually have to admit that it was wrong on Ukraine as the bodies of victims are unearthed, but we will not hear about how EU leaders once against mindlessly following American interests no matter how much it hurts now and in the future.