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Monday, May 13, 2013

"Dangerous" labeling by AIVD: Why painting a flower is now a threat to the Netherlands' national security

Flower drawing:
A  security threat to the Netherlands.
Why painting a flower is now 'extreme leftist' and "dangerous" activity. " One of the ways to justify the trouncing of human rights and individual freedoms by security and law enforcement is to label a person or group involved with an issue with a label that signals "threat and danger."  This is part of what we in Critical terrorism and security studies call "securitizing" an issue in the process of Securitization, which move the issue out of normal political discourse and into security and existential threat discourse. Actions - including human rights violations - can be taken against those viewed as posing the existential threat. The Dutch State typically does against Muslims and the political Left - and the narratives are built from discourses surrounding the murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh.

The (ab)use of the murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh have enabled certain actors - especially the AIVD and NCTb - to create stigmatizing labels that signal existential threat to the public and the mass media. This is achieved through narratives and discourses among security, law enforcement - and especially mass media that describes a person or interest group as posing existential threat.  Part of this security and law enforcement regime is to place stigmatizing labels that signal existential threat on persons and groups. Labels like "radicalized Muslim" and "extreme Left" are the most common labels available to Dutch intelligence and law enforcement. We could be witnessing yet another attempt by the Dutch State to label against asylum seeker advocacy groups.

It is well-known to this author that the "intelligence and security activities" by the AIVD to "protect the democratic legal order of the Netherlands" are quite selective along political lines. The AIVD's stated mission is largely defined in the paper From Dawa to Jihad (it also draws Robert Spencer's "stealth jihad" conspiracy theory) and what its actually doing undermining the democratic legal order in the form of undermining rights for Muslims and political opposition groups. The From Dawa to Jihad paper also contains a template from which any person or group can be branded as a "threat to the democratic legal order" and be politically demonized and ostracized from the political system. The use of stigmatizing labels is also intended to deter other law abiding citizens from taking part in non-violent and legally acceptable protest actions - as one could be labeled an "extreme Leftist." The AIVD's activities of labeling strike at the heart of the Dutch people's sense of protesting and fighting back against injustices and wrongs -a Dutch national characteristic that dates back to the revolt against Habsburg Spain.

The Muslim is, by far, the favorite volksduivel (folk devil) of the AIVD and the rest of the Dutch State - but there is another favorite folk devil: The political Left, especially the extreme left, which leads to justification of all sorts of human rights abuses. The pinning of these labels - all a part of securitizing discourses and narratives of existential threat in the Netherlands - then justifies spying, brutal police actions, jailing for minor or faked crimes, and, of course, government actions to inhibit an innocent person's life activities, like being put on a "no fly list" and personal disruption measures against "radicalized Muslims." None of these types of actions would be justified against "normal" protest groups - but the result of Securitization where a groups and individuals are viewed as a existential threat to the national security and "survival of our way of life." 

The over use of force by the Marechaussee
Excessive force in arrest of "dangerous," "threatening" and  "extreme leftist" for petty vandelism? NOPE!  One of those activities against "threats" that is being tolerated is the manner in which the woman was arrested at the Schiphol detention center this weekend. While it many be a bit childish to paint a flower on the side of a wall - painful police "compliance holds" and handcuffs were excessive force in itself. Part of the reason for this excessive force is yet another AIVD accusation against the asylum seekers' advocacy movement that was published in the De Telegraaf Wednesday about members of the No Border Network.  It was said that extreme leftists might want to "take" Fred Teeven (who is himself an LPFer), what ever that means. This flows with the narrative following the murder of Fortuyn - assassination by an extreme leftist - and there is similar narrative (jihad in the Netherlands) that plays into "threats against Geert Wilders" related to the Theo van Gogh murder.

 One important thing you should keep in mind here, dear reader, is that these kinds of labels, with signals of "threat to the democratic legal order," are never placed on extreme right groups and persons in the Netherlands - and if you know the policy platform of Geert Wilders and the PVV - you can see that a woman painting a flower on a wall is NO threat to democratic legal order when in comparison. 

Watch this video - and realize that the brutal mishandling of this harmless woman by the Marechaussee border guards is in the backdrop of "extreme leftist agitation" and linked to the psychology of the Pim Fortuyn murder. This very innocent woman is a "dangerous extreme leftist" to the AIVD and the Marechaussee. This woman should not have been subject to painful compliance holds and handcuffs for simple vandalism to a wall!

Denk voor jezelf! The Dutch people really need stop treating new outlets like De Telegraaf as if they are the the absolute truth - and denk voor jezelf (think for yourself) and opposition groups in the Netherlands need to be wake up and be taught how to counter AIVD and Dutch state labels that are intended to create a sense of threat from a person or group. The Dutch people, once they are made aware of this situation - will fight back and protest and they do - the "credibility and legitimacy" of the AIVD and the the Marechaussee be damned! We all need to help the Dutch people to get to this realization. 


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Links-extremistisch bloemetje tekenen: geboeid afgevoerd

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'Extremisten jutten hongerstakers op'

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Freedom of speech and the 'Bedreigen Wilders' speech crime - future projects

In that aftermath of the "Innocence of Muslims" hate film as "freedom of speech" an opportunity has now opened to demonistrate the hypocracies of the Western notions of what is freedom of speech and what is speech crime.  We now accept the notion that radical anti-Muslim and Islamophobic extremists can make videos that cause an international crisis, while it is strafbaar to make anti-Wilders videos in the Netherlands where one must face the rechtbank for the bedreigen Wilders speech crime.

...and as is typical with "Muslim control" in the Netherlands - everything is shamefully justified -SURPRISE! SURPRISE! - from narrative of the murders of "Pim and Theo."

[youtube id="5VHP6iVIUwo" w="300" h="300"] [youtube id="QIKaM4EuFRg" w="300" h="300"]

We know that this American extremists who made the anti-Muslim hate film  (some are also backers of Wilders) claim "freedom of speech," but their record is that they are actually opposed to freedom and liberty for their critics and opponents. Geert Wilders in the Netherlands trampled over the freedom of speech of his critics and people have been prosecuted criminally for speech crimes against Geert Wilders. In the video above, a Rotterdam rapper is getting straf (punishment) for creating a bedreigen Wilders (to threaten Wilders) video. I will be working on a full academic paper (in PDF also) about those victims who have been persecuted for this speech crime (and I may even try to contract some of these victims) and post some of their videos...

Crazy religious extremist talk is also freedom of speech!!! The are also a couple of goofy groups running around Belgium and the Netherlands calling themselves "Sharia4Holland" and "Sharia4Belgium." Most people laugh at these loud and obnoxious groups as they shout how much they'd like sharia for their countries (not likely to ever happen).

[youtube id="hMK34cG80eA" w="300" h="300"]

As a (near) flaunt speaker of Dutch, I can understand about 85% of what this fellow is saying. People DO have the freedom of speech to talk crazy and talk about sharia and the economic crisis in our streets! I applaud these religious zealot-nutcases for their courage!  BLIJVEN PRATEN!  Deze zijn je mensenrechten!

Now - this fellow above was fined 450 euro for his speech crime against Cry Baby Geert Wilders (the real juvenile delinquent here) - an act of speech crime that is actually harmless compared to the anti-Islam film that has deliberately cause harm between the US and the Arab world.Shouting that you want sharia law to rule in Belgium and the Netherlands should not - in a democratic and free societyNEVER warrant any national security investigations, or intelligence spying, having your bank accounts sifted ----- let allow charges for a criminal act. However - knowing the AIVD (Dutch intelligence service) like I do, this is no laughing matter. The AIVD is as genuinely Islamophobic of an organization as one can imagine, and I suspect the AIVD uses the discredited NYPD  "radicalization model"- and given this assumption - the fellow and his friends have probably been labeled as "radicalized Muslims" a long time ago.

Not all 'threats' should be viewed as legitimate. Usually, but never the case with the bedreigen Wilders speech crime, what is a legitimate crime is weighted against the ability to carry out a threat. The fellow has no ability to harm Geert Wilders as much as getting his sharia law dreams for Europe. We must realize that this fellow  simply has no means with which to carry out his threats against Wilders.  These public statements being heard by people in the street have the appearance of street theater, not actual threats to take action against Wilders.

If somebody wanted to actually harm Wilders, he would not tell people in such a public place and he would be an expert assassin, and such an expert assassin would not waste his time on Wilders. It is highly likely that al-Qaeda has higher value targets than Geert Wilders.  So, we should see the occasional reports of "somebody threatened Wilders oh my" as childish methods to bring about social control of Muslims and justify the speech crime of bedreigen Wilders. We know that  Geert Wilders in the Netherlands trampled over the freedom of speech of his critics and people have been prosecuted criminally for speech crimes against Geert Wilders.

Geert Wilders has NO claim to be some "protector of freedom of speech!"

In reality, it's the AIVD that is becoming quite radical and this intelligence agency works against freedom of speech (as well as other freedoms) for Muslim citizens. I have some projects for the future that are going to expose the AIVD and the Dutch counter-terrorism unit NCTb and their brand of Islamophobic bullshit to the free world. In reality, AIVD needs something else better to do than Muslim social control!

Here's an ad from the CDA political party against the PVV and Wilders that avoided the prospect of criticizing Wilders as "threatening him."  Yet - is it good that child actors had to be out through this?

[youtube id="jht-LQCozB4" w="300" h="300"]

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Terror cells in the Netherlands? BULLCRAP! AIVD show us the evidence!

[caption id="attachment_3461" align="alignleft" width="208" caption="AIVD: Handen af​​!"][/caption]

While many Dutch people expressed sympathy was for the Somali asylum seekers, the AIVD had yet another “terrorist alert.” In a “false flag” and faked “terror alert” fashion that we here in America know too well, the Dutch media posted a narrative about alleged Somali al-Shabaab terror cells in the US, Britain and the Netherlands.

Supposedly, a former al-Shabaab fighter, now with the army, told a BBC reporter in Somalia that there are al-Shabaab terror cells just waiting to spring, including in the Netherlands.  This former fighter, who vanished before he could be interviewed by intelligence agents, told the reporter that “al-Shabaab had recruited expatriate Somalis in Somalia and had trained them for terror attacks.” (Volkskrant)

Yea (roll your eyes!) right!

Now – a reality check. It has been widely reported that the BBC has engaged in this type of faked and false flag reports in the past. The FBI is well known to have paid informants. Was this fighter tortured or embellishing?  If there are terror cells in our countries, we should demand that they be arrested, but there is the greater chance that the “informant” was paid to say these things. Where are the arrests of the “terrorists” and where is the evidence? Before we allow intelligence and security agencies – like the AIVD – to run amuck among religious and ethnic minority communitieslet’s see the evidence!

Why the AIVD could be doing this…

  1. Muslim control. Remember,  this type of report also serves the political interests of some people in the Dutch State, and not just to justify the AIVD’s “Muslim control” activities.

  2. Maintaining the “jihad in the Netherlands” narrative. The creation of “terror alerts” by the elements of the Dutch State, as with “security interests” of all State governments serves some purpose of the State and/or its political apparatuses.

  3. FEAR! We can suspect that the purpose is to – as it has been in the Netherlands since the antics of Fortuyn, to create fear in the Dutch people.

  4. Justify surveillance. The purpose is to justify the surveillance of groups and individuals involved in efforts to help in Somali asylum seekers in the Netherlands. To further demonize and allow for police sweeps against the Somali asylum seekers.  After all, the AIVD is out to protect the Netherlands, or more likely, protect against “illegal persons.”

  5. Keep Wilders happy. To serve the political and social interests of various actors in Dutch State, including the PVV and others who want conflict with the Islamic “civilization.”

Sharia4Holland is not a “national security threat!” There is also the establishment of the Sharia4Holland – a rather obnoxious band of religious lunatics that is supported by nobody – into a “national security threat against the Netherlands."  The other day, a passerby was arrested for engaging a debate with this pack of lunatics when a supposed threat to Geert Wilders was uttered. Keep in mind that death threats can be uttered against left political figures, like Job Cohen - and nobody is arrested - even after Anders Breivik’s rampage in Norway last summer.  It’s “free speech” to threaten Left politicians, but a criminal act to threaten the radical right thug, Geert  Wilders. Free speech my ass!

Don’t believe it! Expect a report of the AIVD’s activities against Somali asylum seekers and that band of lunatics called Sharia4Holland. When we see these reports, we will then know that the purpose of the Dutch State’s security apparatus is more about “Muslim control” than real security work. There appears to still be a lot of interest of the Dutch State and its intelligence and security apparatuses in maintaining the “jihad in the Netherlands” narrative. Even the head loon of Sharia4Holland, who stated that Geert Wilders “should have learned from what happened to Theo van Gogh” is playing the AIVD’s game and echoing the “jihad in the Netherlands” narrative. What is probably true is that murder of “Theo” was by a street gang member, Mohammed Bouyeri, to serve the purposes of Mohammed Bouyeri. This includes advanced status among his criminal peers.

Yes – Geert Wilders will die someday! We will all die someday, but I hope that Wilders can turn his life around before then and realize that he is wasting his obvious talents pursuing hate and destroying his own country’s culture, traditions and national identity.  But – I suppose that someday Wilders will make a death bed confession that he was wrong and regrets his wasted political career. What a pity!

Well – I promise you that the AIVD’s activities will, indeed, be dissected this summer.  It will have a TOUGH discourse analysis! Sunlight is the best disinfectant against the toxic activities of the AIVD!