Me - eslaporte: “An educated mind is the ultimate weapon.”

 EDUCATION - American Public University-American Military University* M.A., National Security Studies, European concentration.* November 2009.

Milwaukee Area Technical College* Paralegal Certificate* August 2008.

Florida State University* B.S. of Criminology* June 2000

Tallahassee Community College* Associate in Arts* June 1996*  

ASSOCIATIONS - Honors graduate – Phi Theta Kappa National honor Society for Two-Year Colleges. Current and Past Associations* Paralegal Association, Milwaukee Area Technical College* European Society of Criminology* The Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS) in 2001-2003. .  

ACTIVITIES - Health and fitness.* Military gaming* Fietsen* “Foreign” languages and cultures. Good working knowledge of Spanish, French (read only) and Dutch.  

ACADEMIC INTERESTS - European Union foreign policy in the area of Europeanization (as it applies to EU external relations) in membership and partnerships. I am a student of the Dutch language, culture, politics, and national identity. I did my Master’s Capstone project on the use of Europeanization as a security policy. I am currently working on a national identity and cultural study of the Netherlands and the sad political developments there. 

PROMOTE HUMAN RIGHTS AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM! I also do quite a lot of blogging against Islamophobia, and for especially the religious freedom of Muslims, which is under vigorous attack. I am also proud to blog in defense of human rights, especially ethnic, racial and political minorities, as well as religious minorities, living here in the Western world! [caption id="attachment_2029" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Fortuyn - The source of Islamophobia infecting the the Western world? "][/caption] I also have interest in the Euro-American radical right, as well as the Islamophobic extremism they promote. I was in college just after the Oklahoma City bombing, and had an interest in "patriot militias" that were abundant in Florida when I was an undergrad at Florida State University. Studying the radical right is something the goes back to my college days - and that now includes Islamophobia extremism that comes out of the Netherlands. I have a hypothesis that the current strain of Islamophobia infecting America and much of the Western world comes straight from Pim Fortuyn of the 1990s and not entirely due to the September 11 attacks. Zeg wat je denkt en doe wat je zegt! (Say what you think and do what you say!) Yep - I intend this to the fullest!

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