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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The coming of Donald Trump: The future is anybody's guess!

Make no mistake about this: Donald Trump is an autocrat and a potential dictator of America. He has appealed to nationalism, engaged in blaming various ethnic and religious groups for America's, troubles and declared himself the solution to these troubles. It is said that Russia "hacked" the 2016 presidential election, that "hidden, racist voters" turned out to vote, and that the mass media has now "normalized" Trump and his offensive rhetoric and gave him billions in free advertisement.

 Whatever,,,Trump is now King of the United States...what is going to happen next with this American autocrat is anybody's guess. America has never had a real autocrat as president.

I told you all, on the various forums, to watch out for Russia and to not count Russia out in the international.system. The expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia, to include provocative air patrols, massive military maneuvers, and perhaps the stationing of nuclear missiles, are all actions that Russia must respond to for the protection of it's national security. Part of the blame for provoking Russia to take cyber-hacking to counter the perceived and real threats in its "near-abroad" can be laid at the feet of those East European leaders in Baltic countries and Poland too, and of the desire by neo-cons to dismember Russia?

Fuck the Baltic Air Policing!

Affecting Western national elections through cyber activities and "hacking," underhanded political and social attack messages, are sheer genius on the part of Putin and the Russians...and demonstrates that national security is about more than just military power.  They are also a statement that Russian concerns about activities related to NATO expansion and inclusion in a European security system should have been taken more seriously. Russian security needs should have also been a part of a European security system that includes Russia.   (see Senate Intel Report on Russian influence in 2016 election for more).

Expect increased violence and oppression from American police and oppression - including increased abuse of the labels "terrorism" and "anarchists" - against those who oppose government abuses from a Trump regime.  Expect so-called "Islamic extremism" to fuel more Islamophobia and ignore the fact that "Islamic terrorism" that is "inspired by ISIS" is nothing more than violent crimes by trouble individuals. We know that there is a different reaction from Western governments to violent crimes by non-Muslims (criminal justice) and violent crimes by criminals claiming some inspiration from "Islamic faith" (national security and oppression of the Islamic faith).   We can also expect increased spying, oppression and violence against Black activists opposing police violence, expanded abuse of the label "anarchists" by police to justify oppression and criminalization. Funny how support for Black Lives Matter "anarchists" include elected leaders and how the Movement has engaged in our democratic process for an end to police brutality against black people.. 

Note: 1. I voted for Clinton and for Bernie Sanders in the Wisconsin Primary.  My views line up with Bernie Sanders the most, but Donald Trumps observations on the economic and social hardships faced by many  Americans rang true and were probably a main driver of his election. An autocrat like Trump does better appealing to those who are hurting, angry and in need of relief.  If Trump does not deliver, (and hateful nationalists never had good economic policies), he will be bounced out too...

Note 2. Russia Today (RT) is not "propaganda" anymore than CNN is "propaganda." The label "fake news" has been applied to just about any written and spoke word - including academic written works and peer-reviewed articles. RT has told the truth about the American life, especially the criminal justice system and the struggles of working people.  Sure, RT gets government funding, but CNN appeals to the US government for access to government leaders, including the US president.

Note 3. I will be blogging mostly at my Home Sweet Home blog and the topics will be short and varied.  I will be expressing my sympathies for Russia as well as outrage for possible Trump policies in other forums. I am both pro-Russia and anti-Trump.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Florida Neighborhood Watch Goons! The Murder of Trayvon Martin

Yes - Florida neighborhood watch - I could have told you so... After having lived in Florida for 10 years, serving in its National Guard, seeing the making of laws first hand in Tallahassee, working in the hairdressing field, I can say that racism there is no worse than Wisconsin or other parts of the country. Yes - the state has its share of oddballs and, yes, the state is more like a third-world country than an American state. Yes - being in Florida is like being in a different country.

The notion that having dark skin is a prerequisite to harassment by neighborhood watch goons and that only those with dark skin are harassed by neighborhood watch goons is absolutely wrong. Despite knowing that I was a member of the military,  I was stalked repeatedly by neighborhood watch goons in golf-carts, as well as cars, and even bicycles when I used to go out jogging. When I worked as a hairdresser, I would go to my mom’s house after work wearing my uniform – and I would be followed from the main gate by one of these neighborhood watch goons.

There are perhaps many, many, many neighborhood watch goons in Florida who belong under the care of a psychiatrist, not "patrolling the neighborhood."

The idea that a Florida neighborhood watch goon has now shot somebody dead just for walking down the street comes as no shock to me. I could have told you 10 years ago about neighborhood watches around Florida, how some are aggressive and out of control. Most of these neighborhood watches are in retiree communities of prefabricated homes centered on club houses with grand swimming pools. I know of a retiree community just north of Brooksville that bought a black car with white doors, put the word PATROL on the side with an amber light on top, just like an old fashioned police car. There was another community near Zepherhills that followed a friend of mine as she drove out of the community and down to the highway, a distance of about 3 miles. As a criminology major at Florida State, I found the one at my mom's house to be the most interesting to watch and also indicative of what I had been hearing about other neighborhood watches around Florida.

Neighborhood watch should NOT patrol communities! Where my mom lived, there was a patrol that would patrol in cars and golf carts at all hours of the day and night.  They would also follow, chase and confront anybody they did not like  - and this is not limited to dark skin color - as my brother (who is white) was followed by a really aggressive neighborhood watch goon as he drove to my mom's house and confronted by this goon as he got out of his car (he came to cut her grass). The judgements of who is "a threat" to aggressive neighborhood watch goons "out on patrol" is - again - not limited to dark skin color -but according to how one dresses, young age, type of car, perceived socioeconomic class,  with all the same social -economic stereotypes of "criminals" we see present in American society.

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Neighborhood watch can be a good thing, but needs to be without the goons! Neighborhood watch needs to return to just citizens sitting on their front porch, walking the dog or looking out the front windows. Patrolling, following "suspect persons" or sitting outside in cars watching "suspect houses" is for police officers, who have training (including in civil rights issues) and department policies to follow and can be held accountable for bad actions.  Neighborhood watches in Florida are often autonomous, and formed from cliques and exclusive little circles, and you don’t know who is a part of it.  We should know who is a part of a neighborhood watch group and these groups should be regulated by local officials that are not connected to law enforcement agencies. People who are members of neighborhood watch should be screened for aggressive behavior and it should be made clear that confronting other citizens on the street is only for trained police officers, who also have training in the appropriate level of force to use in encounters with people on the street.

Mr. Zimmerman should not have been out "patrolling" in the first place! We hear media reports that George Zimmerman one of those neighborhood watch goons that I know all too well for Florida neighborhood watch: He is aggressive, paranoid and thinks he can confront other citizens on street and act in a manner that would get a police officer suspended or fired. What we have here is a neighborhood watch goon who thinks he’s a cop and actually chases Trayvon Martin just for walking down the street - and used deadly force against Trayvon first where a police officer probably would not. Police officers are  trained to size up situations they encounter in the course of their duties, including when they encounter people on the street.

An actually police officer might have just driven on and not said anything to the Trayvon. He might have looked at him to see if he matches the description of someone wanted for a crime. Most police know that people of all races and ages often run down the street, out jogging, perhaps to catch a bus, or trying to get out of the rain.

In police work there are “levels of force” and their use depends on the resistance of the subject. Police officers carry pepper spray, tasers, baton – and firearm – on their duty belts. Even if Trayvon somehow had a confrontation with a police officer – the officer probably would have resorted to "compliance holds" or pepper spray and not jump right into deadly force with a firearm.  If a crime had just occurred, it would depend on the crime (violent felony like armed robbery) that police would chased a suspect of foot. The police officer would have in mind that deadly force could be an option, but not the only option. Here we have an untrained neighborhood watch goon that makes this judgement based on biases, and nothing more, and uses deadly force.
[youtube id="mOpGAOXL5Uk" w="300" h="175"]
If Trayvon Martin would have encountered a police officer instead of Zimmerman – he would probably be alive today…

From listening to the 911 tapes (including the ones where Trayvon is crying for help) George Zimmerman should be charged with at least manslaughter, if not like second-degree homicide.  There is NO legitimate self -defense claim here, as Zimmerman (250 pounds) followed and chased Trayvon Martin (175 pounds) and shot the unarmed Trayvon Martin. Chasing down another person and taking violent actions against him is simply not self-defense, no matter how you argue it. There is no clearer act of outright murder that what Zimmerman did to Trayvon. Arresting and convicting Zimmerman of manslaughter or homicide should serve as a deterrence factor to every neighborhood watch goon across Florida.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Roman Polanski FREE ! Another Oh Yeah Moment!

For all of its recent stupid Islamophobia and delusional behavior based on the Islamification myth - the Swiss have finally done something reasonable: Rejected the extradition request from the United States, the State of California for Roman Polanski's flesh and possible sentencing in the United States on a 33-year-old sex charge.And - what's more - the United States CANNOT appeal!  Ohhhhh - yeah! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="182" caption="Polanski can expect Cooley not to rest...his political career is at stake!"][/caption]The legal concerns that the Swiss had to look at: "It this the right person and not 'guilt or innocence.'" The right type of paperwork and legal records had never been sent to Switzerland, the Swiss argued. District Attorney Steve Cooley of Los Angeles County also fought to keep secret transcripts out of Swiss hands that would have shown that Polanski's 1977 stay in a psychiatric facility was to be his sentence and that the results of the mental tests shown that he was not a risk to re-offend.In February 1978, after 42 days, Polanski was released, but fled before a judge could impose an additional 90 days in jail.  The Swiss believe that Polanski served his sentence and the other part of the sentence would have been voluntary deportation. Some other consideration and good points brought up by the Swiss with regard to the "very serious faults" of the attempted extradition of Polanski:
  • The victim, Samantha Geimer, who was 13 at the time - would like Polanski left alone and set free.
  • Has already served his sentence and therefore both the proceedings on which the U.S. extradition request is founded and the request itself would have no foundation.
  • The US never made any attempt to have Polanski extradited "for years" and Polanski bought a house in Switzerland and did not expect arrest when attending a 2009 film festival.
The last point - why now?  the Swiss may be asking - because Steven Cooley wants higher political office! Other than Swiss -cited concerns, the real reason for the refusal could be that the Swiss probably saw that the whole extradition attempt was for the padding of a political career.  There are many American prosecutors that use their powers as prosecutors to, say, send ham sandwiches to death row - why many would send their own mothers to death row - if it would mean greater political office!Steven Cooley for Attorney General ! YEP! It really figures - we should now know the game - and the Swiss do to! [Read "Steve's blog" and see just how "assembly line justice" for personal gain you see. Assembly line justice is likely to send innocent people away, even to death row!]Mr. Cooley is a political animal, predator prosecutor - which is the proclivity to abuse power for personal gain. Too easy to see here! This means that Roman Polanski's ordeal at the hands of this predator prosecutor animal are far from over - and I will predict that this predator prosecutor will search for some way to drag Polanski back to the horrors of the California penal system, like the notorious Pelican Bay.Also the victim would like to be free of the case - as a 40 something with her own family - she's a real healed victim. Good for HER! Prosecutors like Cooley hate healed victims, as it means they cannot be abused by being prompted to cry and carry on for show trials. Healed victims also mean that they cannot be dragged out to cry on cue at a legislative hearing for more "tough on crime" rubbish. Healed victims cannot be abused by predator prosecutors and legislators looking for more "law and order" votes.The Swiss must keep one thing in mind - America is a vengeful nation. America will search for some method and manner to extract revenge against Switzerland for this slight. Also -Roman Polanski will not be safe if he travels and it's suggested that he check the relationship that counties that he wants to travel to have with the United States. Since Americans are a vengeful and punitive people that don't take international slights - Polanski can expect Trouble Made in the USA from anyplace on Earth, mainly from fellow Europeans that practice the Please America First policy.While Americans argue that the Swiss were not supposed to consider facts of the case - it appears that they did - and this Author regards this as a good sign. What is good about this development, as with the UK terrorism development, is that prosecutors and law enforcement officials need to be aware that their practices in the criminal justice system, from the death penalty to prison conditions to prosecution behavior - is coming under increasing scrutiny and weighed in relation to norms and human rights standards of truly civilized nations.  The "war on terror" mad-dogs, criminalization of innocent acts, the death penalty and brutal prisons - and now the challenges to American prosecutors - yes - its about time we had international intervention against the American domestic order.The days are getting brighter all the time - chic-a chic-a--  ohhhh yeah![ Polanski Transcript Plea Opposed by Prosecutors - Swiss won't extradite Polanski on child sex charge - Polanski free, Swiss reject US extradition request - Roman Polanski avoids extradition to U.S - Roman Polanski will not be extradited to United States to face sentencing over 1977 sex case]Blogs - The Tattler -

Friday, July 9, 2010

ECtHR shuts down UK extradition to US - questions conditions in US Supermax Prisons! OH YEAH!

OHHH YEAH! European HR Court shuts down UK extradition to US, suspects that conditions of confinement in the US supermax prison may violate Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights. This Author  has been arguing on various forums that the human rights standards of prisons and jails in the United States should be a factor when European nations are attempting to extradite our fellow human beings back to the United States!OHHHHH YEAH - that day has FINALLY come! I am also - personally - sick and tired of this silent version of the Soviet Union, with an outdated and backwards social, economic and legal order. All the recent setbacks in personal liberty in the name of the mad-dog "war on terrorism,"  free speech as "aiding terrorism," MEPs giving away bank data privacy, "no fly" lists and political profiling of travelers, the "Patriot Act" and unlimited detentions, rampant Islamophobia, the arrests of "Russian spies" for doing the kind of research work I do - but the bitch slap given to America's brutal order, criminal (in)justice system, is a cause for absolute celebration...beautiful ...chic-a-chic-a - ohhhhhhhh yeah!-----THE SUPERMAX - the example of American backwardness and awkwardness with modernity. Now - the questions are if the four men would be forced to remain for the rest of their lives at the “supermax” prison, the US Penitentiary Administrative Maximum, Florence, Colorado (“ADX Florence”). Now, while not giving a yes or no to the questions on the conditions of confinement for four "terror" suspects, Babar Ahmad, Abu Hamza, Talha Ahsan and Haroon Aswat, that were to be extradited to the US, one was raised by this Author: "Does the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution (prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishment”), as interpreted by the federal courts, provide protection equivalent to Article 3 of the Convention?NOPE - not even maybe.  America is, as I've said before, a backward country that remains trapped in about 1789 and practices Social Darwinism... along with an outdated judicial order, rights based on property ownership - and no human rights progress. "Supermax" is a reflection of American backwardness and this case highlights American awkwardness with modernity.[caption id="attachment_377" align="alignleft" width="287" caption=""Mr. Obama - tear down this Supermax!" "][/caption]Well, this wonderful statement of "advanced and enlightened American democracy" in Colorado, ADX Florence, was described by a former warden as "clean version of hell." Robert Hood talks about this place as if it's just another job rather than the thing that makes America an equal regime with China, Iran or North Korea; more in line with the old Soviet gulag paradigm. In a 60 Minutes interview, Hood talks about ADX Florence and states "its  like the Harvard of the system."  One article states that the Times Square Bomber, Faisal Shahzad, has "nothing to look forward too...and would be better off committing suicide." Many of us are very concerned with the human beings at this "Harvard of the system" which needs international human rights interventions that are long overdue ... and perhaps bulldozed under in the name of human decency!Solidarity confinement - a form of torture that must be banned - Read more on the mental and emotional damage that these fine examples of American institutions that bring justice and the rule of law inflict on human beings and the absolute suffering!
I am thinking more about the brain's needs based on my research on this particular topic. The physical, mental and emotional effects of living in solitary confinement seem to be beyond the control of the person experiencing them. It seems that the brain needs a certain quantity, quality, or type of stimuli to help regulate, direct and prioritize thought processes and other brain functions properly. It could mean that without certain (or enough) stimuli, the level of random activity in the nervous system increases—such as brain activity that causes hallucinations. This helps explain why people often experience mental and emotional breakdowns and psychotic episodes when in solitary confinement for extended periods of time.Carly Frintner. Lonely Madness: The Effects of Solitary Confinement and Social Isolation on Mental and Emotional Health (2005),
UN Resolution - Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatmentor punishmentOut-of-Sight HRW Briefing Paper on Supermaximum PrisonsSolitary Confinement and Mental Illness in U.S. Prisons: A Challenge for Medical EthicsMental Health Issues in Long-term Solitary and “Supermax” Confinement ACLU: Supermax Prisons: Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading----Enter the hero, Gareth Peirce! The European Court of Human Rights decided to entertain the prospect of the post-conviction detention conditions - but the Court gives way too much in believing that Americans, especially American prosecutors keep their word. The ADX Florence is an America version of the Soviet Gulag - and to want to send any person to such a place is a slap to European values of human dignity and human rights - and the ECtHR really must be called out (emphasis mine):
However, as concerned post-trial detention the Court considered that Mr Ahmad, Mr Aswat and Mr Ahsan were at real risk of being held at ADX Florence if convicted and that their complaints under Article 3 concerning the stringency of conditions there for what could be the rest of their lives, raised serious questions of fact and law which were of such complexity that the Court had to examine them on the merits. For those reasons, the Court declared that part of the applicants’ complaints admissible. To the extent that the applicants’ conditions of detention might be made even stricter by the imposition of special administrative measures in ADX Florence, it considered that that aspect of their complaint should also be declared admissible.It declared Abu Hamza’s complaint about ADX Florence inadmissible, as he would at most risk spending a short period of time there and only until such time as his state of health was assessed.
Well - read this from Amnesty International to see how much American"war on terror" warriors can be trusted...Document - USA: To be taken on trust? Extraditions and US assurances in the ‘war on terror’ Never trust Americans and their obsessive and lunatic "war on terror" - as they are mad dogs every bit as much as the "lunatic state" that Israel is described as...-----[caption id="" align="alignright" width="230" caption=""But what of extradition to a future of total isolation? Can we comfortably, and within the law, contemplate sending men to that fate?” Gareth Peirce to ECtHR  "][/caption]Speaking TRUTH about America's (in)justice system to the ECtHR.But - this ruling is a hopeful start - and some of  the argument that got us to this hopeful decision by the ECtHR was  presented by attorney for Babar Ahmad, Gareth Peirce, who wrote a most wonderful piece which will much needed bring international attention to American jail and prison conditions, especially solitary confinement conditions at a “supermax” prison that would be illegal if duplicated in Europe. Peirce's article, published in the May 13, 2010 London Review of Books, is titled "America’s Non-Compliance" hits on several themes regarding American judicial, as well as penal practices that amount to a picture of American criminal justice that are well outside the norms for international and European conventions.After levying the questions, but what of extradition to a future of total isolation? Can we comfortably, and within the law, contemplate sending men to that fate?" Peirce writes about America's Gulag  justice system and the cruel fate that it imposes with Robert Hood's "Harvard prisons" (emphasis mine):
In the 19th century, isolation was intended to provide an opportunity for the redemption of the prisoner’s Christian soul, but Supermax prisons emerged, penologists argue, from a powerful ‘rage to punish’ felt by many politicians and members of the public in the late 20th century. Craig Haney, one of those penologists, believes that the US now celebrates and often demands, rather than lamenting or merely tolerating, official cruelty and the infliction of pain in its criminal justice system. What once passed for ‘penal philosophy’ now amounts to little more than devising ‘creative strategies’ to make prisoners suffer. Supermax confinement, built on the twin pillars of prolonged solitary confinement and extreme severity of conditions, is one of those strategies. The cells are carefully designed by architects to limit access to natural light, to eliminate stimulation or distraction, and reflect a total disregard for the principle that all prisoners are members of the human community.
Bravo! Fantastic - I have dreamed of this for years .. a TRUTH moment said to a European institution, like the TRUTHS revealed about the Soviet Union and other brutal regimes - to European Union and its Member States, which remain in denial of the REAL America! Gareth Peirce is a has more TRUTHto this European institution about the "Harvard prison" called ADX Florence:
[O]nce on American soil these men have been told by US prosecutors to expect total isolation. Each extraditee will be held under Special Administrative Measures until trial and then, on his anticipated conviction, in solitary confinement in a Supermax prison, ADX Florence in Colorado, potentially for life and without any prospect of parole. He will be confined in a cell 7 feet by 12 feet, with a moulded concrete bunk; his food will be delivered through a slot in the door; external communication, even with a doctor, will come via a closed-circuit television in his cell. For one hour in each day, he will be able to visit a small dark pit where he can exercise alone. His fellow prisoners (although he will not see them) will be ‘the most severely psychotic people’ the most experienced analyst of the effects of Supermax confinement, Terry Kupers, has seen in 25 years of psychiatric practice, and he will be likely, since the primary cause is isolation, to become one such himself. His solitary confinement can and perhaps will continue for life.
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="171" caption="EU Council - lectures about torture and ill-treatment to third countries, but not to the United States."]EU Council[/caption]Let the TRUTH continue to be told in volumes about REAL life in the United States of America! Let's have is spoken to the European Parilment (which gave away European privacy data today) and to the Commission, the EU Council, which has its own set of standards of "EU Policy toward third countries ON TORTURE AND OTHER CRUEL, INHUMAN OR DEGRADING TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT" (emphasis mine):
Torture and ill-treatment are among the most abhorrent violations of human rights and human dignity. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. No exceptions are permitted under international law. All countries are obligated to comply with the unconditional prohibition of all forms of torture and ill-treatment. Despite the efforts by the international community torture and ill-treatment persist in all parts of the world. Impunity for the perpetrators of torture and ill-treatment continues to prevail in many countries.The EU's objective is to influence third countries to take effective measures against torture and ill-treatment and to ensure that the prohibition against torture and ill-treatment is enforced. In its contacts with third countries, the EU will, when deemed necessary, express the imperative need for all countries to adhere to and comply with the relevant international norms and standards and will consequently emphasise that torture and ill-treatment are forbidden under international law. The EU will make its objectives known as an integral part of its human rights policy and will stress the importance it attaches to the prevention of torture and ill-treatment with a view to its global eradication.
"Blah, blah, exceptions are permitted under international law" ha, ha - except for Washington, that is...but that will change!