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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Islamophobia as an international security problem

The West's religious and political extremists and radicals. While the focus is on the small number of Middle East religious radicals who are rioting in new Arab democracies,  the serious and growing threat from anti-Muslim radicals and Islamophobic extremists is multifaceted in nature. This threat ranges from free roaming violent radicals, like Anders Breivik and the English Defense League, to advances made by "political parties" in European nations, like Geert Wilders and the PVV.  All of this activity by Islamophobic radicals is well funded by wealthy, but equally radical Israeli interests, perhaps with the Likud Party.

We could have told you about the Islamophobic extremists and radical elements that are responsible for the creation of the "Innocence of Muslims" hate film - and it should be clear to the world now how dangerous these elements are.  What should be made clear to the world is how these Western extremists and radicals abuse their freedom of speech rights to provoke violence and international crisis.

Promotion of a  New World Order according to Samuel Huntington. There is going to have to be adjustments in foreign and security policies of national governments and in the policies of international organizations (like the European Union) to deal with this (not so new) anti-Muslim radical and Islamophobic extremist factor on the international community. The world community needs to anticipate that the element will abuse free speech rights to provoke trouble, just as Jyllands-Posten abused its free press rights when it published the "Danish cartoons" and when Geert Wilders and Theo van Gogh abused their free expression rights to make anti-Muslim hate films.

There are those people from largely the Anglo-American conservative right hope to stoke up another Cold War, this time between the West and the Islamic world. We can see their desired New World Order is along the lines of Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" thesis, or "Clash" thesis. Clash thesis is a world ordered along the "faultlines" between largely religiously based "civilizations."  We have the notion that Greece (and probably Serbia) are with "Orthodox civilization"  (watch for calls to throw Greece out of Europe - its the "Trojan horse" for Russia). We have the notion of "Confucian civilization" dominated by China. But - more importantly - we have "Islamic civilization" and "Western civilization."

The largely Anglo-American conservative ilk would like to maintain hostile relations with especially Muslim majority countries of "Islamic civilization." This level of hostile relations is supposed to replace the Soviet Union.  In the opening pages of his book Huntington argues that "enemies are essential to identity" and "hating what we are not is to love who we are."  America, according to Huntington, needs to look for monsters to slay in the Muslim world.

[youtube id="zl3YU5XcmVM" w="300" h="250"]

We have to realize that Islamophobia is present in Ray Kelly, the NYPD commissioner, as well as Geert Wilders, down to Robert Spencer.  Paul Ryan showed up at a "values summit" that was full of extremists, including Frank Gaffney.  So- Islamophobia is not just for the fringe, but has been allowed access to mainstream politics. Islamophobia is what much of Orthodox terrorism studies are based on, including the celebration of the discredited "NYPD radicalization model." We must deal with Islamophobia and those who wish to promote "Clash" thesis as some kind of New World Order. This world order divided by Islamophobia and "hate of others not like us" will be one that promotes constant conflict and crisis. We must work against it and favor a world system that strives to work on respect, mutual understanding and peace.

And - the promotion of Islamophobia and using it to sabotage America's relationships -- are un-American!

The "Muslim rage" was actually small.  We must first come to realize that only a small percentage of "Muslims" protested the "anti-Islam film." Some observers are of the opinion that the Western media needs to be more responsible when covering events in the Middle East -- and that the "Muslim rage" was exaggerated:

What is disheartening is that some of the media coverage of the protests embodies the worst form of sensational journalism. There were headlines and stories that made it seem as though millions of Muslims across the world had taken to the streets, with Muslim countries in riots and businesses closed.

In Indonesia, a nation of over 200 million, several hundred people took part in protests. Just a few months ago, 50,000 Indonesians bought tickets to see a Lady Gaga concert before it was canceled. So, what does this say about Muslims in Indonesia?

In Egypt, a nation of over 80 million, about 2,000 people protested on Friday. Of those protesters, a few hundred were arrested by the police.

In Lebanon, no protests occurred until Monday. Why? Because the pope had been visiting the country, and the leader of Hezbollah, which the U.S. has labeled as a terrorist group, didn't want to do anything to interfere with the pope's historic three-day visit.

A small number of protesters should not define the entire Muslim population of over a billion. The media should know this and report the truth accordingly.

The U.S. media -- and we're not just talking about Newsweek or Joe Scarborough -- need to act in a more responsible way. It appears that our media are more focused on ratings than facts and accuracy. While the media jump on the story and then quickly move on to another story, their impact in defining a people and a culture can be lasting. Let's hope the wave of #MuslimRage responses prompts the media to think twice before they react.

There are now those in acedemics who work with statistics and who are now assessing just how many took part in "Muslim rage" riots. The numbers are small - by the exaggerating of the size and scope of the protests shows how irresponsible the Western mass media can be, and future reports are forthcoming.  Given that these riots were - indeed - small, Islam had nothing to do with these small riots and Muslims are not collectively to blame for violence!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption=""Muslim rage" riots were small. People are currently studying the size of them."][/caption]

The need now to calculate Islamophobia into foreign and security policies. In terms of security, there should be NO reaction of Western agencies to "Muslim rage," since the riots and protests were actually very small. But - we will see some call by Western security agencies (there might have already) to "look out for lone wolf jihadists upset over this video." What a load of poppycock!

In terms of security, it is the promotion of Islamophobia by various actors that needs to be calculated into the foreign and security policies nations and international actors. It should be clear to the world that Islamophobia is now a global problem, and has been for some time.  We must realize that those that promote Islamophobia and create Islamophobic media do so with the hope of sabotaging relationships between especially the US and the "Muslim world."  This film and its publication in Egypt may have served the purpose of dividing Egypt and the Middle East world from a growing relationship with the US and the Western world. The other purpose of giving this film publicity was to destabilize young and vulnerable Arab democracies.

So - the need here is to immunize the growing relationships between young Middle East countries and Western nations, the US and the European Union.

Islamophobia used as a dividing tool by radical right-wing political leaders, media pundits and fringe groups alike will have to be calculated into foreign and security policies of states and international organizations. Governments and political leaders should adapt the mentality of building positive relationships with the Arab and Muslim countries that are based on respect and mutual understanding - and this can only be done through a long-term relationship with Arab and Muslim countries based on respect and mutual understanding.  Western nations, the US and European Union, should continue to work with and support young Arab democracies and work to immunize the relationships against those who wish to use Islamophobia to sabotage relationships, just as al-Qaeda elements work to sabotage relationships.

We should also work to make Islamophobia in the media just as taboo in Western society as anti-semitism and racism.  This is happening, but slowly, and those who promote Islamophobia are well funded and sometimes well connected (Geert Wilders and Frank Gaffney). Governments should take courage to form public and private partnerships to combat Islamophobia -- and private groups should be made ready for action in the form of letter writing and boycotts of those who are are involved in the promotion of Islamophobic speech.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Attack on the Sikh Temple: Terrorism in our community!

This last Sunday was a nice sunny day here in the Milwaukee area. We had a break from the heat and humidity that we had the past week. I decided to skip church service and ride my bike. I wanted to ride on Howard Avenue near the airport. Well -on the TV there were BREAKING NEWS that a gunman had shot people at the Sikh temple and Howard Avenue was closed off.

"The shooter was a bald, clean shaven, white man with 9-11" tattoo." As the drama wore on and the local media began non-stop coverage (we heard things from witnesses those outside this area heard hours later), it became apparent to me that the terrorist threats from the radical right - being ignored by American and European security agencies - had struck within a few miles of my own home!  I was neither shocked or surprised, but outraged it happened here, and brings new, personal threat from this terrorism.

[youtube id="vq8PfJoDWeM" w="250" h="250"]

I have been on this blog for a couple of years now blasting the state of our counter-terrorism in America, as well as the Western world.  I have spoken out against the exclusive focus on Muslims, attempts to criminalize their legally protected  speech and religious practices, the abuses of the "no fly" list, racial, religious and political profiling whereby police take action without probable cause for criminal actions.  I have spoken out against the enormous amount of resources expended by the American government, as well as European governments, especially the Dutch AIVD, and Europol to go after the tiny few "radicalized jihadists" that DO exist, but are largely outside of the Western world.

[youtube id="7OijAQ5Kzfw" w="250" h="250"] [youtube id="o3PRmmTUABU" w="250" h="250"]

This attack against the Sikh temple is a manifestation of the unchecked and unchallenged Islamophobia in the Western world. It is known how the Sikhs are confused by the radical right after the September 11 attacks. I knew full well that the radical right was a growing terrorism threat across the Western world. I worried about an attack on a mosque, in London, in the Netherlands, but also the one here in Milwaukee (about a mile from my house) for the simple fact that radical right terrorist threats simply do not get the attention or resources to combat it, while resources are wasted in a fashion that often trounces on the basic human rights of Muslim communities.

It should not be "free speech" to spread violent hate of other people and communities. It should not be "free speech" to talk about other communities and individuals in a fashion that they are some "internal enemy" whereby violence against "them" becomes acceptable.  "War talk" (Muslim invasions, imposing sharia law, destroying our way of life) by noted political figures (Geert Wilders) should be illegal and come with civil and criminal penalties!

Yes - this was "terrorism" at the Sikh temple, but to the victims who lost their lives and their families, what outrage is called does not matter. It is hopeful to see the "domestic terrorism" label attached to a white, non-Muslim, right-wing radical -- but then "domestic terrorism" in the American context, as the folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) will tell you, is most likely going to come from the radical right and, as a demonstration of their ignorance, confuse Sikhs with "Taliban" and "al-Qeada."  The radical right is dangerous because security, intelligence and law enforcement is not paying attention, believes that its "free speech," and continues to divert resources and manpower at "the Muslim Other."

We should be asking ourselves: What radicalized Wade Micheal Page?

I am proud of my City of Milwaukee! Milwaukee is a wonderful place to live and genuine multicultural community, as is the suburb of Oak Creek.  Each summer we have a number of ethnic festivals on the shore of Lake Michigan. This city has already shown that through its responses that violent attacks on religious communities by right-wing terrorists will not be tolerated. We will continue to be welcoming to people of all faiths and backgrounds - and we will protect our multicultural community from these right-wing terrorists. There have been nice vigils for the victims and I will attend one tonight.

[youtube id="bRke0f2HZjM" w="250" h="250"]

Past articles on neglect of the radical right and waste of resources in counter-terrorism: RIGHT about the WRONG and dangerous directions of “counter-terrorism” practice - Why far right terrorism is dangerous in Europe: November 17 and the National Socialist Underground in Germany-comparisons - One year after Breivik and nothing has changed

Nederlands - Deze afgelopen zondag was een mooie zonnige dag hier in de Milwaukee. We hadden een pauze van de hitte en de vochtigheid die we hadden de afgelopen week. Ik besloot naar de kerk dienst over te slaan en mijn fiets te rijden. Ik wilde op Howard Avenue te rijden bij de luchthaven. Goed op de TV waren er BREAKING NEWS dat er een schutter was mensen vermoord in een sikh-tempel en Howard Avenue werd afgesloten.

"De schutter was een kale, glad geschoren, blanke man met 9-11 tattoo." Als het drama vorderde en de lokale media begon non-stop dekking (hoorden we dingen van getuigen die buiten dit gebied gehoord uur later), werd het me duidelijk dat de terroristische dreigingen vanuit de radicale rechts - wordt genegeerd door de Amerikaanse en Europese veiligheid agentschappen - had geslagen binnen een paar mijl van mijn eigen huis! Ik was niet geschokt of verrast, maar woedend gebeurde het hier.

Ik heb op deze blog voor een paar jaar stralen de staat van onze strijd tegen het terrorisme in Amerika, maar ook de westerse wereld. Ik heb uitgesproken tegen de exclusieve focus op moslims, probeert te criminaliseren hun wettelijk beschermde meningsuiting en religieuze praktijken, de misbruiken van de "no fly" lijst, raciale, religieuze en politieke profilering, waarbij de politie actie te ondernemen zonder waarschijnlijke oorzaak voor criminele acties. Ik heb uitgesproken tegen de enorme hoeveelheid middelen uitgegeven door de Amerikaanse overheid, maar ook Europese regeringen, in het bijzonder de Nederlandse AIVD, en Europol te gaan na het kleine aantal "geradicaliseerde jihadisten" die bestaan ​​wel, maar zijn grotendeels buiten van de Westerse wereld.

Deze aanval tegen de Sikh tempel is een manifestatie van de ongecontroleerde en onbetwiste islamofobie in de Westerse wereld. Ik wist heel goed dat de radicale recht was een groeiend risico's van terrorisme in de westerse wereld. Ik maakte me zorgen over een aanval op een moskee, in Londen, in Nederland, maar ook die hier in Milwaukee (ongeveer een mijl van mijn huis) voor het simpele feit dat rechts-radicale terroristische dreigingen gewoon niet de aandacht en middelen voor de bestrijding van te krijgen het, terwijl de middelen worden verspild op een manier die vaak trounces op de fundamentele mensenrechten van moslimgemeenschappen.

Het moet niet "vrije meningsuiting" tot gewelddadige haat van andere mensen en gemeenschappen te verspreiden. Het moet niet "vrije meningsuiting" om over andere gemeenschappen en individuen te praten op een manier dat ze een  "binnenlandse vijand", waarbij geweld tegen "hen" wordt aanvaardbaar.   "Oorlogpraat" (moslim invasies, imposante sharia, het vernietigen van onze manier van leven) door de bekende politieke figuren (Geert Wilders) zou verboden moeten worden en worden geleverd met civiel-en strafrechtelijke sancties!

Doden bij aanslag sikh-tempel VS - Schutter sikh-tempel oud-militair

Ja - dit was "terrorisme" aan de Sikh tempel, maar aan de slachtoffers die hun leven verloren wat dit heet doet er niet toe. Het is hoopvol om te zien de "binnenlandse terrorisme" etiket op een witte, niet-islamitische, rechts-radicale - maar dan 'binnenlands terrorisme "in de Amerikaanse context, zoals de mensen van de Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) zal zeg u, het meest waarschijnlijk zal komen van de radicale rechts en, als een demonstratie van hun onwetendheid, Sikhs te verwarren met "Taliban" en "al-Qeada." De radicale rechts gevaarlijk is, omdat de beveiliging, inlichtingen-en rechtshandhaving is niet op te letten, is van mening dat de "vrijheid van meningsuiting," en meent (ten onrechte) en  blijft middelen en mankracht af te leiden op "de gevaarlijke moslim ."

We moeten ons afvragen: wat geradicaliseerd Wade Micheal Page?

Ik ben trots op mijn stad Milwaukee! Milwaukee is een prachtige plek om te wonen en echte multiculturele samenleving, net als de buitenwijk van Oak Creek. Elke zomer hebben we een aantal van etnische festivals aan de oever van Lake Michigan. Deze stad heeft al aangetoond dat door zijn reacties die gewelddadige aanvallen tegen religieuze gemeenschappen door rechtse terroristen niet wordt getolereerd. Wij zullen blijven verwelkomen aan mensen van alle geloofsovertuigingen en achtergronden - en we zullen onze multiculturele samenleving te beschermen tegen deze rechtse terroristen. Er zijn leuke wake voor de slachtoffers en ik zal er vanavond bij te wonen.

Zie ook - Schietpartij onder sikhs in VS is het werk van veteraan - Sikhs geschokt door schietpartij



Monday, July 9, 2012

Muslim round ups in the UK ahead of Games

[caption id="attachment_3549" align="alignleft" width="206" caption="Why the way he's dressed and his obnoxious views - he must be planning a terrorist attack!"][/caption]

British police have no idea what a "dangerous individual" looks like, but think it looks like a Muslim. There is NO better demonstration of the dubious security, intelligence and police "work" than what we are currently seeing in the UK in the run up to the Olympic Games.  We see round ups of Muslim individuals on rather dubious "terrorist plots" while members of the English Defense League (EDL) remain highly radicalized and dangerous - and on the loose in the community.

At the same time, a member of the English Defense was sentenced to 9 years in prison for a knife attack against his neighbors ... we have round ups of Muslims with dubious and questionable police and intelligence work ... including accusations of unstated "terrorist plots" ... while the EDL remains at large to carry out violent "demos" against communities through out Britain.

The real threat to British security does not come from the Muslim community, but from the EDL, however, to the British police and MI5, a "dangerous terrorist" has nothing to do with an actual plot of real violence- but what a religious Muslim says and how the religious Muslim dresses. If actually plots of real terrorism were the goal of British security and intelligence - members of the EDL would have been put in prison a long time ago.

The "arrest" for "terrorism" appears to fit the NYPD profile: It is now criminal in the UK and elsewhere to appear as a devout Muslim with "anti-Western views." A devout Muslim who is outspoken and politically active, but a lacks a real "terrorism plot,"  is viewed as "radicalized" and is a "criminal."  As  I have predicted, the NYPD profile is now being used to arrest people for both their religious devotion and their political and social views. When we take a look at the articles over this "plot" we see very little evidence of violent planning, and this means justification for their arrests are probably based on legally protected religious and political viewpoints.   When we see the picture of Richard Dart above - we see the same long beard and dress that was highlighted in the NYPD "profile" - but these are legally protected activities and not "dangerous" and "violent."

We see that Richard Dart is a Muslim convert who adapted "anti-Western" views, and said that he would encourage others to go to Afghanistan to fight against British troops.

My response is sooooooooooo what! Such a statement is highly offensive - but these are words - not actions or behaviour!  Words are not bombs! Show us the evidence - as all we have are statements from police and government. So far - from current reports - Richard Dart does not appear to have engaged in ANY criminal activity!

Richard Dart should have the right to his religious freedom and freedom of speech - including obnoxious view - and be free from this kind of UK government harassment. "Extremist views" are not grounds for arrest and prosecution in  democratic societies with individual liberty. The manner of one's dress and speech maybe unusual and obnoxious, but people living in democratic societies with individual liberty - have a right to their manner of dress and views - without harassment of the likes of Scotland Yard and  MI5. UK Muslims now live in fear, thanks to British unchecked Islamophobia as "free speech" and personal abuse of Muslims now includes having their doors smashed in by British police:
Have you ever been called an Islamist? How about a jihadist or a terrorist? Extremist, maybe? Welcome to my world. It's pretty depressing. Every morning, I take a deep breath and then go online to discover what new insult or smear has been thrown in my direction. Whether it's tweets, blogposts or comment threads, the abuse is as relentless as it is vicious.

To say that I find the relentlessly hostile coverage of Islam, coupled with the personal abuse that I receive online, depressing is an understatement. There have been times – for instance, when I found my wife curled up on our couch, in tears, after having discovered some of the more monstrous and threatening comments on my New Statesman blog – when I've wondered whether it's all worth it. Perhaps, a voice at the back of my head suggests, I should throw in the towel and go find a less threatening, more civilised line of work. But that's what the trolls want. To silence Muslims; to deny a voice to a voiceless community. I shouldn't have to put up with this abuse. But I will. I have no plans to let the Islamophobes win. So, dare I ask: who's with me?

The "arrest" of Richard Dart and his friends shows that European security and intelligence remain focused on largely made up threats from the Muslim community - while highly dangerous and radicalized members of threat groups, like the EDL, do not get the same treatment police gave to  Richard Dart.  There needs to be a growing protest against this type of tyrannical and abusive police and security activity - along the lines of religious and political rights, human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human rights, as well as the European Conventions - and there needs to be some kind of world protest against these dubious and outrageous activities by the British State.

We need to start to realize that much of Western police and security, post-September 11, does very little to protect Western society from actual terrorist threat - note the attacks in Norway, July 22, 2011 and the Doner murders in Germany - and serve more as a tyrannical form of Muslim community control and to put on a brutal show to the rest of the world.

Now - last question: What makes the United Kingdom no better than rogue regimes, like Cuba, which also "arrests" its "troublemakers" before high profile events?

Instead of being "impressed" with British security - we need to be outraged and take vigorous actions against British security!




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Friday, March 16, 2012

Polish Immigrant Hotline: Why the Netherlands is not the same Netherlands we all loved..

“Just like Pim and Theo.” When it comes to the Netherlands, we are talking about a nation that has made “heroes” out of men who have dedicated their public lives in tearing down Dutch culture and Dutch national identity.  Both “Pim” (Pim Fortuyn) and “Theo” (Theo van Gogh) we regarded as “great Dutch heroes” for attacking Dutch culture – while claiming to “save Dutch culture” from especially  “Muslims” and “immigrants.” These men were made into “heroes” for attacking the Dutch tradition of tolerance and its multicultural society – and are crowned as “free speech heroes” for their attacks on the Dutch culture and national identity.  The much of the Dutch population now regards as “heroes” men who were actually opposed to everything that made the Dutch nation great and admired in the world and among other European nations. This twisted admiration for the anti-Dutch “Pim and Theo” twins is now firmly in place in the country’s national psyche and it will take a great shaking to get the ghosts of “Pim and Theo” to bring the country out of this twisted admiration.

So – expect there to be claims that the PVV and Geert Wilders have “free speech and free expression rights” for putting up such an offensive website.  Expect that the Dutch media, who pandered to “Pim” and Theo” also begin talking bad about Polish and East European immigrants, as, after all, we are “just like Pim and Theo  as we sit here on Dutch television talking bad about Muslims, allochtoon and, now, East Europeans.”  Sitting on TV and trying to be “like Pim and Theo” is still an admired thing to do in the Netherlands, sad to say. The reality that the Dutch people MUST LEARN is that “Pim and Theo” are not “heroes,” but villains that destroyed their country’s culture and national identity. The two anti-Dutch Dutchmen helped to bring about Wilders and the current, unruly leadership that believes that tolerance is “bad for Dutch culture” and “say what you think and do what you say” no matter the consequences.

[caption id="attachment_2696" align="alignleft" width="179" caption=""Pim" was the worst thing to happen to the Dutch people!"][/caption]

I also knew that the time would come when the Netherlands would make such trouble. Dutch national identity with Wilders walking the halls as “kingmaker,” along with the abandonment of the Dutch and European values, meant that this clash was coming. The Netherlands is no longer a civilized European nation, but a seething cesspool of hate and fear – and thanks to “Pim” - the country is driven by hate and fear.  The Netherlands is a very sick country with a very sick domestic politics, so expect Wilders and the PVV’s polling to get better, sadly.  The Dutch people need to be called to repent for the error of their ways.

Why Wilders could be doing this and what it means for Europe.  In the debate in the European Parliament yesterday, Guy Verhofstadt went over the obvious reasons why Wilders was doing this, the polls that showed the PVV down by seven seats in January, followed by the attacks on Queen Beatrix and her trips to Oman, especially the wearing of the headscarf.  Verhofstadt is probably right, but this is also a dog whistle for Europe’s far right, that is not only xenophobic, but vigorously anti-European Union. This type of crowd subscribes in the crackpot conspiracy theories of the EU being “the new Soviet Union,” as well as the equally crackpot “Eurabia” and “Muslim invasion” conspiracy theories.   Geert Wilders long held ambition is to unite Europe in an aggressive war against the Arab and Muslim Middle East.  We already see moves by the far right to form a Europe-wide organization like that of the English Defense League.

Also – the VVD (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie) party can best be described as a Thatcherite and American-type Tea Party – and this party is following the lead of Iron Lady Thatcher in attacks on the EU and European values.  Look and see that the majority of hate mongers and trouble-makers came out of the VVD party.  The list includes Geert Wilders, Pim Fortuyn, but also Frits Bolkestein, the originator of anti-Muslim and xenophobic trouble in the early 1990s.

Good for the European Parliament! It’s about time that EU institutions, like the European Parliament, go after renegade Member States under the influence of the far right.  When a nation is an EU candidate status, there is incentive and interest to modify the national behavior, but once the nation is in the EU as a Member State, those incentives disappear.  There is little beyond infringement proceedings from the Commission to sanction a Member State.  More need to be done to stop Geert Wilders and his ilk from undermining peace, tolerance and security in Europe. It is right for MEPs to want standards for the money given to political parties and groups. There should be standards that require political parties respect human rights and not actually promote intolerance and hate by giving money to far right parties.

Nation building is not just for the physical rebuilding of war-torn countries or nations working to obtain that EU Accession treaty. Nation building is about the changing and maintaining national identities of nations, for good or bad. Nation building is a continued process and for old as well as new EU Member States it must be about the maintenance of a Europe-orientation of the Member State's national identity.  This means that the EU must become involved in Member States' promotion of European values and goals of the European project, not just legal enforcements of directives, but the maintenance of social cohesion through the promotion of tolerance and human rights for all in Europe. The European Union does not continuously build positive, Europe-orientated national identities of the Member States, and this is something the Union needs to do.

It’s quite sad to see the once great Dutch nation continue in the horrible legacy of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh. These men worked to tear down their own nation and caused a loss of collective Dutch identity, as well as setting up the state of sad political affairs of today. However – it is good that at least one European institution has stepped up to combat the far right. It is fitting that this push back starts with Geert Wilders and the PVV, the most dangerous of the far right. Geert Wilders need to have his Europe-wide political wings clipped- and this clipping starts here.  In clipping Wilders’ political wings, we can save the Dutch people from themselves…we are doing it for them too.

The Dutch nation needs to be rebuilt and this involves first realizing that the Netherlands no longer has a Europe orientation. The Netherlands may be an EU Member State, but it is no longer a European nation (it is more like an American neocon nation), but the nation can and must be rebuilt with its former identity.


"Net als Pim en Theo." Als het gaat om Nederland, we hebben het over een natie die heeft gemaakt "helden" uit van de mensen die hun publieke leven gewijd in het neerhalen Nederlandse cultuur en Nederlandse nationale identiteit. Zowel "Pim" (Pim Fortuyn) en "Theo" (Theo van Gogh) hebben we beschouwd als "grote Nederlandse helden" voor de aanval op de Nederlandse cultuur - terwijl ze beweren te "redden Nederlandse cultuur" van het bijzonder "moslims" en deze mannen "immigranten." werden gemaakt in de "helden" voor de aanval op de Nederlandse traditie van tolerantie en de multiculturele samenleving - en worden gekroond als "vrijheid van meningsuiting helden" voor hun aanvallen op de Nederlandse cultuur en nationale identiteit. De een groot deel van de Nederlandse bevolking beschouwt nu als "helden" mannen die eigenlijk waren gekant tegen alles wat uit de Nederlandse natie grote en bewonderd in de wereld en onder andere Europese landen. Deze gedraaide bewondering voor de anti-Nederlandse "Pim en Theo" tweeling is nu stevig op zijn plaats in de nationale van het land psyche en het zal een groot beven om de geesten van "Pim en Theo" naar het land brengen van deze gedraaide bewondering .

Dus - er verwachten dat beweert dat de PVV en Geert Wilders hebben "vrije meningsuiting en vrije expressie rechten" voor het ophangen van een dergelijk offensief website. Verwachten dat de Nederlandse media, die pandered aan "Pim" en Theo "ook beginnen te praten slecht over Poolse en Oost-Europese immigranten, is er ondanks alles, we zijn", net als Pim en Theo als we zitten hier op de Nederlandse televisie te praten slecht over moslims , allochtoon en nu ook Oost-Europeanen. "Zittend op tv en probeert te zijn", zoals Pim en Theo "is nog steeds een bewonderd ding om te doen in Nederland, triest om te zeggen. De realiteit dat het Nederlandse volk moeten leren is dat "Pim en Theo" niet zijn "helden", maar schurken dat hun land de cultuur en nationale identiteit vernietigd. De twee anti-Nederlandse Nederlanders geholpen om te komen tot Wilders en de huidige, weerbarstige leiderschap die gelooft dat tolerantie is "slecht voor de Nederlandse cultuur" en niet de consequenties uit 'wat je denkt en doen wat je zegt zeggen ".

Ik wist ook dat de tijd zou komen dat in Nederland zou een dergelijk probleem te maken. Nederlandse nationale identiteit met Wilders het lopen van de hallen als 'kingmaker, "samen met de afschaffing van de Nederlandse en Europese waarden, betekende dat deze botsing zou komen. Nederland is niet langer een beschaafde Europese natie, maar een kolkende poel van haat en angst - en met dank aan "Pim" - het land wordt gedreven door haat en angst. Nederland is een heel ziek land met een zeer zieke binnenlandse politiek, dus verwacht Wilders en de PVV van de stembureaus om beter te worden, helaas. Het Nederlandse volk moet worden opgeroepen zich te bekeren van de dwaling van hun wegen.

Waarom Wilders zou kunnen worden om dit te doen en wat het betekent voor Europa. In het debat in het Europees Parlement gisteren, Guy Verhofstadt ging voor de hand liggende redenen waarom Wilders dit deed, de peilingen dat de PVV zien door zeven zetels in januari, gevolgd door de aanvallen op koningin Beatrix en haar reizen naar Oman, in het bijzonder de dragen van de hoofddoek. Verhofstadt is waarschijnlijk gelijk, maar dit is ook een hond fluitje voor de Europese extreem-rechts, dat is niet alleen xenofoob, maar krachtig anti-Europese Unie. Deze vorm van publiek onderschrijft in de bizarre complottheorieën van de EU als "de nieuwe Sovjet-Unie," en de al even gek "Eurabia" en "islamitische invasie" complot theorieën. Geert Wilders lang gekoesterde ambitie is om Europa te verenigen in een agressieve oorlog tegen de Arabische en islamitische Midden-Oosten. We hebben al zien stappen van extreem-rechts om een ​​pan-Europese organisatie op te richten, zoals die van het English Defense League.

Ook - de VVD  partij kan het best worden omschreven als een Thatcher en de Amerikaanse-type Tea Party - en deze partij is in navolging van Iron Lady Thatcher in aanvallen op de EU en de Europese waarden. Kijk en zie dat de meerderheid van de haatzaaiers en onruststokers kwam uit de VVD. De lijst bevat Geert Wilders, Pim Fortuyn, maar ook Frits Bolkestein, de schepper van anti-islamitische en xenofobe problemen in de vroege jaren 1990.

Goed voor het Europees Parlement! Het is hoog tijd dat de EU-instellingen, zoals het Europees Parlement, gaan na afvallige lidstaten onder invloed van extreem-rechts. Wanneer een natie is een EU-kandidaat-status, is er stimulans en belang voor de nationale gedrag te wijzigen, maar zodra de natie is in de EU als een lidstaat, die prikkels verdwijnen. Er is weinig verder dan een inbreukprocedure van de Commissie aan sanctie een lidstaat. Meer moet worden gedaan om Geert Wilders en de zijnen te stoppen ondermijnen vrede, verdraagzaamheid en veiligheid in Europa. Het is goed dat leden van het EP te willen normen voor het geld gegeven aan de politieke partijen en groeperingen. Er moeten normen die de politieke partijen ten aanzien van de mensenrechten nodig hebben en eigenlijk niet te bevorderen intolerantie en haat door het geven van geld aan extreem-rechtse partijen.

De natiegebouw is niet alleen voor de fysieke wederopbouw van door oorlog verscheurde landen of landen werken aan dat het EU-toetredingsverdrag te verkrijgen. Nation building is over de veranderende en onderhouden van nationale identiteit van volkeren, ten goede of ten slechte. Nation building is een voortdurend proces en voor oude en nieuwe lidstaten van de EU moet het over het onderhoud van een Europa-oriëntatie van de lidstaat dat de identiteit. Dit betekent dat de EU moet worden betrokken bij de lidstaten bevordering van Europese waarden en doelstellingen van het Europese project, en niet alleen juridische versterkingen van de richtlijnen, maar het behoud van sociale cohesie door het bevorderen van tolerantie en mensenrechten voor iedereen in Europa. De Europese Unie wil niet continu opbouwen positief, Europa-georiënteerde nationale identiteit van de lidstaten, en dit is iets wat de Europese Unie moet doen.

Het is heel triest om te zien de eens zo grote Nederlandse natie voort te zetten in de verschrikkelijke erfenis van Pim Fortuyn en Theo van Gogh. Deze mannen werkten af te breken hun eigen land en veroorzaakte een verlies van de collectieve Nederlandse identiteit, maar ook het opzetten van de toestand van de trieste politieke zaken van vandaag. Maar - het is goed dat minstens een andere Europese instelling heeft opgevoerd om uiterst rechts te bestrijden. Het is passend dat deze push terug begint met Geert Wilders en de PVV, de meest gevaarlijke van extreem-rechts. Geert Wilders moet om zijn pan-Europese politieke vleugels geknipt-en dit clipping begint hier. In het knippen van Wilders 'politieke vleugels, kunnen we besparen de Nederlandse bevolking uit zichzelf ... we doen het voor hen ook.

De Nederlandse natie opnieuw gebouwd moet worden en dit wordt eerst realiseren dat Nederland niet langer een Europese oriëntatie heeft. Nederland kan een EU-lidstaat zijn, maar het is niet langer een Europese natie (het is meer als een Amerikaanse neocon natie), maar de natie kan en moet worden herbouwd met zijn oude identiteit.


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Polish Immigrant Hotline: Geert Wilders and the PVV shame the Netherlands again!

Geert Wilders and the PVV “political party” have now embarrassed the Netherlands again, this time among the country’s fellow European Union Member States.  About a week ago, we learned of a website-hotline put up by the PVV “political party” that asked for stories about “troublesome” East European immigrants in the Netherlands.  This was predictable and follows the old hateful argument by Pim Fortuyn that “the Netherlands is full,” with the past misguided, Europe-wide “debates” on immigrants and immigration that lead to the infantile, xenophobe  notion of “immigrant=criminal.” After the September 2001 attacks on the US, these misguided and hateful “debates” took an anti-Muslim turn which included out of the Commission’s Justice and Home Affairs  headed by Franco Frattini (“Muslim immigrant = Islamist terrorist”).   In the Netherlands, the hateful “debates” centered on Muslim immigrants long before 9-11, but after the murder of Theo van Gogh, the national security apparatus became a means to oppress especially Muslim citizens of the Netherlands.

The need to poke the Dutch from the outside. The ambassadors of 10 Eastern European nations have penned an open letter “to the Dutch people.” This letter calls upon the use of “facts” with regard to East Europeans working and living in the Netherlands, but “facts” that are held by Geert Wilders and his supporters are best described as hateful myths and conspiracy theories.  Since the PVV is an anti-Dutch “political party” and Geert Wilders, like Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn before him, is a Dutchman that hates his own country and its once admired national character, we cannot expect appeals to Dutch values to actually be heard by the PVV.  Tolerance and freedom are Dutch values hated by Wilders, and these values were also hated by Fortuyn and van Gogh. These men worked overtime to tear down their own nation’s values and national character. Add to this Wilders’ hate of the EU, sometimes expressed in conspiracy theories about the EU.  Given both the hate of the EU and the Dutch nation, it should not surprise us that Geert Wilders has taken to sabotage the Netherlands’ standing in the European Union.  This is also another means for those who hate the European Union to further attack and divide European solidarity.

Calling on the Dutch people to remember their “example of freedom and tolerance” is a start. However, many Dutch people have turned against their own nation’s values of tolerance and freedom (because of the “Fortuyn revolution”), and this appeal must be made to larger Dutch society to turn away from support for Geert Wilders. The problem is also within the Dutch political system where “respect for political parties” (politics of accommodation) in the Tweede Kamer is held higher than truth and discussion of “facts.”  There is no challenge to myths and lies promoted by a political party, as this could mean not being included in a governing coalition or having one’s own policy positions considered.  There is a serious need for a long-overdue, open debate in the Netherlands over facts and truth about immigration and Islam, and the real nation character of the Dutch nation outside of the Dutch media that is pro-Wilders, pro-VVD and distorts what is means to “be Dutch.”

European nations need to care about extreme right and hateful politics in other European nations. European nations need to realize that the domestic politics of a nation can affect the foreign and European policy of that nation. As I have argued before, what happens in the domestic politics of one European nation is important for the rest of Europe. Maybe now this Europe-wide attention will get the attention of the Dutch people, they will wake up from this dark day of Geert Wilders and the PVV, but we cannot count on this. Wilders is funded and supported from outside of the Netherlands, from the US and perhaps from Israel, as well as other extreme right and Nazi groups in Europe. The 10 ambassadors need to keep in mind that once a nation is an EU Member State, there is little in the way of sanctions and actions that can be used to hold the Member State accountable.

The first action that can help is for European nations to realize that what is needed here is solidarity with the Dutch people, as the majority of Dutch people do not like what is happening to their nation and have little respect for the PVV.  It is right to want a more constructive discussion on freedom of movement of EU citizens, but the whole notion of “EU citizenship” has yet to be accepted by most Europeans in the whole of Europe. So, Poles and Romanians and other East Europeans are still regarded as no better than Turks and Moroccans.  Rather than EU citizenship, the discussion should be on human rights and mutual prosperity of Member States of the European Union.  European nations and the European Union must also turn away from the use of xenophobia and Islamophobia as “good police and security practice.”  Human rights are for all humans, not just for EU citizens or non-Muslims.

Therefore – other European nations need to actually care about what is happening in the Netherlands, as it does affect their European nation too, as well as the future of the European project. These extreme right, hateful politics should not have been allowed to get this far, but it is acceptable when European Muslims are collectively bashed as “Islamists,” along side of Muslims from Middle East countries.  The hate and social exclusion of “Muslims” is viewed as “good post 9-11 counter-terrorism policy” and most European nations continue to accept notion that “Islamist terrorism is a big security problem.”   It is also acceptable when the xenophobia is in “the other nation” and such politics are “the other nation’s problem.” While Turkey and Morocco don’t really care about what is happening in the Netherlands beyond their own nationals, it does matter for EU Member States and for the prospect of protection of human rights and progress for peace and security in united Europe.


[caption id="attachment_3144" align="alignright" width="212" caption="PVV hotline being mocked: "Bother of others? Hotline against anyone who is different from you otherwise call.""][/caption]

Poolse immigranten meldpunt: Geert Wilders en de PVV zijn een schande voor Nederland.

Geert Wilders en de PVV "politieke partij" zijn nu in verlegenheid gebracht in Nederland, deze keer bij collega van het land EU-lidstaten. Ongeveer een week geleden, hebben we geleerd van een website opgezet door de PVV "politieke partij" die vroeg om verhalen over "lastige" Oost-Europese immigranten in Nederland. Dit was voorspelbaar en volgt de oude haatdragende argument van Pim Fortuyn dat "Nederland is vol," met het verleden misleid, in heel Europa "debatten" op immigranten en immigratie die leiden tot de infantiele, xenofoob notie van "immigrant = crimineel." Na september 2001, deze misleide en hatelijke "debatten" nam een anti-moslim zijn beurt, die opgenomen uit van Justitie van de Commissie onder leiding van Franco Frattini ("islamitische immigranten = islamistisch-terroristische") en de oprichting van Frontex . In Nederland, de hatelijke "debatten" gericht op islamitische immigranten lang voor 9-11, maar na de moord op Theo van Gogh, de nationale veiligheidsapparaat werd een middel om met name islamitische burgers van Nederland te onderdrukken.

De noodzaak om de Nederlandse porren van buitenaf. De ambassadeurs van de 10 Oost-Europese landen hebben een open brief geschreven "aan het Nederlandse volk." Deze brief roept het gebruik van "feiten" met betrekking tot Oost-Europeanen wonen en werken in Nederland, maar "feiten" die worden gehouden door Geert Wilders en zijn aanhangers kunnen het best worden omschreven als haat mythen en samenzweringstheorieën. Omdat de PVV is een anti-Nederlandse "politieke partij" en Geert Wilders, net als Theo van Gogh en Pim Fortuyn voor hem, is een Nederlander die zijn eigen land en zijn eens bewonderde nationale karakter heeft een hekel aan, kunnen we niet verwachten dat een beroep op Nederlandse waarden om daadwerkelijk te worden gehoord door de PVV. Tolerantie en vrijheid zijn de Nederlandse waarden gehaat door Wilders, en deze waarden werden ook gehaat door Fortuyn en van Gogh. Deze mannen overuren af te breken hun eigen volk van de waarden en nationale karakter. Voeg toe aan deze Wilders 'haat van de EU, soms uitgedrukt in samenzweringstheorieën over de EU. Gezien zowel de haat van de EU en de Nederlandse natie, moet het ons niet verbazen dat Geert Wilders heeft genomen om van Nederland staan ​​in de Europese Unie te saboteren. Dit is ook een ander middel voor hen die de Europese Unie een hekel aan verdere aanvallen en verdeel de Europese solidariteit.

Het vragen van de Nederlandse bevolking om hun "voorbeeld van vrijheid en tolerantie" onthouden is een begin. Toch hebben veel Nederlanders zich tegen de waarden van hun eigen land van tolerantie en vrijheid (als gevolg van de 'Fortuyn revolutie'), en dit beroep moet worden gedaan om grotere Nederlandse samenleving af te keren van de steun voor Geert Wilders. Het probleem is ook binnen het Nederlandse politieke systeem waar 'respect voor politieke partijen "in de Tweede Kamer wordt gehouden hoger dan de waarheid en de bespreking van" feiten. "Er is geen uitdaging om mythen en leugens bevorderd door een politieke partij, omdat dit zou kunnen betekenen niet opgenomen zijn in een regeringscoalitie of het hebben van een eigen beleid posities beschouwd. Er is een ernstige behoefte aan een langverwachte, open debat in Nederland over feiten en de waarheid over de immigratie en de islam, en de echte natie karakter van de Nederlandse natie buitenkant van de Nederlandse media, dat is pro-Wilders, pro-VVD en verdraait wat betekent "is Nederlands. '

Europese landen moeten over extreem-rechts en hatelijk politiek zorg in andere Europese landen. Europese landen moeten zich realiseren dat de binnenlandse politiek van een land kan het buitenlands en Europees beleid van dat land beïnvloeden. Zoals ik al eerder betoogd, wat er gebeurt in de binnenlandse politiek van een Europees land is belangrijk voor de rest van Europa. Misschien nu dit in heel Europa aandacht zal krijgen de aandacht van het Nederlandse volk, zullen ze wakker worden uit deze donkere dagen van Geert Wilders en de PVV, maar we kunnen niet rekenen op dit punt. Wilders wordt gefinancierd en ondersteund van buiten Nederland, uit de VS en misschien wel van Israël, en andere extreem-rechts en nazi-groepen in Europa. Europese waarden moeten worden gewaardeerd dan haat en verdeeldheid. De 10 ambassadeurs nodig hebt om in gedachten te houden dat wanneer een natie is een EU-lidstaat, is er weinig in de weg van de sancties en maatregelen die kunnen worden gebruikt om de lidstaat ter verantwoording te roepen.

De eerste actie die u kunnen helpen is voor Europese landen om te beseffen dat wat hier nodig is, is solidariteit met het Nederlandse volk, als de meerderheid van de Nederlanders niet leuk vinden wat er met hun land en hebben weinig respect voor de PVV. Het is goed om een constructieve discussie over de vrijheid van verkeer van EU-burgers willen, maar het hele idee van "EU-burgerschap" moet nog worden aanvaard door de meeste Europeanen in heel Europa. Dus, Polen en Roemenen en andere Oost-Europeanen nog steeds beschouwd als niet beter dan Turken en Marokkanen. In plaats van burgerschap van de Unie, moet de discussie over mensenrechten en wederzijdse welvaart van de lidstaten van de Europese Unie. Europese landen en de Europese Unie moet ook af te wenden van het gebruik van xenofobie en islamofobie als "goed politie-en veiligheidsdiensten de praktijk." Mensenrechten zijn voor alle mensen, niet alleen voor EU-burgers of niet-moslims.

Daarom - andere Europese landen moeten eigenlijk zorgen over wat er gebeurt in Nederland, omdat deze hun Europese natie te beïnvloeden, evenals de toekomst van het Europese project. Deze extreem-rechts, hatelijk politiek moet niet had mogen plaatsvinden om zo ver te krijgen, maar het is aanvaardbaar als Europese moslims collectief sloeg als "islamisten", langs de kant van de moslims uit het Midden-Oosten landen. De haat en sociale uitsluiting van "moslims" wordt gezien als "goed na 9-11 terrorismebestrijding beleid" en de meeste Europese landen blijven idee dat te accepteren "islamitisch terrorisme is een groot veiligheidsprobleem." Het is ook aanvaardbaar als die vreemdelingenhaat is in "de andere natie" en dergelijke politiek zijn "van de andere natie probleem." Terwijl Turkije en Marokko niet echt zorgen over wat er gebeurt in Nederland buiten hun eigen onderdanen, maar er wel toe doet voor de EU-lidstaten en voor het vooruitzicht van bescherming van de mensenrechten en vooruitgang voor vrede en veiligheid in verenigd Europa.

UPDATE 26/2/12: Volkskrant's shameless publication of PVV hate-site advertisement in it's newspaper. "Free expression?" Part Two: Volkskrant and it’s shameless “standing for (Dutch misconceived) free expression”

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poor Little Extremist Brat! Geert Wilders angry over German extreme right propaganda report!

Why Geert Wilders is a right wing extremist.  There is an idea out there that “extreme right” is only a label for those people and “political parties” that are anti-Semitic and hate Jews. It’s as if there is a checklist, and if the “requirement” of anti-Semitism is not met, the person or “party” is “not extreme right.” Well – this is wrong and the label “extreme right” also includes hate of multiculturalism and opposition to the idea of equality of all human beings before the law.

Paul Hainsworth (2008) wrote one of the most recent books on the extreme right and he devotes an entire chapter to names and label of the extreme right. “Extreme right parties” and movements can be defined as in opposition to liberal democratic values and practices of liberal democratic societies. Extreme right wing is anti-constitutional and anti-democratic, rejecting the idea of human equality before the law (12). Hainsworth also devotes some ink to Geert Wilders and the notion that he is not a right wing extremist because he embraces some liberal values, as well as the argument that Wilders' love for the Jews means he is not anti-Semitic, and therefore not "extreme right wing."  However –the defination of "extreme right" includes a larger hate that is directed at immigrants, refugees and hate of the multicultural society (73-74). Hate of multicultural society and Muslim immigrants is part of Geert Wilders' trademark, as it was for Pim Fortuyn, and the belief that “Muslim immigrants threaten Dutch values.”  Paul Hainsworth (2008) The Extreme Right in Western Europe. New York, NY: Routledge.

The Dutch are in need of a serious ear washing! Following their pro-Wilders fashion, the Dutch media, especially Volkskrant, has published Wilders rants over a German Justice ministry’s report on propaganda that has pinned extreme right activity – including radicalization of young people – on him. Wilders - behaving like a real Nazi - has now demanded that the Dutch foreign ministry “summon the German ambassador” over “slander against a major Dutch political party.” If the PVV is a “major political party” this should present a great shame on the Netherlands, as well as a major threat. Wilders – the piece of garbage that he is - rants over Twitter:
EN-se government must summon German ambassador and power wash the ears of outrageous suggestion PVV ideas.

Now – it’s the German ambassador who should go and give Uri Rosenthal a much needed ear washing over his country's allowing of Lone Loon, “political parties” that openly threaten liberal democratic values, both at home and abroad, to spread hate and help promote violence against a religious minority. The Dutch are in need of a serious ear washing and the Germans may yet save Europe from another violent dictator coming out of the Netherlands. It is the Dutch government that needs to be lectured to – not the Germans – who are rightfully protecting their country from Geert Wilders and his “Freedom Party” (not!). The perception from the Dutch media is that “Wilders right, German government wrong.”  It is the Dutch who are wrong and pro-Wilders rags (Volkskrant is a main pro-Wilders offender) continue to harm Dutch society with their irresponsible spread of anti-Left hate and Islamophobia as “news stories.”

Geert Wilders is possibly responsible for anti-Muslim violence. The main theme of the German report was the hate of multiculturalism and the “fear of the stranger.” Connected to the terrorist attack in Norway, we see the rise of hate-mongers using the term “freedom” and “pro.”  The pro-Wilders rag, Volkskrant, scoffs the idea that hateful activities in Germany have caused a rise in the radicalization of German young people.  The German report cites websites and Facebook groups that spread and celebrate hate against Muslims, featuring Wilders’ own picture on extreme right buttons, often against multiculturalism and advocating major human rights violations against Muslims and Muslim communities.  In the context of Wilders, the German report cited the radicalization of German young people to hateful associations and ideas.

Thank you Germany! First of all – as I’ve stated – there is quite a bit of a difference between how Germany views the extreme right – and how the Netherlands views the extreme right.  Allowing for “political parties” that desire to persecute and define as “enemy” a portion of a national population should be viewed a shameful by the Dutch people.  Germany has learned from its history that these types of politics must never become acceptable and legitimized in a civilized, democratic nation. The German experience of the 1930s now allows Germans to use this past historical experience to see other such threats against Europe. It is quite clear from Geert Wilders statements and actions that he intends to spread anti-Muslim hate and violence through out the Western world.

Germany could possible help save Europe (as well as the Netherlands) from Geert Wilders and the PVV’s hateful ambitions against religious minority communities in Europe and North America!

I suspected , sooner or later, Geert Wilders and his hateful ways would be discovered by German officials to have had an influence in the German extreme right. Hate of Muslims goes in hand with hate of multiculturalism and liberal democratic values, such as equality before the law, but also freedom of religion and expression. Geert Wilders and his highly dangerous PVV “political party” want a society that is contrary to liberal democratic values – and this is something that must be vigorously resisted. Lets now hope that this report on extreme right propaganda helps to send the PVV to the garbage dump of history –next to the Nazi party - and sends Wilders into a permanent retirement from politics!

[caption id="attachment_3121" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="Wilders rightly called an influence on the German extreme right."][/caption]

Excerpts from Zwischen Propaganda und Mimikry Neonazi-Strategien in Sozialen Netzwerken (translated) :

1Anti-Muslim racism

The button recalls, with its red sun on a yellow background with the knownPins »nuclear power? No Thanks, ". This is by design and another example ofhow to take right-wing populist / right-wing extremists inside and a symbolism thatoriginally come from different political contexts. This sun peeps grim and wearing a black beard. There is still the slogan: "Islamization?No thank you, ". Right-wing populist / neo-Nazi press in and so their rejection of Islamfrom which they impute generalizing to be aggressive and hostile. Islamophobia /internal use in the social networks like lbildern buttons on their professional to share their beliefs at first sight with the world. Thus Buttons by - among others by Geert Wilders used - logo of a crossed-Mosque spread. Slogans such as "multi-cultural? No thanks!  "," No Sharia "and"All know: Sarrazin is right" are popular. Some of these users commit / inside to the NPD or the 'Autonomous Nationalist / inside out ", other right-wing populistParties as "pro Germany" or "Freedom". Many also use this Buttons, without getting too committed to a right-wing organization. Islamophobic Sayings and symbols are not only far-right and right-wing populist /inside, but apparently also in the general population (23).

2In the summer of 2011 were right-wing extremists in Berlin-Kreuzberg organize a march- Surreptitiously and made an appointment for the social networks. However, the plan also flog just on this, because a neo-Nazi was looking forward to
the Facebook wall of a "comrade" in the run-off too s to the planned
Provocation. The opening ce could still organize a counter demonstration Prevent (including over the Internet) and the final deployment.But also very off-ene Event Views find themselves in the Web 2.0. Neo-Nazi concerts like "Rock for Germany, "or the" Day of the German future, "an annual stattfi Ndende right-wing demonstration, have their own pages on social networks. There
spread with the neo-Nazi propaganda texts and videos of their network, and provide a starting point for those interested in the Nazi scene, but not yet involved. Young people. Because in addition to neo-postings fi nd there always and positive-minded contributions of users / interior, whose pro le otherwise be very
little or no evidence of partially give an appropriate disposition.
The contact is formed, because a young person a song of a band like that on a plays such a concert, or because he or she is just in general for "the future Wants to use "- perhaps without thinking about it on racist ideas.
Whether the non-user right / inside but actually corresponding to the Events are gone, can not be checked, of course.

Even right-wing populist parties are trying to use the social networks, to advertise their events - but rather counter-productive. For example, announced "Pro Germany 'on facebook its so-called" Islamisation International "In Berlin and" Freedom "applied for an event with Geert Wilders- For which they claimed (horrendous) Admission. But since even before the Event became clear that the demand would be quite low, saw the Party forced to lower the ticket prices drastically. This development also can understand very well on the whiteboard. Weak demand indicated also on the Facebook page of the "pro Germany" - Congress to: Only 32 pledges received prior to the event virtually. Ultimately found to be Congress just Islamophobe / inwards (19).

3. Islam haters / inside

In summer 2010 Anders Breivik Behring perpetrated attacks in Norway, where77 people died. His motive was hatred of a multicultural  society and Islam, which threatened to take over Europe in his  delusions.The basic assumptions of the world share many thoughts Breivik. Under the Banner of right-wing populist parties, such as "freedom" or the  "Pro"-movements,gather those who perceive Islam as a danger for Europe, with theall funds must be wards. Besides Islam, the multicultural societyand also rejected the Greens, who makes one for the present social respon-sible. A white, Christian Europe is the ideal of this movement. TheirMentor / internal write down their thoughts on blogs, on sites such as the thenBe "Politically Incorrect," compiled and linked. Supposedly
demonstratedis the racist worldview with daily horror stories about "bad" Migrants / internally and / or Muslim / inside. Racist
statements and attributionsare the rule. The sources are often quite populist and extreme right.The "Islam-critical" movement is not a closed group and the
reservationstowards Islam and the Muslim / inside are widespread in society. Accordingly accepted and widespread the issue is also on the Internet. Nextpopular Internet sites such as "Politically Incorrect" (in the summer of 2011 at number 28 The German blog charts) are available in numerous social networks corresponding groups with names like "Islamization - no thanks," "Islam does not belong "to Germany," "Stop the multicultural mania.
They serve as a Type message stream, in which the user / inside constantly get the latest newsthe imaginary revolution of Islam in Europe or the collapse of the European Cultural gathering. In comments confirmed to each other how bad the Situation was and how depraved society and government. Extreme right parties be, despite the inherent racism declined and instead right-wing populist Groups preferred. The worldview is Eurocentric and
backward-robeconservatively. Foreign users / inside against one is open, provided them an affinity for "anti-Islamic" movement have. Is the first step inthe digital world of Islam-haters / inside is done, it is at once very quickly: in thecorresponding Facebook groups with names like "better Europe", "ConservativeVoice "or "Turkey is not in the EU "will be invited as well as unsolicited otherwise you also get friend requests. (Jb)


Geert Wilders Angry at German ‘Right-wing Populist’ Label
- Loonwatch

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

De Nederlanders "ontdekken" de "schokkende" waarheid over de immigratie naar Nederland

De mythe verkondigd door Geert Wilders is dat er een "tsunami van moslims" op weg naar Nederland. Deze mythe maakt deel uit van Wilders 'bewering dat moslims zijn "dreigen over te nemen in Nederland.' Dit geldt ook voor hoge geboortecijfers onder de Nederlandse moslims, die ook een mythe. Gegevens zijn op deze website die kale van de mythe en regelrechte leugens van Wilders 'beweringen van "tsunami van moslims" en legt "islamitische immigratie als een probleem." Data op deze website blijkt dat de Number One plaats die migranten naar Nederland afkomstig is uit Oost-Europa, voornamelijk Polen.

Nu we een recessie hebben op de Nederlandse regering lijkt te hebben "ontdekt" een "explosie" van het aantal Polen die naar Nederland komen om banen te nemen van Nederlandse werklozen. Veel van de 12.000 Polen die naar Nederland kwamen vorig jaar verbruiken sociale diensten, met ongeveer een derde op het welzijn en een derde op de arbeidsongeschiktheid, minister Henk Kamp vertelde de Tweede Kamer op woensdag. Kamp wil migrerende werknemers tot vijf jaar werken voordat ze in aanmerking komen voor een uitkering in plaats van slechts een jaar.

Nederland is "niet klaar" voor een tsunami van Oost-Europese immigranten. Het probleem met Oost-Europese migratie wordt beschouwd als zo ernstig, hebben de Nederlandse nu begonnen om te eisen dat Bulgaarse en Roemeense werknemers een werkvergunning te krijgen voor het werken in Nederland. Er wordt verondersteld om omhoog van 325.000 Oost-Europeanen die naar Nederland migreerde in de afgelopen jaren, voornamelijk uit Polen. De meerderheid van de politieke partijen uit alle delen van het spectrum willen de vraag voor Bulgaarse en Roemeense werknemers blijven werken vergunningen te verkrijgen tot 2014. Het verlaten van de Nederlandse grenzen open zou hebben betekend nog een instroom van 20.000 buitenlandse werknemers.

De "ontdekking" van zo veel Oost-Europese immigranten naar Nederland is beschreven in de Nederlandse media als "groter dan verwacht." Deze gegevens over de instroom van Oost-Europese immigranten naar Nederland gemakkelijk zijn te zien in gegevens die door het CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek) voor het afgelopen decennium. Het CBS stelt dat het jaar 2010 was de grootste toestroom van immigranten naar Nederland, 150.000, de meesten van hen uit de nieuwe lidstaten van de Europese Unie, met veel meer het verlaten van de Nederland, en een netto winst van 32.000. Voor de eerste zes maanden in 2011, we zien wie er immigreren naar Nederland, en het is niet "de moslims":
In de eerste helft van 2011 verlieten ruim 58 duizend personen ons land. Dat zijn er bijna 5 duizend meer dan in dezelfde periode vorig jaar. In dezelfde periode vestigden zich 66,6 duizend personen vanuit het buitenland in Nederland, een stijging van bijna 2 duizend. Het migratieoverschot in het eerste halfjaar van 2011 daalde door deze ontwikkelingen naar 8,2 duizend personen. Dat blijkt uit cijfers van het CBS.

De stijging van het aantal immigranten betreft vooral mensen die in de Europese Unie zijn geboren. Het meest toegenomen is het aantal Polen. De grootste groep immigranten, in Nederland geboren personen die terugkeren, daalde echter.

De reden voor de wens om de waarheid over de immigratie naar Nederland weten is de recessie waarin de Nederlandse burger moet het eerst komt, voor de Nederlandse banen. Dit is redelijk, gezien het feit dat Nederlandse minderheden blijven om de werkloosheid te lijden. Nu dat er een "recessie" kan het zijn dat de Nederlandse regering de "ontdekking" van deze "schokkende cijfers": de waarheid zal nu uitkomen over de haatdragende mythe van de "tsunami van moslims"? De reden waarom Nederland was 'niet klaar "voor de" explosie "en de" schokkende cijfers "van Oost-Europese immigranten in de eerste plaats is dat de Nederlanders werden  door de haatdragende mythen over een" tsunami van moslims "in een gekke samenzwering om "over te nemen van Nederland" gedreven!

 Zal de Polen goed in de Nederlandse samenleving assimileren? Wat is opvallend afwezig in de discussie over de "schokkende cijfers" van Oost-Europese immigranten is hun "integratie en assimilatie aan de Nederlandse samenleving." Er is geen discussie over hoe de Polen uit een grotendeels rooms-katholieke maatschappij zal nemen om de liberale Nederlandse samenleving, met haar vrij homoseksualiteit, abortus, euthanasie, de rechten van vrouwen en de meerderheid van het land (42%) als atheïst of geen geloof. Dergelijke discussies over "integratie en assimilatie" van immigranten zijn alleen voor de "allochtoon moslim" die is van een "andere beschaving" en een "achterlijke cultuur."

Kijk uit voor anti-verzorgingsstaat argumenten uit de VVD en Thatcheriaanse Mark Rutte. Er is enig bewijs dat dit een poging om de "Welfare Queen" Amerikaanse mythe dat kon het publiek diepe sneden in de sociale bijstand te aanvaarden te creëren. Er is het idee van de VVD en de PVV (natuurlijk) is de opvoeding van is dat er een ongelijke verdeling voordelen tussen EU-lidstaten en maak een 'aanzuigende werking'. Dit argument is uit de jaren 1980 toen de regering-Reagan conservatieven wees erop dat in de VS , zou een hogere sociale uitkeringen in de ene staat te trekken inwoners van andere staten met lagere uitkeringen. Dit begon een "race to the bottom" van lagere en lagere uitkeringen in de staten, die het welzijn van miljoenen arme mensen geschaad.

In Nederland moeten ze goed in de gaten hoe bijzonder de VVD dit beleidsterrein en de bescherming tegen propaganda ontworpen om te verzachten het Nederlandse publiek op een uitkering teruggebracht van behoeftige Nederlandse burgers leidt. Het is al lang een argument uit de Anglo-Amerikaanse conservatieve ilk (hun Thatcher broers nu bevolken de VVD en PVV) tot het welzijn van staten en hun voornaamste argumenten zijn immigranten en eenvoudig en genereuze uitkeringen ontmantelen.


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Delusions of Eurabia: The Islamification myth, European Islamophobic Extremists and a rational picture of European Muslims. April 2, 2010.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Dutch “discover” the "shocking" truth about immigration to the Netherlands

Part of the myth peddled by Geert Wilders is that there is a “tsunami of Muslims” heading for the Netherlands. This myth forms part of Wilders’ claim that Muslims are “threatening to take over the Netherlands." This includes excessivly high birthrates among Dutch Muslims, which is also a myth.  Data has been presented on this website that lays bare the myth and outright lies of Wilders’ claims of “tsunami of Muslims” and “Muslim immigration as a problem.” Data has also been presented on this website that the Number One place that migrants to the Netherlands originate is from Eastern Europe, mainly Poland.

Well, now, that we have a resession on, the Dutch government appears to have “discovered” an “explosion” in the number of Poles that are coming to the Netherlands to take jobs from Dutch unemployed. Many of the 12,000 Poles that came to the Netherlands last year consume social services, with about one-third on welfare and one-third on work disability, Minister Henk Kamp told the Tweede Kamer (House) on Wednesday. Kamp wants migrant workers to work five years before becoming eligible for benefits rather than just one year.

The Netherlands “not ready” for East European immigrants. The problem with East European migration is regarded as  so serious, the Dutch have now started to demand that Bulgarian and Romanian workers obtain a work permit before working in the Netherlands. There is believed to be upwards of 325,000 East Europeans that have migrated to the Netherlands in recent years, mainly from Poland.  The majority of the political parties from all parts of the spectrum want to continue the demand for Bulgarian and Romanian workers to obtain work permits until 2014. Leaving the Dutch borders open would have meant another influx of 20,000 foreign workers.

This “discovery” of so many Eastern European immigrants to the Netherlands was described in the Dutch media as “greater than expected.” In reality, these data on the influxes of Eastern European immigrants to the Netherlands are easy to see in data produced by the CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek) for the past decade. The CBS states that 2010 was the largest influx of immigrants to the Netherlands, 150,000, the majority of them from new Member States of the European Union, with many more leaving the Netherlands, and a net gain of 32,000.  For the first six months into 2011, we see who is immigrating to the Netherlands, and its not "Muslims": (emphasis mine):  
In the first six months of 2011, more than 58 thousand people left the Netherlands, i.e. nearly 5 thousand more than in the same period last year. In the first two quarters of this year, 66.6 thousand foreigners came to the Netherlands, an increase by nearly 2 thousand. Net migration over the first six months of 2011 dropped to 8.3 thousand, according to the most recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

The increase in the number of immigrants mainly concerns citizens born in the European Union, in particular people from Poland. The largest group of immigrants – native Dutch returning to the Netherlands – became smaller.

 The reason for the desire to know the truth about immigration to the Netherlands is the recession in which Dutch citizens should come first for Dutch jobs. This is reasonable, given that Dutch minorities continue to suffer unemployment. Now that there is a “recession” could it be that the Dutch government’s “discovery” of these “shocking numbers” means the truth will now come out about the hateful myth of “tsunami of Muslims” ?  The reason why the Netherlands was ‘not ready” for the “explosion” and “shocking numbers” of East European immigrants in the first place is that the Dutch were driven by the hateful myths over a “tsunami of Muslims” in a silly conspiracy to “take over the Netherlands” !

Will the Poles assimilate well into Dutch society? What is noticeably absent from the discussion regarding the “shocking numbers” of East European immigrants is their “integration and assimilation to Dutch society.” There is NO discussion about how Poles from a largely Roman Catholic society will take to liberal Dutch society, with its open homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, women’s rights and the majority of the country (42%) as atheist or no religious faith. Such discussions on "integration and assimilation" of immigrants are only for the "allochtoon Muslim" who is from a "different civilization" and a "backward culture."

Watch out for anti-welfare state arguments from the VVD and Thatcherite Mark Rutte. There is some evidence that this is an attempt to create the “Welfare Queen” that enabled the public to accept deep cuts in social assistance. There is the idea the VVD and PVV (of course) is bringing up is there is an unequal benefits distribution between EU Member States and create a “magnet effect.”  This argument is from the 1980s when the Reagan conservatives pointed out that in the US, higher welfare benefits in one state would attract residents from other states with lower benefits. This began a “race to the bottom” of lower and lower benefits in the states, which harmed the well-being of millions of poor people.

In the Netherlands, they need to watch closely how especially the VVD party directs this policy area and guard against propaganda designed to soften up the Dutch public to cut benefits from needy Dutch citizens. It has long been an argument from the Anglo-American Conservative ilk (their Thatcherite brothers now populate the VVD and PVV) to dismantle welfare states and their chief arguments have been immigrants and easy and generous welfare benefits.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The origins of Cameron’s troublemaking in the European Union

Is Britian European? Maybe its not a nation at all! Timothy Garton Ash (2001) has a well-known essay into the national identity of the “United Kingdom” in answering the question: “Is Britain European?” Norman Davies, according to Ash, argues that Britain was never a nation-state. Andrew Barnett also argues that Britain never existed as a “nation,” but England was a nation. Whether “Britain,” or “England” or the “United Kingdom” is a nation, was a nation, could be a nation, is “European” in a sense that “European” means “Christianity” or “secularism,” are mute when it comes to answering Ash’s essay question. It is history (history is a big part of identity studies) that make the answer different, but British or English?  (3-5).  

The "nation of Britain" first, "special relationship" second, the European project can go to hell!  In his discussion of this question, Ash puts forth the idea that “Britain” is more with the United States (Atlanticist) than with the “Continent” or Europeanist. Both Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair had a fascination with American solutions and “leadership.” There is also the notion of “English-speaking peoples” and Anglo-American kinship in relation to notions laissez-faire capitalism (8-9). The special relationship has been the source, but not the only source, of Britain’s pull between “Europe” and “the Atlantic” and tensions with other EU Member States. The view can sometimes be called hard-line Atlanticism and the desire to preserve “transatlantic relations” as they were in the Cold War.

 This view and its expression also depended on political parties and political opinions. Obviously, the Conservatives of Thatcher have expressed less willingness to “give national sovereignty away to the European Community (Union).” Thatcher was a well know Euroskeptic and demonstrated her contempt for the European Community by demanding the return of CAP, agricultural contributions to the Community. Thatcher was anti-European Community and part of this hate for the European Union today stems from the idea of “preserving the special relationship” with the US rather than allow the European Union to flower into an independent actor on the world stage, especially in areas of defense and security of the Union. Hamstringing the EU is now stock and trade for Thatcher admirers everywhere, including in Mark Rutte in The Hague, and Rutte’s actions should also be suspect.  

It should be noted here that the Netherlands has a history of hard-line Atlanticism that often borders on being a UK on the European Continent...Note this from the Dutch government's English website:
Dutch and British views on Europe often coincide. The two countries are therefore seeking to cooperate closely at the negotiating table in Brussels. Today in The Hague, Dutch foreign minister Uri Rosenthal spoke with British European affairs minister David Lidington, who tomorrow will meet his Dutch counterpart Ben Knapen.

We could also call this a struggle between the realist notions of selfish international interests of nations and the Kantian liberalism of cooperation among nations in international institutions, like the EU. Getting what we want  all the time cannot be a part of membership in an international organization and requires some give and take. This is also how the US acts in relations with the United Nations.  “What can I get out of the deal for us, our nation and maintain our special relationship” is how a selfish realist acts, which is how David Cameron's actions in the EU’s summit on tackling the debt crisis plaguing Europe should be viewed. Cameron’s use of the veto pen against a Franco-German treaty change should be viewed as an exercise in wanting to imitate Thatcher.

Watch the video. This is not bald-faced, national selfish realism, but Cameron thinks he is Thatcher!

These Thatcherites lay awake at night dreaming of doing something like this, as just as a footballer dreams of winning the World Cup for his country. No joke, people!  

The idea of a “two-speed” or “multi-speed” Europe is an old one, and has happened in various other areas. So be it, but some are so angry that there is talk of “reforming” the EU without “Britain” (UK) as a part of it. The Germans are crying that “it was a mistake to let the UK into the EU.”  Some are also crying “sabotage” and that’s probably was Thatcherite Cameron’s idea from the start, (along with his Thacherite partner in crime, Mark Rutte) The UK will be isolated from the rest of the its European partners (sic) and this is perhaps what should happen and what some really want (it should happen to the Netherlands when it comes to human rights and international affairs of the Union, in the Middle East Quartet). Here are some quotes regarding the UK “behavior” from its “European partners” – but why are they surprised?
"And this dirty game that the British are playing - wanting to stay with one foot in and one foot out of Europe - risks collapsing the entire system. London must be either in, or out. But they simply cannot sabotage everything."

"What's the point of keeping this country in the EU? The British people should put pressure on their government to quit. Maybe the British would do better without the EU. Europe will definitely do better without the UK."

"The British manoeuvre  that London now finds itself outside, on the margins of Europe. The first European Council session in Brussels, which should have solidified and perhaps even resolved the euro crisis produced instead, after 11 hours of tense and at times dramatic talks, a deep division between member states."

 The selfish interests of out-dated Atlanticism come first for Conservative –Thatcherites in the UK, as well as in the Netherlands. These people simply cannot wait for the hour that they can “play Thatcher” and sabotage the European Union, or do other damage, such as to welfare states, help for the poor, human rights, and create conflicts and tensions, as the Netherlands has been doing to Turkey this year. Destroying national identity and replacing it with Thatcherite notions of “Dutch nation” (in a manner of Fortuyn) is what Mark Rutte is doing to his own country’s once great national identity. The problem is that if the UK leaves the Union, the Netherlands, with an equal history of hard-line Atlanticism, can take its place as the new Thatcherite troublemaker, unless we can get regime change in The Hague and reconstruct and rebuilt the Dutch nation back to its former greatness.

If there is a chance for a Thatcherite to swing a wrecking ball at the European project, expect the wrecking ball to swing! Thatcherites play games that are intended to cause setbacks and simply cannot be trusted to make the right decisions for the European project and why Europe has not learned this yet is our guess indeed.


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