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Friday, April 19, 2013

YOU are an Islamophobe if you blame Muslims for Boston bombings.

Muslims are to blame!

Well, the Boston bombers don't appear to be the typical "radicalized Muslim" talked about in "radicalization" discourses and narratives put out by so-called "terrorism experts." The truth is that we see as part of "radicalization models" men who grow beards, women with face veils, manifesting an Islamic identity, being discribed as "being in various stages of radicalization." We see (in Dutch terrorism discourses) Muslims who refrain from pork and alcohol being described as "possibly radicalized." What is crystal clear is that "radicalization" is for Muslims only - "radicalization" is not for the neo-Nazis, the EDL, Geert Wilders and the PVV, and Anders Behring Breivik is also not "radicalized." The Boston bombers are "radicalized" - but they certainly don't look like it!

We can expect more dubious "radicalization" narratives and discourses from the terrorism expert class in the near future.

We need to change terrorism discourses in the Western world. We should not fear any type of elevation of Islamophobia as a result of the Boston bombing. It is now the time to hit back even harder against attempt to blame Islam and Muslims. The bombings were the acts of two men for their own personal motivations, including their own personal religious motivations. Also - I see no blame against Catholics as a whole for the abuse of children in the Catholic church. When I was a Catholic, I felt no guilt or shame for the abusive actions of others in the Church, as I am innocent of abusing children! Catholics are not collectively responsible for priest abuse, only the individual priests who abused children are individually responsible for their own acts.Likewise, Muslims are not responsible for terrorist attacks of others claiming to be Muslims.

I really wish Muslims would stop apologizing for every violent event where murderers kill people for personal religious reasons. As Muslims, you are not guilty for the acts of individuals who claim Islam, and by "apologizing" you imply that you are also guilty, when you have no guilt whatsoever!  These killers in Boston did their murderous deed for their own personal reasons, which may have a religious motivation, and if you are a Muslim, you have NO part in their blame for their deeds.

If you seriously believe that Islam is to blame - you are an Islamophobe. I will propose here that the definition of "Islamophobia" should also include those people who believe that Islam supports terrorism. "Islamophobia" includes those who blame all Muslims for violence by individuals who claim to be Muslims.

What is true is that it is sheer ignorance to blame Muslims and Islam for the bombings in Boston. Muslims are not to blame - only those guys who carried out the bombing are to blame. We have NO collective punishments in the Western world and we do not blame whole religious faiths and ethnic groups for terrorism attacks. The bombings in Boston were not carried out by all 1.5 billion Muslims on Earth, but by only two men for their own reasons and motivations. It is absurd, silly and Islamophobia to blame all Muslims everywhere for the bombings in Boston.

How we combat Islamophobia in America, the Netherlands and the Western world is to change the narratives and discourses, as I have described above. We need to speak out against "radicalization models" that single out only Muslims, as it is discriminatory and bigotry.

 Interesting video:

 Here is a little warning for the Government of the Netherlands: I have been spending about 10 months studying your history, politics, terrorism discourses and narratives - which all lead to policies and practices. What I can say now about Dutch terrorism discourses is that they not only contain anti-Muslim biases, but some appear to draw upon Islamophobic conspiracy theories promoted by Robert Spencer. This also results in counter-terrorism policies that are anti-Muslim biased and it can (and will) be demonstrated to human rights bodies. More on that later - but for those who are familiar with Spencer's "stealth jihad" conspiracy theory - read the English version of the AIVD's From Dawa to Jihad ( ). Being concerned with the daily social, political, and legal activities of Muslims for "jihad" is called a "broad based approach" -lol!

 We can expect the Dutch to exploit the bombings in Boston to further advance official Dutch Islamophobia and further advance attacks on the human rights of Muslims, both living in the Netherlands and in the Western world. The Dutch think they are "advancing counter-terrorism against jihad." What they are actually advancing is Islamophobia dressed up as "counter-radicalization and counter-terrorism," biased against Muslims, and politically protecting Geert Wilders and the PVV.  The will be THE summer of hell raising when it come to Dutch Islamophobia and espocally Dutch terrorism discourses, narratives and policies. This summer the Dutch terrorism efforts will be exposed as that hateful Islamophobia that they really are...It will be fun!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Geert brings Hank and Ingrid to roost in America.

I have always advocated keeping Geert Wilders out of our country. In fact, Wilders should be keep out of all civilized and democratic countries for the sake of internal security. Since about 2009, Wilders has been making frequent trips to the US and Canada for "speaking engagements" , and this includes at the site of the World Trade Center, where on September 11, 2010, Wilders gave yet another Islamophobic hate speech. At this time, the new Dutch government had not been seated from the June election results. At that time also, the "Ground Zero mosque" (called the "Victory Mosque" by Wilders) issue was ignited and Geert Wilders was brought over by Pamela Geller and her hateful associates. Also following Wilders to New York was the Dutch newsmedia and the view of tying this trip and hate speech to a new cabinet and governemnt was repugnant and shameful!

Beating up Muslims in the streets in the Netherlands and America. The far and wide coverage of Wilders' travels and hatespeeches may be causing a spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes in especially the US.

Henk and Ingrid, Mr. and Mrs Dutch (sic), was a creation of Wilders to further his campaign of hate against especially Muslims and Moroccans. This last July, a real life Henk and Ingrid in the town of Almelo beat an elderly Turkish neighbor on the street. Aziz Kara eventually died of his head injuries. The shock of this murder also rippled through the Tweede Kamer (House) election campaign and was one of the factors that thankfully set back Wilders.
Let us hope that the Dutch people can wake up and see that Geert Wilders is not "patriotic" and that this type of speech is unacceptable and dangerous to society.  Wilders is actually anti-Dutch and opposed to his own country's proud history of religious tolerance just as much as Pim Fortuyn was. Like Fortuyn, Wilders promotes and advocates for hate of other Dutch people based on their religious faith, which is contrary to what the Dutch nation actually stands for!

In New York we have  Muslim men almost killed on the street after being asked if they were Muslim. In August 2010, about two weeks before Wilders hatespeech in New York, a cab driver  was viciously slashed and stabbed by a passenger after he was asked if he was Muslim.   On November 24 of this year, a 72-year-old grandfather almost ended up like Aziz Kara, beaten almost to death in the streets of Queens, New York. The men savagely beat this well-liked grandfather after he answered that he was, indeed, a Muslim. This follows the stabbing of another man outside of a Queens mosque on November 19. The victim was called anti-Muslim slurs as he was being punched and stabbed.  Some are willing to act based upon their hate of Muslims, like hate that is promoted by Geert Wilders.

 Rather than be a great shame for the Dutch people, rather than spit on the grave of William of Orange, rather than a sledgehammer to the great nation the Dutch people have built for 450 years - suffered, shed blood and died for - Geert Wilders's "Victory Mosque" hatespeech on September 11, 2010 was viewed as some sort of statement on a new Dutch government in 2010 (especially the second video) by the Dutch newsmedia. This was repugnant and every patriotic Dutchman should have been upset! 


Anti-Muslim "free speech" and spike of anti-Muslim hate crimes.  This situation has been further aggravated by Wilders' acquittal on hate speech charges last year. Hate speech has consequences and one of these consequences is that some people will act on hateful messages partly promoted by Geert Wilders' trips to the US since 2009. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2010 were 50% higher than than the previous year - and the SPLC cites the hate built up around the "Ground Zero mosque" protest, which Geert Wilders as a key speaker at.  As Hansdeep Singh and Simran Jeet Singh at the Daily Beast point out - these attacks have not declined a decade after the 9-11 attacks - but have gone up - and I would contend, especially after 2009, the year that Geert Wilders began most of his trips to North America (emphasis mine):
 For example, from 2005 to 2010, hate crimes motivated by religious bias show a consistent upward trajectory—whereas hate crimes against religious communities constituted 17.1 percent of all bias-based crimes in 2005, that number has reached 20 percent in the most recent report published in 2010. This is the highest rate of hate crimes motivated by religious bias in the 18 years since the FBI started tracking hate crimes nationwide in 1992.

Furthermore, while one might assume that the pattern of anti-Muslim violence would have decreased a decade after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, official statistics show that hate crimes against Muslims are at their highest levels since 2001. The most recent FBI data indicates that in a one-year period, from 2009 to 2010, there was a staggering 42 percent increase in hate crimes against Muslims in this country.
Here's what we should do: Send the 72 year-old grandfather's medical bills (and the medical bills of other hate crime victims) to the Dutch government. In the future, send the Dutch government your medical bills, property damage bills and other expenses that are probably a result of allowing Geert Wilders to travel about teaching people to hate Muslims in North America. The spike in hate crimes against Muslims appears to coincide with both the "Victory Mosque" hate campaign and Geert Wilders' own travels to North America. This problem was created in the Netherlands long before the September 11, 2001 attacks (Rotterdam, 1991), fueled today by the anti-Muslim counter-terrorism industry - and somewhere along the line a message needs to be sent to the Dutch governemnt that it is their responsibility to clean up this mess!  Take this hateful poison back to Rotterdam - where it came from!

Crossposted from Burning Tulips: Have Henk and Ingrid moved to New York?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Arabic Music on a Spanish Airbus

Arabic music on a Spanish Airbus airliner - another case of Islamophobic insanity in Dutch security. Well a couple of days ago, the crew of a Spanish Airbus bound for Amsterdam were slow to respond to the control tower. When the crew did respond - there was the frightening sound of Arabic music in the background. Well - the goofy Dutch sent up F16 fighter jets to escort the Spanish Airbus to the ground.

The past Islamophobic insanity of Dutch intelligence and security apparatus. As I have demonstrated here on this blog [ see below ] Dutch intelligence and security(AIVD and NCTb) in the area of "counter-terrorism" is actually about the maintenance of the myth of "jihad in the Netherlands, with much of this myth built on the murder of Theo van Gogh.  The other task of the Dutch apparatchiks is to help facilitate social control of Muslims and Left-leaning groups that especially support asylum seekers.  After all, de kogel kwam bij de linkerkant (the bullet came form the left), as the political Left is responsible for the murder of "Pim," just as  Moroccan-Muslim community is responsible for the murder of "Theo."

But - another major use of the Dutch apparatchiks, the Dutch Ghostbusters, is to keep the Dutch people scared - so they learn to forget their great national traditions of religious tolerance and peaceful, pillarized pluralism. According to the new and deviant national myths being forced upon the Dutch people - tolerance is culpable for the murders of these "Dutch heroes."

Last May we had the out pouring of sympathy from the Dutch people (those that still understand what being Dutch is really about) for the plight of Somali and other asylum seekers across the Netherlands. This out pouring of sympathy was quickly followed by a story that a BBC journalist in Somalia had met with an al-Shabaab fighter and this fighter told the BBC that "there were terror cells in Western countries, including the Netherlands." This latest episode of Arabic music on a Spanish Airbus airliner causing a "security crisis" can be viewed as yet another on of these false flags- perhaps intended to promote fear and prop up Islamophobia in the Netherlands.

We can see where the Dutch get their fantasies of "jihadist terrorism" - and the whole of the Dutch intelligence and security apparatchik engages in this perverted form of Islamophobia. Discourse analysis is a useful means and method of examining the Islamophobic insanity behind Dutch intelligence and security. Despite the lack of evidence of  "jihad networks" and "international al-Qeada terrorist networks" - those that want to frighten and engage in spread Islamophobia in Dutch society continue to put up these false flags "terrorist threats in the Netherlands" - but with no real proof that there is a real terrorist threat.

Among other very important Islamophobic things - it is highly suspected that the Dutch security apparatchiks use the biased and discredited NYPD "radicalization model."  We can certainly suspect that there is a "Mohammed Bouyeri" profile used to sift the Moroccan community for intelligent, and faithful Muslim boys that do well in school - never mind that such young men can contribute to Dutch society.

The maintenance of fear in the Dutch people is also purpose of the activities of Dutch security apparatchiks. Pim Fortuyn was an expert at keeping the Dutch people scared. It was his stock and trade to scare the Dutch people away from the pride of their national identity.

Again - there is a high prospect that the murder of Theo van Gogh was just a murder by a street gang member - not an actually terrorist attack by "an al-Qeada network." We see from this latest episode the kind of mileage that turning the murder of "Theo" into a "terrorist attack in Amsterdam" gets...more of the same fear creation ...

Remember this: There is NO evidence that there is an organized and wide spread effort for "jihad in the Netherlands" except in the minds of Dutch security apparatchiks - the Ghostbusters of the Netherlands.

We can also expect more of this type of phony Islamophobic "jihad in the Netherlands" threat as the September 12 elections loom -m it is an effort to keep fear in the minds of the Dutch people and prop up Islamophobic discourses.

Arabische muziek op een Spaanse Airbus - Het bewijs dat Nederlandse veiligheid volkomen krankzinnig is!

De Nederlandse Ghostbusters buste Arabisch "moslim" muziek op een Spaanse Airbus! Ja - misschien is het een jihad spook!- ja - de Nederlandse veiligheid zijn krankzinnig islamofoben! Wel een paar dagen geleden, de bemanning van een Spaanse Airbus op weg naar Amsterdam waren traag om te reageren op de verkeerstoren. Toen de bemanning reageerde - was er het angstaanjagende geluid van Arabische muziek op de achtergrond. Nou - de goofy Nederlandse stuurde F16 straaljagers aan de Spaanse Airbus begeleiden naar de grond.

De afgelopen islamofobe waanzin van Nederlandse inlichtingen-en veiligheidsapparaat. Zoals ik hier laten zien op deze blog [zie hieronder] Nederlandse inlichtingen-en veiligheidsdiensten (AIVD en NCTb) op het gebied van "terrorismebestrijding" is eigenlijk over het onderhoud van de mythe van de "jihad in Nederland," en met deze mythe gebouwd op de moord op Theo van Gogh. De andere taak van de Nederlandse apparatsjiks is om sociale controle van moslims en linkse groepen  te ondersteunen asielzoekers te vergemakkelijken. Immers, "de kogel kwam bij de linkerkant," als de politieke linkse is verantwoordelijk voor de moord op "Pim", en de Marokkaanse moslimgemeenschap is verantwoordelijk voor de moord op "Theo."

Maar - een andere belangrijke toepassing van de Nederlandse apparatsjiks, de Nederlandse Ghostbusters, is om het Nederlandse volk bang houden- zodat ze leren om hun grote nationale tradities van religieuze tolerantie en vreedzaam, verzuilde pluralisme vergeten. Volgens de nieuwe en afwijkende nationale mythen wordt opgedrongen het Nederlandse volk - tolerantie is schuldig aan de moord op deze 'Nederlandse helden. "

Afgelopen mei hadden we de uitstorting van sympathie van het Nederlandse volk (die nog te begrijpen wat het betekent om Nederlands echt om gaat) voor de benarde situatie van Somalische en andere asielzoekers in heel Nederland. Deze uitstorting van sympathie werd snel gevolgd door een verhaal dat een BBC-journalist in Somalië had ontmoet met een al-Shabaab vechter en deze vechter vertelde de BBC dat "er terreurcellen in de westerse landen, waaronder Nederland." Deze laatste aflevering van Arabische muziek op een Spaans Airbus vliegtuig veroorzaken van een "security crisis" kan worden gezien als weer een andere een van deze valse vlaggen, misschien bedoeld om angst te bevorderen en tot steun islamofobie in Nederland.

We kunnen zien waar de Nederlanders krijgen hun fantasieën over "jihadistisch terrorisme" - en het geheel van de Nederlandse inlichtingen-en veiligheidsdiensten apparatsjik houdt zich bezig met deze perverse vorm van islamofobie. Discoursanalyse is een nuttig middel en de methode van onderzoek van de islamofobe waanzin achter Nederlandse inlichtingen-en veiligheidsdiensten. Ondanks het gebrek aan bewijs van 'jihad-netwerken "en" internationale al-Qeada terroristische netwerken "- degenen die willen bang maken en in verspreiding islamofobie nemen aan de Nederlandse samenleving verder op te zetten deze valse vlaggen" terroristische dreigingen in Nederland "- maar met geen echt bewijs dat er sprake is van een terroristische dreiging.

Onder andere zeer belangrijke islamofobe dingen - is het sterk vermoeden dat de Nederlandse veiligheid apparatsjiks de bevooroordeelde en in diskrediet NYPD gebruikt "radicalisering model." We kunnen zeker vermoeden dat er sprake is van een "Mohammed Bouyeri" profiel wordt gebruikt om de Marokkaanse gemeenschap te ziften voor intelligente en trouwe moslim jongens die het goed doen op school - never mind dat zulke jonge mannen kan bijdragen aan de Nederlandse samenleving.

Het onderhoud van angst in de Nederlandse bevolking is ook het doel van de activiteiten van het Nederlandse veiligheidsbeleid apparatsjiks. Pim Fortuyn was een expert op het houden van het Nederlandse volk bang. Het was zijn voorraad en de handel aan het Nederlandse volk weg te jagen van de trots van hun nationale identiteit.

Alweer - is er een grote kans dat de moord op Theo van Gogh was gewoon een moord door een straat bendelid - ". Een al-Qeada netwerk" geen daadwerkelijk terroristische aanslag door We zien uit deze laatste aflevering van het soort kilometers dat het draaien van de moord op "Theo" in een "terroristische aanslag in Amsterdam" krijgt ... meer van hetzelfde angst creatie ...

Onthoud dit: Er is geen bewijs dat er sprake is van een georganiseerde en breed verspreid inspanning voor "jihad in Nederland", behalve in de hoofden van de Nederlandse veiligheid apparatsjiks - de Ghostbusters van Nederland.

We kunnen ook meer verwachten van dit soort nep-islamofobe 'jihad in Nederland' dreiging als van 12 september verkiezingen loom-m is het een poging om angst te houden in de hoofden van de Nederlandse bevolking en het faillissement van islamofobe discours.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Free Speech in the Netherlands - PVV style!

Yes - censorship in the Netherlands is alive and well, and Geert Wilders played a part in this censorship. One would think by the news media and the Islamophobic cottage industry  blogophere that there is full freedom of speech in the Netherlands after Geert Wilders, the "champion of free speech" was acquitted for "hate speech."  You now think that Wilders acquittal means that the Netherlands has full freedom of speech for everyone. In the last post, I wrote about a statement put out by the Dutch government's English website that stated "enjoys freedom of expression and attaches great value to it."

Vrijheid van meningsuiting in Nederland - Ja - censuur in Nederland is levend en wel en Geert Wilders een rol gespeeld in deze censuur. Men zou denken dat door de media en de islamofobe huisnijverheid blogophere dat er volledige vrijheid van meningsuiting in Nederland na Geert Wilders, de 'kampioen van de vrije meningsuiting "was vrijgesproken voor' haatspreekt. 'Je hebt nu denkt dat Wilders vrijspraak betekent dat Nederland volledige vrijheid van meningsuiting voor iedereen. In de laatste post, schreef ik over een verklaring gezet door het Engels de Nederlandse overheid de website van het gestelde "geniet van de vrijheid van meningsuiting en hecht veel waarde aan."

Well, the truth is that "free speech in the Netherlands" is not extended to those who are critical of the PVV and Geert Wilders. "Freedom of speech" is not extended to those, especially on the Left, who cross Wilders or his PVV "political party." While taking a glance at the more than 300 English articles related to the Netherlands on Islamophobia Today's archives, I came across recent examples where speech and expression were squashed by on command of either Wilders himself or the PVV or Dutch governmental entities under pressure from "PVV partners" (sic).

Wel, de waarheid is dat "vrije meningsuiting van Nederland" is niet uitgebreid tot degenen die kritiek van de PVV en Geert Wilders. "Vrijheid van meningsuiting 'is niet uitgebreid tot deze, in het bijzonder op de linkeroever, die kruis Wilders of zijn PVV" politieke partij. "Terwijl het nemen van een blik op de meer dan 300 Engels artikelen gerelateerd aan Nederland op islamofobie van vandaag archieven, stuitte ik op recente voorbeelden waar meningsuiting werden verpletterd door op commando van een van beide Wilders zichzelf of de PVV of de Nederlandse overheidsinstanties onder druk van de "PVV partners" (sic).

This from the man who calls for the holy book of some 1.5 billion people to be banned! As a free-speech champion, Wilders takes the gold medal for hypocrisy. Not only does he want the burka and the Koran to be banned, but at a speech delivered in the House of Lords in London last year, he said that throughout the West, we should forbid the construction of any new mosques.

Dat van de man die vraagt ​​om het heilige boek van ongeveer 1,5 miljard mensen worden verboden! Als een free-speech kampioen, Wilders neemt de gouden medaille voor hypocrisie. Niet alleen wil hij de boerka en de Koran te verbieden, maar bij een toespraak in het House of Lords in Londen vorig jaar, zei hij dat het hele Westen, moeten we de bouw van een nieuwe moskeeën verbieden.

And it's not just Muslims he wants to gag; it's also his own critics. Under pressure from Wilders' Freedom Party, a distinguished cultural historian and commentator, Thomas von der Dunk, was recently disinvited from giving a lecture in honor of a Dutch anti-Nazi resistance hero, after it became known that he proposed to compare the Freedom Party's portrayal of Muslims to "the way in which Jews were smeared in the 1930s." A punk song referring to Wilders as the "Mussolini of the Low Countries" was banned from a festival celebrating the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazism. A left-wing broadcaster took down from its website a cartoon showing Wilders as a concentration camp guard after what it described as threats to its staff [Timothy Garton Ash - LA Times, 12 May 2011].

En het is niet alleen moslims wil hij de mond te snoeren, het is ook zijn eigen critici. Onder druk van Wilders 'Partij voor de Vrijheid, een vooraanstaand cultureel historicus en commentator, Thomas von der Dunk, werd onlangs disinvited van het geven van een lezing ter ere van een Nederlandse anti-nazi-verzetsheld, nadat bekend werd dat hij voorstelde om de Partij voor de Vrijheid is te vergelijken uitbeelding van de moslims om "de manier waarop de Joden werden uitgesmeerd in de jaren 1930." Een punk nummer verwijst naar Wilders als "Mussolini van de Lage Landen" werd verbannen uit een festival viert de bevrijding van Nederland van het nazisme. Een linkse omroep nam af van haar website een cartoon waarop Wilders als een concentratie kamp wacht na wat hij beschreef als een bedreiging voor haar personeel [ Timothy Garton Ash - LA Times, 12 mei 2011 ].

Removed Dutch cartoon of Wilders as Nazi guard.

  • Removal of anti-Wilders cartoon. While the Islamophobic blogophere talks about the Danish cartoon and "free speech," the removal of an "anti-Wilders" cartoon has caused NO alarm among these same "free speech advocates."  However, this year a cartoon was removed from the website after "threats to staff."  The cartoon (pictured above) as a Nazi guard was drawn by Adriaan Soeterbroek and intended to mock the PVV's call to create "hooligan villages" [Dutch broadcaster removes anti-Wilders cartoon after threats to staff - Anti-Wilders Nazi cartoon removed, RNW -

  • Verwijdering van anti-Wilders cartoon. Terwijl de islamofobe blogophere vertelt over de Deense cartoon en de "vrijheid van meningsuiting," het verwijderen van een "anti-Wilders" cartoon heeft veroorzaakt geen alarm onder deze zelfde "vrijheid van meningsuiting voor staat." Echter, dit jaar een cartoon werd verwijderd van de website na "bedreigingen aan het personeel." De cartoon (hierboven afgebeeld) als een nazi-bewaker werd getekend door Adriaan Soeterbroek en bedoeld om de PVV de oproep spotten te creëren "hooligan dorpen" [ Nederlandse omroep verwijdert anti-Wilders cartoon na bedreigingen aan het personeel - Anti-Wilders verwijderd nazi-cartoon, RNW -

  • Banning of Mussolini van de Lage Landen song. The punk band  Jos en Tosti's was told not to play this song at the May 5 (2011) Liberation Day Festival. The chorus is aimed at Wilders and from the looks of one Dutch article, there was the claim that the lyrics were threatening. NOTE Readers, that this is not the first time Wilders has claimed that someone else's speech is "threatening" ( Freedom of speech: back to the 1930s?, Punkband Jos & de Tosti's - Laf & Schijterig - Geen 'Mussolini van de Lage Landen'- Netherlands: freedom of expression suppressed in deference to Wilders - Freedom of Speech at Liberation Day Festival] Last year, a local election website  had the banner [STOP WILDERS] and Wilders took the owners to court claiming that the site and banner "was threatening to him." It appears that Wilders is still taking to claiming his victimhood,  to be a "victim of threats." Claiming victimhood is one of the things that got Wilders acquitted of hate charges. This little known band is quite good, (as a former punks rocker-hairdresser in the 1980s I know good music) and their music will appear on this site and far and wide.
  • Verbieden van Mussolini van de Lage Landen lied. De punk band Jos en Tosti's werd verteld niet om dit nummer te spelen bij de 5 mei (2011) Bevrijdingsdag Festival. Het refrein is gericht op Wilders en van het uiterlijk van een Nederlands artikel, was er de bewering dat de teksten waren bedreigend. NB Lezers, dat dit niet de eerste keer dat Wilders heeft beweerd dat iemand anders de toespraak is 'bedreigend' ( Freedom of speech: back to the 1930s? , Punkband Jos & de Tosti's – Laf & SchijterigGeen 'Mussolini van de Lage Landen' - Netherlands: freedom of expression suppressed in deference to WildersFreedom of Speech at Liberation Day Festival ]  Vorig jaar, een lokale verkiezingen website had de banier [STOP WILDERS] en Wilders de eigenaren nam de rechtbank het betoog dat de site en banier "dreigde naar hem toe. "Het lijkt erop dat Wilders nog neemt om te beweren zijn slachtofferschap, om een" slachtoffer van bedreigingen. "Beweren slachtofferschap is een van de dingen die Wilders vrijgesproken van haat tegen kreeg. Deze weinig bekende band is heel goed, (zoals een vroegere punks rocker-kapper in de jaren 1980 weet ik goede muziek), en hun muziek zal verschijnen op deze site en heinde en verre.

Bookmark this page - and use it everytime some ignorant and less educated crackpot supporter of Geert Wilders claims he is some "champion of free speech." Wilders and his PVV "political party" - by their censorship of critics - are living to their fascist ancestors, the German Nazis. Geert Wilders wins the Gold Medal for Hypocrisy.

Bookmark deze pagina - en gebruik het elke keer een aantal onwetende en minder opgeleide bizarre aanhanger van Geert Wilders beweert dat hij is wat Wilders en zijn PVV "politieke partij" "kampioen van de vrije meningsuiting." - Door hun censuur van critici - zijn leven om hun fascistische voorouders , de Duitse nazi's. Geert Wilders wint de Gouden Medaille voor Hypocrisy.

"Mussolini van de Lage Landen.

Van mij mogen ze jouwe uitspraken ook verbranden,

Als jij nou een snor en een scheiding nam,

Dan zou ik jou ook kunnen vergelijken met Mein Kampf."

"Listen to music banned by the PVV!"

Mussolini of the Low Countries/

I think they should burn your sayings too/

If you had a moustache and a parting/

I could compare you with Mein Kampf too.


Hooray for Freedom of Speech!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Questioning Dutch and American uses of Muslim "Radicalization"

Given the variety of personal, political, social, economic and ideological factors that play into the radicalization process—targeting Islam as the engine driving radicalization is simply not justified on the basis of current research. It is obvious that exposure to ideologies that portray violence as “jihad” can be part of the radicalization process. Given the small number of domestic attacks, it is equally obvious that not everybody who is exposed to this type of ideology becomes a terrorist, so allocating intelligence and law enforcement resources on this basis is irrational. More insidious is the idea that religiosity is somehow indicative of radicalization, which in turn will lead to violence. This discredited notion implicitly supports government monitoring of religious spaces even where there is no other indication of a link to terrorism, and it contravenes our long-standing abhorrence of government intrusion into people’s exercise of their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, association, and religion - Faiza Patel, 2011, "Rethinking Radicalization," Brennan Center for Justice

The label of "radicalization" and its dubious uses -American and Dutch. There was an interesting opinion related to the McCarthy-style, King hearings on so-called "American Muslim radicalization" put up by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that is worthy of deep and thoughtful consideration.  The opinion is that "radicalization" is myth and is manifested in "discriminatory attitudes and prejudiced policies" against Muslims (or Dutch imported Islamophobia) popping up around America.

What I will discuss below are some of the first findings related to a research project related to counter-terrorism practices and policies in the Netherlands -  which also relates to how the label "radicalization" is conceptualized and operationalized in the US.   The ACLU's critical view closely mirrors some of the concerns I have with the label "radicalization" in Dutch counter-terrorism contexts (from the ACLU's The Myth of "Radicalization" - Q&A: The Myth of "Radicalization" - ACLU Submits Testimony For Rep. King’s “Radicalization” Hearing) DHS Should Focus on Criminal Activity, Not Beliefs:
As the ACLU has explained before, the government's focus on American Muslim "radicalization" is based on a 2007 New York Police Department report that has been roundly and rightly criticized. The report claims, among other things, that growing a beard, wearing "traditional Islamic" clothing, performing daily Islamic prayers, or getting involved in activism on social or community issues are "signatures" that a person is heading down a path toward violent, terrorist action.

Yet, thousands of people grow beards, perform daily prayers, become active on social or community issues, or wear traditional Islamic clothing without ever taking a single step towards violent behavior. And the NYPD Report has been debunked for its methodological flaws, assumptions and biases.

Investigating individuals and groups simply because of their "extreme" or "radical" religious or political beliefs, or what their appearance suggests about their beliefs doesn't make anyone safer — whether those beliefs are to oppose abortion or immigration or to show adherence to the faith of Islam.

Instead, law enforcement and intelligence resources must be directed toward violent and criminal behavior. That way, our government works to preserve both our security and our liberty — just as it should.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch intelligence agency (AIVD), especially, has already done just that, just as the NYPD's report above, that is, define devout Islamic believers as "radicalized" and "potential terrorists." Along with devout Islamic beliefs there are tow other ways to "detect" and define a "Muslim" as "radicalized." One is the holding of viewpoints that are critical of Dutch society, Western society, Middle East peace process...and so on. Another sure sign of "radicalization" according to the Dutch, are the anger, frustrations, hostility and what we call in criminology "strain frustration" brought on by discrimination, social exclusion and societal hostilities.  Having these feeling is a sure sign that you are "radicalized!" From the AIVD's document on so-called "Islamic radicalization" you can see what I mean :
Contemporary radical Islam does not express itself only through violence, however,although that is sometimes very much the impression one might gain. In the Netherlands, as in several neighbouring European countries, there currently exists a variety of movements actively seeking the imposition of strict Islamic law and tenets. And they, for all sorts of reasons, are experiencing growth. These movements have their origins in the Islamic world, operate according to a strongly religious agenda, are outspokenly hostile to the values of Western democracy in a whole range of respects and reject the idea of integration into a society built upon those values. In no way, however, do they propound the use of violence in order to achieve their objectives. Their message does very much seem to strike a chord with groups of young Muslims in the Netherlands and other parts of Western Europe, who are currently struggling with issues of identity. Consequently, a train has been set in motion which – given the growth these movements currently are enjoying – might eventually lead to a growing section of the Dutch or European Muslim communities turning away, physically as well as mentally, from their surrounding societies. There is no threat of violence here, nor of an imminent assault upon the Dutch or Western democratic order, but this is a slow process which could gradually harm social cohesion and solidarity and undermine certain fundamental human rights. In this respect, one could refer to such phenomena as a tendency towards extreme isolationism coupled with rigid intolerance towards other beliefs and opinions, anti-democratic behaviour and in some cases even a desire to impose a separate form of justice, with ultra-orthodox Islamic laws taking precedence over Dutch or Western law. [The AIVD observes a new phase in the development of Islamic radicalism October 2007]

Besides sounding openly paranoid, there is little evidence of violence or threat in anyplace in the above passage. First off, what stands out is that the passage states - three times - that the "Islamic neoradicalization" is of a non-violent nature. I have spent about a month solid looking for hard evidence of the presence of "jihad in the Netherlands" for my current project, but evidence of "jihad in the Netherlands" appears to not exist. Second,  there are three basic elements in the Dutch definition of "radicalization" in this passage that we need to be concerned with:

  1. Devout and missionary beliefs in Islam, including the spread of Islam through non-violent means, is "radicalization" and "threatening."

  2. Youth suffering from discrimination and social exclusion, which lead to identity crisis, are "radicalized" and "threatening."

  3. "Anti-Western" and "anti-Dutch" opinions and viewpoints are signs of "radicalization" and "threatening."

Now - beliefs and opinions have never killed anyone or caused property damage. Holding the above beliefs are NOT remotely terrorism, or the threat of terrorism, and NOT criminal, just as holding communist beliefs is also not "criminal."  In Western democratic societies, people have the RIGHT to believe that Islamic beliefs and faith should be spread, every bit as much as Christians that want to spread their faith. It is a very established in the field of criminology that youth from underclass and low socioeconomic backgrounds often have identity problems. Dutch Muslims, as well as other Muslim groups, are often discriminated against and social excluded and, well, are not happy about the situation - but to describe this is "radicalization" is outrageous!

What being labeled "radicalized" can mean in the Netherlands. To see how far the Netherlands has slipped into this anti-democratic,anti-freedom in the name of "counter-terrorism,"  if you are found to be "radicalized" from the above criteria, you can be subjected to what is called Personal Disruption Measures (Persoonsgericht verstoren), which means your bank accounts are frozen and you endure police harassment night and day. I have a case of an Amsterdam woman who endured police harassment night and day because she converted from Christian to Muslim, and followed strict Islamic beliefs. When she won her case against the City of Amsterdam that judge chided police stating that her devout Islamic beliefs are no ground for this kind of harassment. Good for her!!!

In a nutshell - the real purposes of Dutch counter-terrorism are to inflate claims of "radicalization" and bring about social control of Muslims...

Terrorism that's not terrorism because the attackers were NOT Muslims! The Theo van Gogh murder has been milked by the Dutch to set up all kinds of dubious counter-terrorism policies and practices that seek to criminalize religious beliefs, opinions and human emotions expressed by Dutch Muslims. I have more to say in the research project, but part of the critical view is that the Theo van Gogh murder was NOT terrorism, but just a horrible murder.

Speaking of the Theo van Gogh murder (a horrible act of murder, NOT terrorism), did you know that the horrible mass attack on a shopping mall in Alphen aan den Rijn with (7 killed, 16 wounded by ethnic Dutchman and PVV voter, Tristan van der Vlis) a few months ago is not "terrorism" like the Theo van Gogh "terrorist attack" was...also not terrorism was the 2009 Queen's Birthday attack in Apeldoorn (by ethnic Dutchman Karst Tates with 8 dead and 10 injured)? Now - what is the BIG question here is:
What if either Karst Tates or Tristan van der Vlis was a Muslim...?!

Hummmmmm... a terrorist attack, then?

Why...evidence of "jihad in the Netherlands!"

Now, how did Karst Tates or Tristan van der Vlis get so "radicalized?!"

Tristen van der Vlis was also a PVV voter, and therefore was definitively NOT a terrorist, because he could not be a Muslim?!

[caption id="attachment_2105" align="aligncenter" width="252" caption="Tristan van der Vlis: Not Muslim, therefore not a terrorist, BUT A PVV VOTER!"][/caption]

It would make for very interesting answers from Dutch security authorities...