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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The actions of against ethnic Russians in East Ukraine will stain the European Union forever!

As I mentioned in the last post, one can tell that the anti-Russian twisting of Europe's arms is being dome from Washington. One can tell this through the European Union's current conduct toward Russia, which is conduct that cannot be described as keeping within the spirit of the European project. Sanctions, attacking banks, and stark divisions are not the European way, these are the American way. The European way is also reconciliation, not belligerency,  and the Europeanization of relationship involves peaceful and friendly working relationships. With Russia, this meant working in areas that Russia agreed to work in, such as border security, and since last year some European institutions have been calling for visa free travel for Russians. As demonstrated in the essay, Coal, Steel and Reconciliation, the European way of doing things is dialog and diplomacy to reach reconciliation between actors.

In the crisis over Ukraine, the European way is now absent from the European Union's actions and policies. Dialog has now been replaced by silence and indifference, especially for the rights and safety of ethnic Russians. Diplomacy has been replaced by EU efforts to attack Russian interests and attempts at isolating Russia. Reconciliation has been replaced with sanctions (although laughable) and that now includes excluding Russia from the human rights body of the Council of Europe (CoE) and its Parliamentary Assembly, called PACE.This is a sign of two things. The first if that the American hegemony has taken over the decisions of the European Union. The second is that European leaders, like Catherine Ashton, are once again placing American interests over European interests.

What is very grave about this is that this exclusion from the CoE tells us that Europe does not care about any human rights atrocities that will probably occur as the regime in Kiev and Right Sector neo-Nazis take actions in East Ukraine against ethnic Russians -- and there are now reports unarmed protestors are being shot dead.

The problem in Ukraine is the American installed regime in Kiev, not Russia. If gross human rights violations are dealt against ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine by Right Sector, neo-Nazis, not only will Russia be viewed as right and justified for its "invasion" of the Crimea, but the actions of the European Union against Russia will be a stain the European Union. The EU will eventually have to admit that it was wrong on Ukraine as the bodies of victims are unearthed, but we will not hear about how EU leaders once against mindlessly following American interests no matter how much it hurts now and in the future.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Answering EUobserver's "unbiased view" on Serbia: Jeton Zulfaj's "EU must open its eyes to Balkan realities"

Article used here is from EUobserver, by Jeton Zulfaj, EU must open its eyes to Balkan realities.

It has been the view of this author that Serbia has gotten a very bad shake from the European Union, and that includes the 2008 "Kosovo independence" debacle, which was pushed by the United States. The truth is, as I discuss on pages 37-38 of  The EU’s Europeanization as a Security Policy , EU officials were against "Kosovo independence" from the start.  The US-pushed "Kosovo independence" not only almost cost time and efforts working with Serbia, it dramatically demonstrated how much the Americans maintain hegemony over European affairs and tamper with European affairs almost at will well over 2 decades after the fall of Soviet communism. One of the dubious (anti-Serb) excuses for "Kosovo independence" was "not wanting to be ruled by Belgrade anymore," as if Slobodan Milosevic was still President of Yugoslavia.

In the article above, written by a Kosovo Albanian grad student, Jeton Zulfaj,  contains a number of things that are biased and lack understanding of the EU's mode of Europeanization toward Serbia. The use of Europeanization is a stabilizing mode of relationships that the EU enters with various countries, and not just with those nations with a conflict history that are now looking for EU membership, like Serbia. (On pages 11-12 of my thesis paper I offer several definitions for Europeanization from several authors.)

First, we have Zulfaj's apparent thesis question: How realistic is the EU belief that Balkan countries are moving down the path to becoming stable, liberal democracies?

Be patient with Europe! The EU "does not seem to understand the urgency of the situation" because Europeanization is a process that is about relationships, relationships that take time and can have setbacks. The relationship with Russia has been one where Russia has been selective in the areas of cooperation and in the depth of cooperation with the European Union.  These relationships move at various speeds and need patience and persistence, and they DO work in time, as changing national identities can take a l-o-n-g time to accomplish. Even though Russia has stated that it has no intentions to join the EU, various relationships in various areas at various levels have improved, slowly, Russia's progress as a democratic society.  The long patient work of the EU can have setbacks - but it works in the long term - and the EU has received a lot of rewards for the efforts. The first misunderstanding of of the whole idea of "Europe" comes here :
On his death in 1898, Otto Von Bismarck is quoted to have said that "If there is ever another war in Europe, it will come out of some damned silly thing in the Balkans."

He was right. A decade or so after his death a silly thing in the Balkans was followed by World War I. Today, after a century of wars and conflicts, the Balkans are still far from political stability, but these days the instability is more likely to hurt the Balkan countries themselves than to provoke a wider conflict.

The EU does not seem to understand the urgency of the situation, even though it has hundreds of diplomats and officials posted to the region.

Zulfaj does not tell us why the situation is urgent and does not give us direct examples. The fact of EU membership and accession is that to "join the club" you have to play by the EU's rules - and only the EU's rules. If you are going to argue against EU membership for a candidate state, like Serbia, you should and must do it from the perspective of acquis communautaire, or not adapting it in full.

Also -- this type of notion feeds into the notion of victimization held by various Balkan peoples, especially the Serbs toward the Ottoman Empire, the Croat Ustashas and the NATO Alliance.  Zulfaj shows this victimization notion of his own through out his essay in the form of finger-pointing, a common mode of blame used by all Balkan peoples against each other, toward the Serbian people as a whole and their new president, Tomislav Nikoli.  The whole idea of the European Coal and Steel Community was to put conflicts behind and and work together, not just to decide what to do about the Saar region after WWII. Putting and end to the centuries of finger-pointing might take time to do in the Balkans, as is has for the rest of Europe.

The EU promised that Serbia's membership would not be tied to Kosovo's status! From the start of the US-forced "Kosovo independence"  in 2008, the EU has maintained that the status of Kosovo is not a part of Serbia's EU membership.  Among some of Zulfaj's recommendations, we have this highly counterproductive one:
... it should recognize Kosovo's independence and openly tell Serbia that unless it recognizes Kosovo it will not get into the Union.

NO - for the sake of peace - NO! EU officials promised that "Kosovo recognition" is NOT a condition for Serbia's membership and maintaining this promise is important to beat back the nationalists that Zulfaj is so concerned about. It would be absolutely counterproductive and open old wounds to force Serbia to recognize "Kosovo."   In fact, if the EU were to force "Kosovo recognition" on Serbia -- it would make the nationalists stronger and even more radical. Being a "liberal democracy" has nothing to do with the "status of Kosovo" and Zulfaj suggests that those other EU Member States that have not "recognized Kosovo" (Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) be called out for it - but they are sovereign states too, and have the right to NOT recognize other "nations" as "states" in the international system.
In Serbia, the clear shift toward nationalism shown in Sunday's elections is a wake-up call that people still think borders can be redrawn on ethnic lines. It shows that the spirit of the "butcher of the Balkans" - the late Slobodan Milosevic - is alive and kicking and that Russian influence in the region is as strong as ever.

This is such a silly accusation! Allow me to remind the readers there has been a clear shift toward nationalisms, of one type or another, across Europe and Serbia is not an exception.  In fact, a finding of my thesis study was that EU neglect of Serbia causes a rise in nationalism. The EU has been dozing and not fully awake to the rise of the radical right across Europe, but time will only tell if Tomislav Nikoli's positions present a serious setback for Serbia as an EU Member State.  He probably will not be the new Milosevic.  As I have argued in past posts - the EU should have helped maintain the national identities of Member States, as well as candidate nations, that have pro-Europe orientations and helps avoid anti-democratic nationalisms.

Another thing that should also stop is connecting Serbia's relationship with its relationship to Russia. This is Cold War thinking and has no place in modern Europe. Serbia should not be put into the "the EU or Russia" dilemma,  but should have relations with Russia and the EU - and there is NO need for Serbia to chose, but engage in both relationships.

Now- I do realize that some at EUobserver, with its anti-Serb bias, are probably not happy with the idea of Serbia in the European Union, but Serbia has worked long and hard for EU membership and overcome some rather large and often unfair obstacles to get its accession treaty.  However, Zulfaj many have realized that "Kosovo independence" means that it will be quite a long time before Kosovo - especially as an "independent nation" - will see EU membership. Kosovo would have been better off remaining with Serbia, as it would now be a part of the European Union.  This is why "independence" for Kosovo was such a horrible idea in the first place and one the Kosovars will eventually regret.

In my world, Kosovo would be in the European Union as soon as Serbia's accession treaty enters into force.


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Works from this Author:

Kosovo needs Serbia

Europeanization for the Common Man. How to see the EU in an International Crisis: “Much to do about a statement” -

Coal, Steel and Reconciliation: The Development of the European Community and Union

The EU’s Europeanization as a Security Policy - The author’s Master’s Capstone paper that is a study of the process of Europeanization with two nations the EU is associated with: Serbia and Russia. ABSTRACT: The purpose of this research is to discover and explain the security aspects of the European Union’s relationships in the post-Cold War world. This study uses variations of social constructivist-based theory to explain Europeanization. Europeanization is a socialization process connected to European Union membership and association. This study uses an applied method developed by Roy Ginsberg that measures the relationship of a target actor to the European Union during an international crisis. It has been found that close association and membership aspirations enhance security and stability in the European Union’s relationships with target actors thereby bringing about quick resolutions to international crisis. The European Union is an effective security actor and Europeanization is an effective security policy tool.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

'Koran in elk huis' als een bedreiging van de veiligheid naar Duitsland

Religieuze en politieke activiteit door moslims als een ‘veiligheidsprobleem.” De anti-islamitische vooroordelen onder de Europese en Amerikaansepolitie-en veiligheidsdiensten uit zich in wat wordt gezien als een bedreigingen wat is als geen bedreiging. Wanneer een moslim gruwelijke misdadenpleegt, is dit ”terrorisme” en “lone wolf jihad,” maar als een niet-moslimsoortgelijke gruwelijke misdaden begaat, de verklaringen liggen inkrankzinnigheid of een “woede probleem.” Van Duitsland hebben we nu hethebben laatste voorbeeld van hoe de religieuze en politieke activiteiten van de moslims een “security probleem.” Gezien het feit dat religieuze enpolitieke activiteit van moslims nu zijn een deel van vertekende “radicalisering modellen” is het niet moeilijk om te zien waarom een salafistische moslim prediker is nu een bedreiging voor de Duitse nationale veiligheid vanwege zijn “Koran in elk huis” campagne “Nee - niet een of ander pleidooi van”. jihad ”die salafisten vaak worden beschuldigd van (er zijn verschillende types van salafisten, je weet wel) - nee – maar eencampagne om pass out 25 miljoen Duitse taal korans.

Wat is ongelooflijk is hoe de ”christen-democraten” in Duitsland hebben”geslagen” Deze campagne, waaronder een aantal ”christen-democraten” in eigen christelijke Angela Merkel Democratische Unie, en hebben opgeroepen deze campagne een ‘daad van agressie. ”Terwijl de Duitse regering dat er niets illegaals aan het flauwvallen van religieuze teksten, zien we nog steeds het idee dat de religieuze en politieke activiteiten van de Europese moslims is een beveiligingsprobleem dat valt onder het discours van ”terrorisme en nationale veiligheid.“

[youtube id="UdzR2U0uXQ0" w="250" h="200"]

We moeten niet vergeten dat dit hetzelfde Duitse intelligentie die niet (ofover het hoofd gezien) de moorden van grotendeels Turkse winkeliers doorde zogenaamde nationaal-socialistische ondergrond. Als de terroristische groep niet had geblunderd een bankoverval, dan zouden ze nog steeds op vrije voeten? Zou de video van de moord op het slachtoffer zijn geleverdaan de islamitische gemeenschap centra en media, zoals de terroristische groep van plan was?

We zien ook de Duitse inlichtingendienst betrokken bij spionage en het demoniseren van de Yes “Koran in elk huis campagne.” - Mensen - dit ishetzelfde Duitse intelligentie die niet (of “over het hoofd gezien”), de moorden van voornamelijk Turkse winkeliers en bomaanslagen schuld vande radicale rechts als ”Turkse maffia.”

Duitsland blijft blind zijn in het rechteroog. Tegelijkertijd heeft de Sehitlikmoskee in Berlijn zijn onderworpen aan vier brandstichtingen van de afgelopen drie jaar. Afgelopen zaterdag, de moskee was onderworpen aan een ”verf aanval” en het beledigen van foto’s werden achtergelaten. Demoslimgemeenschap heeft herhaaldelijk verzocht om meer veiligheid in het gezicht van bagatelliseren van Angela Merkel van de anti-moslim geweld in het land. Well - omdat leden van Merkel’s CDU het overlijden beschouwenuit korans als “agressie” kunnen we zien waarom de islamitische gemeenschap wordt gezien als niet voor bescherming in aanmerking. Demoslimgemeenschap is niet alleen niet waardig of bescherming, maar het is een ”verdachte gemeenschap” die ook niet wordt beschouwd als eenonderdeel van de grotere Duitse nationale gemeenschap.

Dus, dit is waarom we hier zijn weer. We zien de wettelijk beschermdereligieuze activiteit van moslims in Europese landen gedefinieerd als een “veiligheidsprobleem.” We hebben hele regio’s van Duitsland wordt gedomineerd doorgeradicaliseerde rechtse, neo-nazi en etnische zuivering - Terwijl de Duitse inlichtingendienst houdt zich bezig met dit ene predikant voorbijgaan uit korans?

Het is duidelijk dat de Duitse staat en de Duitse nationale inlichtingendiensten gewoon niet hebben pijnlijke lessen geleerd na de ontdekking van de nationaal-socialistische ondergrondse terroristische groep bracht internationale schande voor de Duitse natie. We zien nog steeds moslims en hun gemeenschap als verdacht en welke zouden moeten wettelijk worden beschermd religieuze en politieke activiteitengedemoniseerd en gecriminaliseerd.

Het is het discours, dom! Aan de wortel van dit probleem van ”terrorismediscours” die door ”islamitische jihadisten” en de Staat (de Duitse Staat)domineerde het domineren veiligheid Definer en acteur. De Duitse staat en zijn acteurs horen alleen maar van die ”experts” en media die te zijner keuze, met uitsluiting van anderen bekeken (met inbegrip van deze auteur) en deze uitsluiting wordt uitgebreid de rechten van de mensverantwoordelijkheden en verantwoordelijkheden als Europese liberale democratie van de rechtsstaat het voldoen aan de veiligheidseisen van de islamitische (Turkse) gemeenschap. De Moslim-Turkse gemeenschapwordt ook uitgesloten van de discussie over veiligheid, als moslimgemeenschappen in heel Europa zijn uitzicht als een bedreiging en verdachte gemeenschappen. Door dit soort discours over ”veiligheid en terrorisme”, de Duitse staat, net als de Franse staat en Nederlandse staat,er niet in slaagt om te voldoen aan haar verplichtingen als de Europese landen en beschaafde leden van de internationale gemeenschap.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Europol tegen Anonymous en de echte veiligheid van Europa

Directeur van Europol Robert Wainwright denkt dat hij een "veiligheid genie" is (LOL!). Robert Wainwright en zijn Europol praten een leuk gesprek over "cyber criminaliteit en criminelen", maar als dit niet begrepen: Anonymous hactivists en hun "overlast" Internet hacking, die niemand schaadt. Terwijl Europol acties tegen hen die zich 'Anonymous hactivists zijn momenteel beperkt tot degenen die persoonlijke informatie op internet publiceren - anderen kwaad te doen - het is niet echt een sprong naar Anonymous hactivists die schade niemand. Hoewel we hebben echte en ernstige bedreiging met geweld van radicale en gevaarlijke rechts van Europa - dat Europol negeert - niet-gewelddadige Anonymous leden zouden kunnen zijn toekomstige doelstellingen van Europol.

De benodigde terugslagkleppen functioneren van Anonymous hactivists. In democratische samenlevingen die we verondersteld worden vertegenwoordigers die luisteren naar de behoeften van de gewone burger, niet alleen de hebben "1% ers." We leven nu in een tijd waarin miljoenen mensen in Amerika en Europa worden beroofd van hun fundamentele behoeften en nuttig werk - terwijl zij die het beleid maken in de nationale regeringen en de Europese Unie geen aandacht besteden aan mensen die lijden aan werkloosheid en armoede. De beleving, echt of niet, is dat alleen de belangen van Wall Street, de Europese bank-elites en 1%ers materie - niet als de rest van ons hebben banen en onze fundamentele menselijke behoeften voldaan. In dit gebrek aan echte gouvernementele representatie die fundamentele menselijke behoeften van "kleine mensen" zijn er twee fundamentele paden adressen: pogingen om gehoord te worden op een andere manier ( hactivism) of door middel van revolutie en / of terrorisme.

The Anonymous hactivists hebben geen gewelddadige of bedreigende bedoelingen tegen de mensen die ze aanvallen, alleen hun servers en websites, en niemand werd gedood bij een aanval Anonymous!

Dat klopt - niemand is gedood of gewond geraakt bij een aanval door Anonymous hactivists, maar de mensen zijn gedood en gewond geraakt bij aanvallen van de radicale rechts (Noorwegen 22 juli 2011). Anonieme hactivists en hun niet-gewelddadige internetactiviteiten zorgen voor een misschien wel de broodnodige controle waarde die misschien wel voorkomt dat echte terrorisme en geweld. In deze tijd waarin van de overheid leiderschap niet luisteren naar de grieven van de reguliere, niet rijke mensen - is het beter te nemen met DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) aanvallen dan bommen en geweld. We krijgen - mede dankzij Europol het negeren van de toenemende dreiging - genoeg van het geweld van de radicale recht dat nu is op zoek om hun potentieel voor haat en geweld in heel Europa uit te breiden. Naast het negeren van de rechts-radicale Europol is eigenlijk het creëren van nog een andere bedreiging van de veiligheid door het verwijderen van de cheque waarde die door Anonymous hactivists. Dus, om Europol "Thunder" in Spanje is een "grotere bedreiging" dan de uitbreiding van de EDL-stijl mobs in Europese steden, die een feitelijk fysiek gevaar voor de eigendom en de EU-burgers de veiligheid.

Dus, wat een zekerheid genie Robert Wainwright is! Ga na de Anonymous kind dat spuiten vieze woorden schildert aan de zijkant van het gebouw, maar niet de rechts-radicale gek dat wil opblazen van het gebouw en de schade die mensen binnen!

Europol gaat na Anonymous moet beperkt blijven tot de werkelijke schadelijke Internet inbreuken. Misschien Robert Wainwright wil Europol te krijgen na die spuiten op muren van het gebouw graffiti in Europese steden, niet de radicale recht dat daadwerkelijk wil opblazen gebouwen, dat is hoe we kunnen Wainwright en zijn Europol de inspanningen te beschrijven tegen Anonymous hactivists. De meeste hactivism Anonymous beperkt tot een geweldloze hinderlijke activiteit niemand schadelijk en veroorzaakt geen schade. Wij hier in Wisconsin Anonymous hactivists gezien als helden wanneer de gehackte in de Koch Brothers servers vorig jaar. Ik zal toegeven dat ik Anonymous hactivists gezien als helden (en nog steeds doen) - maar meer dan dat Anonymous kan omschreven worden als een noodzakelijke terugslagklep dat zelfs iemand die erg van heel radicalisering (gewelddadige radicalisering) en het instellen van een bom gefrustreerd iemand voorkomt deur.

Er is een goed bewijs te worden gemaakt dat wanneer iemand te beweren dat ze een Anonymous hactivist persoonlijke en gevoelige informatie van andere mensen over het open internet zet, net als de politie, dan is dit doet schade aan echte mensen. Luister naar deze: Het is verkeerd om andere mensen schaden als deze! (Het deel van de politie werken mensen met gezinnen - net als de rest van ons - en zetten hun leven op het spel om ons te beschermen!) Anonymous hactivists het algemeen politie zelf en zijn goed in de politie zelf - maar ze moeten hun frustraties in een manier die geen schade doet aan de privacy en het leven van andere mensen, zelfs als ze zelf niet de politie maar wilt.

Wat kan zich voordoen onder samenwerken druk van de rijke elite is voor Europol te gaan na Anonymous hactivists die zijn onschadelijk en slechts defacen websites en bezighouden met DDoS-aanvallen die niet schadelijk zijn voor mensen of servers. Europol is momenteel haar activiteiten beperken tot alleen die personen die de werkelijke schade toe te brengen - maar deze praktijk te gaan na Anonymous hactivists kon routine in Europol worden als een politie-organisatie en worden verschoven naar die anonieme hactivists die geen schade berokkenen aan mensen of servers. Pogingen door Europol aan nadat alle Anonymous hactivists naar de punt van een chilling effect zijn, op het einde, contra-productief voor de veiligheid en terrorismebestrijding. Het verwijderen van de controle waarde-effect van Anonymous 'niet-gewelddadige aanvallen zou kunnen betekenen dat echte en gewelddadige aanvallen die daadwerkelijk mensen doden en break dingen worden een mogelijkheid.

Robert Wainwright nodig heeft om een leven en Europol dient te leren dat er meer veiligheid bedreigingen dan Anonymous - voordat iemand wordt gedood! Als men echt gelooft dat de arrestatie elke hactivists uit dat er een plaag en niets meer veroorzaakt - zij hebben een ander ding komen. Het beste voor de veiligheid van Europa is met rust te laten deze hactivists, zijn ze niet een bedreiging van de veiligheid, en er zijn meer bedreigingen van de veiligheid die er zijn die niet willen mensen fysieke veiligheid schaden. Het meest voor de hand liggende is de poging van degenen die gelijkgestemd met de Nationaal Socialistische Ondergrond van Duitsland, het English Defense League en Anders Behring Breivik aan een Europese vereniging van haat-handelaren, racisten en gewelddadige radicalen met het potentieel om een bedreiging van de veiligheid te vormen Europa, dat is gewoon niet gesteld van andere Anonymous hactivist!

Misschien - Robert Wainwright en zijn Europol zou liever zien dat mensen gaan uit en in plaats daarvan op te bouwen bommen. Waarom - we hebben de "linkse terrorisme" van de Koude Oorlog dag weer?  Wat leuk! Is Robert Wainwright een  beveiliging genie?! Wat de heer Wainwright eigenlijk heeft op het gebied van opleiding en achtergrond is niet in het echte politie-en beveiligingstaak-nope - maar de economie. Dit is de reden waarom de heer Wainwright gewoon niet weet wat echte cyber-crimineel en bedreigingen van de veiligheid werkelijk zijn ... of de terugslagklep functie van Anonymous hactivists.

De verwachting is voor Europol om na echte cybercriminelen die hack gaan in persoonlijke informatie te stelen van andere mensen identiteit, waardoor deze slachtoffers reële schade. Maar - we moeten de lijn te trekken in het zand met Europol dat de politie zich beperken tot schadelijk gedrag en niet te worden uitgebreid tot Anonymous hactivists dat er geen schade doen aan iedereen. We moeten bereid zijn om op te komen voor het grootste deel van Anonymous hactivists die opkwam voor die van ons hier uit zonder een stem van protest tegen het beleid elite die ons beroven van de werkgelegenheid, basisbehoeften en een fatsoenlijk leven. We moeten bereid zijn om op te staan ​​aan Europol - en ik ben degene die zal - en ik heb een post-graduate onderwijs in de politie-en veiligheidsdiensten veld en kon zelfs de kanteling van het speelveld ... je weet wel ... de balans van de macht.

We zouden veel liever opgemaakt met kinderen, anoniem en de rechts-radicale, dat sommige kick te halen uit spuiten vieze woorden op de zijkant van een gebouw, of beschadigen van een website. 

[caption id="attachment_3307" align="aligncenter" width="280" caption="Anonymous - Dank U voor uw stem! "][/caption]

In het sluiten dat degenen die willen echte terrorisme te ondernemen tegen moskeeën en moslims - misschien doden echte mensen - nog moeten worden gestopt dit te doen door Europol!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Europol against Anonymous and the real security of Europe

Europol Director Robert Wainwright thinks he’s a “security genius” (LOL!). Robert Wainwright and his Europol talk a nice talk about “cyber crime and criminals,” but if this does not includes Anonymous hactivists and their "nuisance" Internet hacking, which harms nobody. While Europol’s actions against those claiming to be Anonymous hactivists are currently confined to those who publish personal information to the Internet – harming others – it is not much of a leap to Anonymous hactivists that harm nobody. While we have real and serious threats of violence from Europe’s radical and dangerous rightwhich Europol ignores – non-violent Anonymous members could be future targets of Europol.

The needed check valves function of Anonymous hactivists. In democratic societies we are supposed to have representatives that are to listen to the needs of the ordinary citizen, not just the “1%ers.”  We now live in an age where millions of people in America and Europe are being deprived of their basic needs and useful employment – while those who make the policies in national governments and the European Union pay no attention to those who are suffering from unemployment and deprivation.  The perception, real or not, is that only the interests of Wall Street, European banking elites and 1%ers matter – not if the rest of us have jobs and our basic human needs met.  In this absence of real governmental representation that addresses basic human needs of “little people” there are two basic paths: attempts to be heard through other means (ex. hactivism) or through revolution and/or terrorism.

The  Anonymous hactivists do not have violent or threatening intentions against the people they attack, only their servers and websites, and nobody has been killed in an Anonymous attack!

That's right - nobody has been killed or injured in an attack by Anonymous hactivists, but people have been killed and injured in attacks by the radical right (Norway July 22, 2011). Anonymous hactivists and their non-violent Internet activities provide a perhaps much needed check value that perhaps prevents real terrorism and violence. In this age when out government leadership do not listen to the grievances of regular, not wealthy people – it is better to put up with DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks than bombs and violence. We will get – thanks partly to Europol ignoring the growing threat – enough of violence from the radical right that is now seeking to expand their potential for hate and violence across Europe.  Besides ignoring the radical right Europol is actually creating yet another security threat by removing the check value provided by Anonymous hactivists.  So, to Europol “Thunder” in Spain is a “greater threat” than the expansion of EDL-style mobs roaming European cities, posing an actual physical danger to property and EU citizens’ safety.

So, what a security genius Robert Wainwright is! Go after the Anonymous kid that spray paints dirty words on the side of the building, but not the radical right crazy that wants to blow up the building and harm people inside!

[caption id="attachment_3290" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Mr. Wainwright thinks Anonymous is dangerous to Europe. Nope, they provide with a needed voice!(Wikipedia)"][/caption]

Europol’s going after Anonymous must be limited to actual harmful Internet breaches ONLY. Maybe Robert Wainwright would like to get Europol after those who spray graffiti on walls of building in European cities, not the radical right that actually wants to blow up buildings, which is how we can describe Wainwright and his Europol’s efforts against Anonymous hactivists.  Most of Anonymous’ hactivism is limited to a non-violent nuisance activity that harms nobody and causes no damage. We here in Wisconsin viewed Anonymous hactivists as heroes when the hacked into the Koch Brothers servers last year. I will admit that I viewed Anonymous hactivists as heroes (and still do) – but more than that  Anonymous can be described as a needed check valve that prevents even someone who is very frustrated from really radicalizing (violent radicalization) and setting a bomb at someone’s doorstep.

There is a good argument to be made that when someone claiming to be an Anonymous hactivist puts private and sensitive information of other people over the open Internet, like police officers, then this is doing harm to real people. Listen to this: It is wrong to harm other people like this! (The majority of police officers are working people with families – like the rest of us - and put their lives at risk to protect us!) Anonymous hactivists generally police themselves and are good at policing themselves – but they must take their frustrations out in a way that does no harm to privacy and the lives of other people, even if they personally don’t like police officers.

What could occur under cooperate pressure from the wealthy elite is for Europol to go after Anonymous hactivists that are harmless and just deface websites and engage in DDoS attacks that do not harm people or servers. Europol is currently confining its activities to just those individuals that do actual harm – but this practice of going after Anonymous hactivists could become routine in Europol as a police organization and be shifted to those Anonymous hactivists who are doing no harm to people or servers.  Attempts by Europol to go after all Anonymous hactivists to the point of a chilling effect are, in the end, counter-productive for security and counter-terrorism.  Removing the check value effect of Anonymous’ non-violent attacks could mean that real and violent attacks that actually kill people and break things become a possibility.

Robert Wainwright needs to get a life and Europol needs to learn that there are greater security threats than Anonymous before somebody gets killed! If one actually believes that arresting every hactivists out there that causes a nuisance and nothing more – they have another thing coming. The best thing for the security of Europe is to leave these hactivists alone, they are not a security threat, and there are greater security threats out there that do want to harm people’s physical safety. The most obvious is the attempt by those who are likeminded with Germany’s National Socialist Underground, the English Defense League and Anders Behring Breivik to form a Europe-wide association of hate-mongers, racists and violent radicals with the potential to be a security threat to Europe that is simply not posed by any Anonymous hactivist!

Maybe – Robert Wainwright and his Europol would prefer that people go off and build bombs instead. Why – we could have the “Leftist terrorism” of the Cold War days again, how fun?!  Isn’t Robert Wainwright a freaking security genius?!  What Mr. Wainwright actually has in terms of education and background is not in real policing and security –nope - but economics. This is why Mr. Wainwright simply does not know what real cyber criminal and security threats really are…or the check valve function of Anonymous hactivists.

It’s expected for Europol to go after real cyber criminals that hack into personal information and steal other people’s identity, causing these victims real harm. However – we need to draw the line in the sand with Europol that its policing activities are limited to harmful behavior and not to be extended to Anonymous hactivists that do no harm to anyone. We need to be willing to stand up for the majority of Anonymous hactivists who have stood up for those of us out here without a voice of protest against elite policies that deprive us of jobs, basic needs and a decent life. We must be ready to stand up to Europol – and I am one who will – and I have a post-graduate education in the police and security field and could even the tilt of the playing field…you know…the balance of power.

We should much prefer to put up with kids, Anonymous and the radical right, that get some kick out of spray painting dirty words on the side of a building, or defacing a website. After all, we should think spray paint is better than bombs any day!

NOTE in closing that those who want to take real terrorism against mosques and Muslims – perhaps kill real people - have yet to be stopped from doing so by Europol!

[youtube id="aCW3AGJZ-oU" w="250" h="250"]

Cyber Resilience?! I say Europol Resilience! In the video, Mr. Wainwright talks about real cyber criminals – good go after those -  but this should NOT include Anonymous hactivists!

Also - thanks to Anonymous from me personally for the support and "help" for our poor State of Wisconsin last year against Koch Brothers' tyranny. This has not been forgotten-at least by me!

See: Hactivists arrested in Spain

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The European Union is not going to fail!

Well – stupid and naive commentators on the blogs and newsites, like the Huffington Post’s Leon T Hadar, predicting the end of the European Union or a “weakened” EU. Likewise, the same from mostly American commentators. You see, Americans from both the left and right cheer for a weakened European Union. These predictions are silly and really short-sided, and ignorant of the modern European Union.The end of the European Union? Nope – not even maybe…The European Union comes out of the Coal and Steel community, for a largely economic union for the benefit of France and Germany.  No – the ECSC was and still is about reconciliation – the most important European value! The EU is a community of Member states with shared interests and values, some shared interests include the EU as an international actor.  This idea of reconciliation set the course of the future European Community as more than markets! It’s not just “euro and markets,” duh! Most American commentators stop right there in their considerations of the European Union.American Ignorance! People who believe in the “end of the EU” have such a narrow focus on economics and markets the overlook the FACT that  these areas are but a small part of what the modern European Union is and does, especially in the international community and for its Member States.
[caption id="attachment_134" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The EU will not fail!"]The EU will not fail![/caption]
Well – the European Union simply is not “common markets and the euro!” It seems that with each Treaty, especially after the Single European Act, the SEA, the European Community was diving into other areas of competence  normally reserved for Member States. From the SEA we see the formations of common foreign policy among “the Nine.”   This foreign policy competence has evolved into the newest foreign policy instruments from ToL of a EU diplomatic Corps, its own foreign minister (filled by Cathrine Ashton) – and a growing defense-military independence, along with a defense industry. The EU has also sent police missions and police training missions to conflict areas and to help train local police, such as the Palestinian Authority.The EU is made up, especially after ToL, of several institutions that have little to do with economics. This includes the European Parliament,  Court of Justice, Europol police agency, as well as Justice and Home Affairs in the European Commission that works largely in the area of supranational Citizenship of the European Union. Citizenship of the EU is a supranational citizenship that every national of a Member State has in addition to national citizenship.Activities of the EU include bringing about ceasefires, such as the Russia-Georgia conflict, ceasefire observers, election monitors, diplomats.  Building relationships with other international actors, such as Russia, the African Union, and even the United Nations – helps bring benefits to Member States. It is said that smaller Member States can have “their voices amplified” though the European Union.None of these activities – dear Reader -  have nothing what-so-ever to do with the Greece’s fortunes or the euro – and are defined in the Treaties which have evolved over the past 60 years.  However, “contributions” in this area usually do not mean money, but troops and military hardware, police for police missions, observers and diplomats. The European Union is also very much a part of international relations on behalf of its Member states, most noticeable in the Middle East peace process.The EU is a recognized international actor that has even been called on by the United Nations. This growing international presence  will continue and will even get stronger in the coming years. The problems of Greece, or any other Eurozone member, simply will not stop the continued development of the European Union toward what has been set out in the Lisbon Treaty – and economics is now a small part of the European Union.The current economic problem is not Europe’s problem, nor Greece, nor European Union and the social market economy that works to bring inclusion of all people. The current economic crisis is the fault of the United States, Wall Street and 25 years of Republican conservative rule in Washington, which presided over deregulation of Wall Street and fostered a climate of greed and wealth accumulation of a few at the cost of the many. This wealthy, elite few, 1-3% of Americans, now owns America’s wealth.    [Who Rules America - The Richest 1% Have Captured America's Wealth -- What's It Going to Take to Get It Back?]The European Union has more of a chance of survival than the United States… The truth is that the current crisis demonstrates that the world could use far less of laissez faire capitalism, not more of it. As I have argued before, European leaders need to get over this notion that America and Americans are “good, honest people.” The truth is that, especially on greedy Wall Street, Americans are dishonest, greedy, arrogant, cold-blooded, mean-spirited and believe in the ends justifies the means. These fine American qualities on top of the American government’s obsession with structural realism and the criminal neglect of its own people is what the civilized world seeks to leave behind.  In short, Greeks, as well as other Europeans, need to use this as a teaching moment that you simply cannot trust America or Americans these days!Europe also needs less “transatlantic relations” – not more of it – and certainly not at the same type of paradigm of the Cold War. Given that the EU is comprised of 27 Member States that are parties to the treaties and a part of the European project, the European Union is more than economics and will rise above any challenge that is thrown it’s way by greedy Americans. The reality is that the social market WORKS where laissez faire capitalism is a doomed failure. The reality is – and Mr. Hader should know this – the American government is corrupt and continues to ignore the basic needs of its own people. There is growing anger and resentment in America that will cause problems in the future if the current laissez faire capitalist system is not replaced with an economic system that includes all Americans.  Something like this happened in the former Yugoslavia, and given the proliferation of guns and America’s violent society – within five years there could be instability and a civil war in America.By then the European Union will be thriving and a full fledged military actor, participating on the world stage with the United Nations. When America finally goes down in bloody flames – it will be the European Union that will be there to help pick up the pieces. Please READ the paper: Coal, Steel and Reconciliation: The Development of the European Community and Union – and LEARN about the development of the modern EU – and not doomsday articles from American right-wingers.

Friday, March 12, 2010

ESDP under the Lisbon Treaty – NATO again?!

Yes – NATO again (ho hum…) as if the Europeans simply do not know what it means to be truly free, whole and at peace (and probably don’t). The reality is that Europe can never be considered “whole and free,” nor “at peace” when Uncle Sam continues insist that NATO be in European security and defense plans. Also – the European project will never be finished without real European defense and military independence.After reading the assortment of “White Papers” from the past year and the resolution before the European Parliament – we should be not only be  concerned that NATO will be forced down the throats of Europeans (that’s a given from Washington), but that Europeans will force NATO down their own throats. It is as if the obvious questions are never asked (or are they allowed to be asked?)The one obvious question that must be asked, asked and asked, again and again is:

Why does the European Union need NATO?

The one obvious answer must be given – and given in light of several elements or facts (for lack of a better word).

1. European defense and security cooperation have been growing away from NATO and the US. This is good – and it is hoped that a “decoupling” can eventually occur, but some Europeans, as well as Americans are determined that this inevitability does not occur. We should encourage and cheer on every effort by the European Union to decouple, duplicate, and bring in non-EU member states into EU battle groups.  Create a European standard for interoperability that is a European and not NATO standard (well, maybe).

2. NATO, mainly its expansion, hinders a better relationship between Russia and the EU. This is due to mainly East European political figures defining Russia as a “threat,” which it is not (there is a lot of unaddressed paranoia and Russophobia out east). The Cold War has never ended in “Euro-Atlantic” think tanks and policy circles, while Eastern European leaders act as if the Cold War is still on and they have switched sides. NATO at Russia’s borders is needless provocative and brings about walls and dividing lines in Europe again, only now they have been moved East.  The EU should have none of this type of policy!

3. American policy paradigms and values are vastly different from European policy paradigms and values. You notice that the dominate paradigms in security think tanks  in largely Washington  are from an aggressive, balance-of-power perspective.  European think tanks (excluding the Centre for European Reform) have some hope of framing ESDP without NATO and military-first in the framework. Read the a typical national security strategy for the US and compare it with the European Security Strategy for 2003. We simply do not have enough think tanks that offer a viewpoint of ESDP that offers an independence-from-NATO perspective and not cater to the same Atlanticist rubbish! In time, Yellow Stars will offer a perspective that is 100% NATO-free.

4. If NATO goes good with its intentions to go on global with its strategic concept, this could place it outside of European values. This should raise a conflict and debate within European nations about the cherished idea of defending European values. European values include peaceful resolutions of disputes and compliance with international law in the international system. European values  also include diplomacy and seeking positive, peaceful solutions to issues and crisis. So far, (and this should continue), ESDP missions have been confined to Security Council requests and under international law with regard to the use of force. These are what are consistent with European values.

5. Is the “European project” ever complete without defense and security independence from NATO? So as long as “European security and defense” are being defined with measuring sticks crafted in Washington, NO – not ever.  We must work for a post-NATO, independent from US, European defense and security framework, or is it that this is unthinkable? Why would a post-NATO future for ESDP be so much of a taboo?What is it – let’s see – the “anti-American” label? Must be – it’s really not hard for someone like me, trained in international security frameworks – to visualize an independent-from -NATO defense and security framework for European Union without NATO or the US.  So what is the problem?!

Now – part two…Here is one of my favorite criticism: “what Europe ‘needs’ in terms of security and defense should not be defined in Washington!”Why do Europeans have to provide security for the United States through NATO? What threats do we have out there where there is a “need” for Washington-defined “needs” for Europe?In all truth, from what I’ve seen of ESDP missions, at request of the Security Council and within international law, the EU is doing pretty well at conceptualizing and defining what its own security and defense needs are – and by its own measuring stick.Offensive strategies for EU military forces probably do not fit in well with European values, unless they are within the UN system and within international law. The recent past history of the US have seen American offensive military actions that are contrary to both European values, norms and international law.EU battle groups are a good framework- and after we close NATO – the US and Canada can both join in (yes – I really mean this!).  Canada has been a part of an ESDP mission and so has Turkey. So – the notion of “discrimination” against non-EU nations is just not the current policy.  The concept of EU battle groups should be looked at as the first replacement for NATO.

Last – but not least – the cost to the American taxpayers for the continence of NATO and American military, power projection. While I have not looked at the current costs, it is well known that both the continence of NATO and power projection in 170 countries costs a lot of US tax dollars.  Here in the US – we have schools closing down,  continued job losses, hunger, homelessness, basic needs for our people going unmet. We could have health care for every American, create jobs, people can go to school for free, no one has to go hungry in America anymore. Well,  except for the upkeep of military power projection and NATO…(sigh!).Well – this author has a project planned for this summer that will offer a post-NATO European security system to Europeans that simply don’t want to ask and answer important questions about a future without NATO and American hegemony!

See also:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Closing of EC’s Debate Europe forum – my last post.

In a few hours, the Commission’s Debate Europe forum will close. This move is probably for good or at least for some time in the future. What we all had there was a family, even in bitter disagreements. We have our theories and hypotheses as to why the sudden two week notice, but the reasons aside, the forum was actually good for EU citizens, the EU admirers and contributed to the rest of the world.Here is my last post of encouragement for Europeans:—-Goodbye does not mean goodbye friends! – by EurophileAmerican  Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:12 pm – world, including the US, shall be led by Yellow Stars of a Blue Flag!Well – this forum will close, but my work has just begun. You see, I want to see the European Union as the next superpower. First of all, “superpower” does not have to mean only military capabilities, even though the EU does have, taken together, plenty of military capabilities (without the US). Second, we should view the EU as the good superpower and the US as the “bad guy” superpower. Yes, the US is not the friend of the EU, but its friendly rival and, as I have said before, there is no such thing as an equal partnership with the US. The US takes and Europe gives, such as the attempt by the US to demand EU citizens’ banking data.Unfortunately there are too many European leaders that will be willing to give up and give in to the US’ demands, and go about a relationship with the so-celled “Euro-Atlantic Community” as if we are still in the depths of the Cold War. I intend to contribute to the idea of a post-NATO and post-American hegemonic European idea and a “Europe whole and free” and that means being fee of American hegemony too. You all think that Europe “is free,” but it really isn’t!Oh, I will be around more than you all think, perhaps more now. I have just received my Master’s in December and I have been mulling over various topics to research and write on to help advance the EU as both a superpower and the force for good in the world, along the lines of the Schumann Deceleration:
World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it. The contribution which an organized and living Europe can bring to civilization is indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations. In taking upon herself for more than 20 years the role of champion of a united Europe, France has always had as her essential aim the service of peace. A united Europe was not achieved and we had war. Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity. 

1. European citizenship. It is clear to see, by largely own my personal experiences, that there is something deeply troubling and very wrong with the current conceptualization of “EU citizenship” identity. By this I mean among EU citizens themselves, who appear to see their citizenship not as a form of active participation, but active exclusion of non-EU nationals and even some kind of “right to be free from non-EU nationals.” I call this the “Frontex EU citizenship identity.” With this notion even very well educated people, who would otherwise be accepting of normal academic standards, are actively excluding non-EU nationals from academic forums for non academic reasons. This current conceptualization of EU citizenship identity even violates European values – and this is very sad.
Could the REAL reason why this forum is shutting down be that non-EU nationals like myself have access to it? And this open access violates the unwritten “special right” of “EU citizens to be free of non-EU citizens?”

This will probably be the first topic on my plate, as it is important to have a citizenship identity that is about active participation of EU citizens at the Member State-level – based on European values – not active exclusion and xenophobia against even academically oriented non-EU nationals. A citizenship identity that is in line with European values can help inoculate Europe from both right and left wing extremism and mean a better future for European civics and international activism. The European Union should be welcoming study by non-EU citizens in third countries, not actively exclude non-EU citizens from studying and even offering policy suggestions for the European Union. There are non-EU nationals other than myself that admire and support the work of the European Union in the world – and the EU itself should welcome this!
No – you will not, ever, extend the walls of Fortress Europe to my mind!

2. Islamophobia and European moral panic. It is clear that Europe is undergoing moral panic over the presence of Islam in Europe. Europe, epically the UK, is not a stranger to moral panics. European moral panics go back to the Dark Ages of witch hunts and burnings. The elements of moral panic are exaggerated media coverage of “folk devils” (European Muslims) and the “horrible things they do” and “their threat to our way of life.” We are now see this unfortunate side effects of the European Islam, moral panic in that the Europeans are willing to give up their rights to freedom of religion and speech – and the idea of tolerance – for the grossly exaggerated and hysterical “threat against our way of life” from European Muslims.If this moral panic over Folk Devil Muslims is allowed to get out of hand, as it is now, then we could see a slow erosion of the values, norms and even human rights that Europe has built up after WWII so as not to repeat the bloody horrors of past European history. The rational leaders of Europe must oppose, not give in, to right-wing demands regarding Muslims’ religious and ethnic liberties and migration. Safeguarding the rights of Muslims is to safeguard the rights of all!3. A new paradigm of “transatlantic relations.” The reality is that it is not Europe that needs America – but America needs Europe. My future work will include a revamping of transatlantic relations away from the Cold War paradigm of American hegemony – to a European Union led model. This EU-led transatlantic relations paradigm should take the form of a partnership and association agreement that conditions the US on international norms of the use of force in international relations, social rights for Americans, a social market economy, a national health care service for Americans – as well as the usual EU conditions of human rights respect, the use of force and good governance. This US should be forced to be a part of the International criminal Court. Imagine if a person like myself would write the governor of her state and the law enforcement agencies declaring that she is exempt from the criminal statues and courts of the jurisdiction. This is what the US has done in failing to sign on to the Rome Statute – and that should change!The EU must offer a better social and cultural model to the US that is away from the Social Darwinism model that is the base of American society and culture. The rest of the civilized world provides citizenship benefits, national health care, housing, food, social rights, political rights, a share of national governance that the US refuses to it’s own people, mainly among poorer Americans. The international community is defining “good governance” as social rights, political rights, and share in decisions that effect the national policies.I am personally fed up with the EU and its leaders covering for the American government and only confining its activism with regard to the US to just the abuses of the death penalty. People – prisoners in America are subject to all the tortures of Abu Ghraib, including sexual slavery. American prison staff openly acknowledge that solidarity confinement causes mental damage to prisoners, but believe that they must be “taught not to come back to prison.” Well, now, that such American abuses in the form of faulty finances that are common against American home-buyers have come home to Greece – let’s see if there is some kind wake-up call from the Great, Benevolent America dream that many European leaders continue to have about the US.The new, EU-led, paradigm of transatlantic relations would be intended, as with Russia, to integrate the US into the international community and provide the basics of what it means to be a civilized nation. Given the norms of good governance and human rights, we should regard the US as being outside the norms and international laws.I will soon put up what will be called the “Yellow Stars Independent European Studies” page on the YS site – and this work will offer new and much needed frameworks for the European Union’s place in the world (which largely rests on political will of the Union).Oh – yes – I’ll be around and you’ll hear from me, including in Brussels. My work you shall surely be read again and again. – and it will be very different from the usual transatlantic, American interest-serving rubbish out of Atlanticist and “Centre for European Reform” think tanks It isn’t Europe that needs reform, but America and we can work for a post-NATO, European defense and security policy!

THINK and ENVISION a post-NATO Europe!

I want this work to be a gift to Europe and to Europeans, who I love and have great respect for…(and my ancestors were Europeans). Studying the “European project” on a post-graduate level was an awesome and inspiring experience. The reality is the the “European project” is the greatest endeavor of human kind – and it seeks to bring peace and human freedom to the world. After all, “world peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it!”
**Yellow Stars Euroblog***

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bank data deal as example of American hegemony

With the so-called “bank data deal” – I certainly hope that you people in Europe see that you simply are not free, so as long as your higher standards of data privacy don’t interfere with America’s “war on terror,” as well as its war on our human rights and civil liberties. As I’ve always said, and demonstrated here, there is no such thing as an equal partnership with America. America never enters into “partnerships” unless America is on top. Can’t you now see how much you Europeans are in chains to “transatlantic partnership?”.This giving in to American demands is a demonstration of American hegemony over Europe. You simply are not free to decide your data privacy law apart from America’s demands in your “partnership.” (and what kind of partnership is that?). America also demands that you continue your relationship with NATO despite the utter uselessness of NATO, how its expansion provokes Russia, and is used to tie down ESDP. At the same time – you are forced into stating that “NATO is Europe’s primer security organization.” America also demands that you send more Europeans to the Afghanistan meat grinder. American agents run wild on your streets and abduct people off of your streets for torture.As with this bank data nonsense, many European leaders are all too willing to comply. As with the Iraq War, European leaders are all too willing to trade European laws and conventions, human rights, people’s lives, their own national assets, as well as Europe’s interests and the rights of its citizens – to “please America.” Feeding the beast of American hegemony gets European leaders into trouble – and this feeding the beast needs to get them into sooooo much trouble that they think about it first and STOP doing it!Knowing America like I do, the real reason for the bank data is to profile Europeans. We can bet that the purpose is to “determine” who is “dangerous” by looking at how Europeans acquire their money and how they spend it. Did you spend some money on Arabic books and travel to the Middle East? Did you donate to a charity that perhaps gave a bowl of food to a child in Palestine whose father is with HAMAS? This is how “intelligence” is gathered against Americans to “determine” who is “dangerous” and then placed on watch lists. NO due process as required from a system of rule of law is involved, but only the thought in the head of a security agent.I hope that this is a case study into the how much you Europeans are simply not free from Washington. PLEASE GET IT - Europe is not free!Please also watch which MEPs support this bank data deal. It’s a safe bet that it will be British Conservatives, MEPs from Poland, the Czech Republic, along with most of US servantile East Europe – and many of the phony – baloney “Christian Democrats” of the EPP. They will be the usual sellout suspects Related video :

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good riddens to Polish-Czech missiles!

Removing the missile program from East Europe was the right thing to do…The scrapping of the insane and provocative idea of placing missiles in Poland was the right thing to do. The Cold War has been over for about 20 years and Russia is a different nation. In the post-Cold War world, the only relationship with Russia should be a productive and strong one. The removal of the missile program should also help to put a final end of the Cold War – yet there are those associated with think tanks in Washington that want to continue the Cold War with Russia and continue Cold War animosities with Russia. This is highly counterproductive in the age of extremist-terrorism and the prospect of weapons of mass destruction proliferation threatens Russia too, as well Europe and the United States. Removing the missile program from East Europe to gain cooperation from Russia, useless in the first place – was the right answer!The need for a strong relationship with Russia was also a conclusion reached by the European Union. After Russia’s short war with Georgia, a re-evaluation of EU-Russian relations produced a finding that nothing less than a strong relationship with Russia and the resolution of “frozen conflicts” was the only answer.Since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S., Russia under Vladimir Putin has wanted to join the fight. Russia was in the middle of its own “war on terrorism” at the time, and Putin called the rising tide of Islamic extremist-terrorism a threat against Western civilization. In the common EU-US-Russia interest in religious inspired terrorism is also the issue of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and their control. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has admitted that Russia is not a threat and that there are a lot of missed opportunities for productive cooperation between the U.S. and Russia.There is no real reason why, in the modern era, there should be a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe. If the issue is Iranian missiles, common sense tells us that Tel Aviv, not Prague, would be the target of any missile attack. Also, Russia also feels threatened by any missiles aimed from North Korea, as well as Iran. Russia should be a part of the answer to the threat (if any) from Iranian missiles and be a partner in addressing the issue of Iran’s nuclear program.There is a greater need for cooperation with Russia than hurting the feelings of Eastern European leaders. When we examine the issues that Eastern European leaders have with Russia, we find what can be described as Russophobic notions based on real and perceived injustice of what “the former Soviet Union” did to Soviet-pact states in the Cold War days. There is, still, to this day, paranoia in Eastern Europe and not a real threat from Russia. Here, the European Union, which is founded on the idea of reconciliation between former enemies, needs to step up and bring about meaningful reconciliation between the former Soviet nations and Russia. This apparently has never been the demand by the EU of its newest Member States, as it is for the Balkans candidate nations. The “need” for missiles in Poland should be viewed as the real need for EU-led reconciliation between East Europe and Russia.See also:The U.S.-Russia relationship: A hopeful thaw? Rose Show. 2008. Robert Gates on missed opportunities with Russia. December 17. Public Broadcasting Cooperation .

Thursday, January 3, 2008

European Union as superpower

“Empire” scares some people…Superpower is more like it…I thought that President Barroso’s reference to “empire” was unwarranted and, given the host of euroskeptic conspiracy kooks and “Bible prophesy” nutjobs, was bound to provoke a reaction. “Empire’ invokes images of force and military conquest. “Empire” as an image more closely resembles the United States.“Empire” was the wrong word, but security community might have been better.

The European Union is more like a Karl Deutsch, Adler and Barnett, security community where peaceful change is expected, along with the peaceful settlement of conflicts. Embodying REAL common values, the European Union is a community that nations clamor to join, even Turkey. However, President Barroso did rightly state that the Union is another kind of “political object.”A “superpower” is no longer about the old order of Cold War military might. “Power” can mean the ability to influence others and get them to do what you want them to do.

The definition of “superpower” according to John McCormick, in his book The European Superpower (2007) on page 18:“[A] superpower is an actor that has the ability to project power globally, and that enjoys a high level of autonomy and self-sufficiency in international relations. A superpower may deliberately seek to influence policy or to impose its will, but it may also achieve its status by virtue of the resources that it controls, whether they are natural, economic, cultural or moral.”

McCormick further argues that a superpower have two different roles of taking and receiving from lesser powers. A third role is achieved by virtue of what the superpower represents, including economic opportunity, political influence, or moral standing. And – a look at the Lisbon Treaty indicated that the Union is also lining itself up for the role of superpower in a moral sense (Article 3, especially sub 5) in bringing high values of human dignity, social justice, eradication of poverty and respect for human rights. The Union wants these for others, as well as for European citizens.

The economic might of the Union is understood and the uses economic incentives, including market access, to bring others around in association agreements. The association agreement has, at times, been a most powerful tool the Union has used in relationships with other nations and regions. Part of the relationship with the Union is that there shall be no support for terrorism and terrorists. The idea that Europe should have “its place in the world” has been all talk, no action.

The creation of a European president and foreign minister that represents the Union will help get the Union off of its duff. It will get the Union off of its duff without endangering national identities and sovereignty of the Member States. It is one thing to talk about promoting European values, and the like, on the international stage, but it’s quite another to actually do so. The Lisbon Treaty will push the Union off of its duff and, in time, the world will feel Europe’s superpower impact, and this will change the world for the better.“Security Communities” by Emanuel Adler and Michael BarnettJohn McCormick – The European Superpower

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Lisbon Treaty and mob rule in Europe

Giving an important treaty over to the mobs!There is going to be a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland. I’ll bet that those that vote “no” either have not read the Treaty or do not understand its ramifications for the rest of the world! I’ll bet that those that vote “no” will be doing so because they “don’t want to see Turkey in the European Union.” I’ll bet that not only will those that vote “no” not only have not read the Lisbon Treaty, they’ll let media outlets tell them their “information” on the Treaty and they will regard themselves as “informed on their no vote.”

This is just plain wrong to subject Europe and the Lisbon Treaty – and the whole world – to what is really mob rule in Europe!The truth is that any constitution should have legitimacy with the citizens. However, as with the old constitutional treaty, many of those that voted “no’ in France and Holland had, one, not read the treaty and understood what it said, and, two, voted ‘no’ for other reasons, such as “no to Turkish membership.”

So, if a voter wanted to voice displeasure with the push to put Turkey in the Union, he voted “no” even though Turkish membership had nothing to do with the constitutional treaty!Another reason why I’m opposed to referendums on the Lisbon Treaty is that, along with not reading or understanding the Treaty, the voter is easily duped by anti-EU and anti-Treaty propaganda, which is much easier to obtain from television or newspapers than pro-Treaty information. Some of this can be faulted to the Union, which often is mistakenly concerned with what elites and academics think, rather than what the European public thinks.

This mistake of courting only elite academics is also made here in the States, as the Union appears to be only concerned with what certain professors at Texas A&M or University of Wisconsin think rather than actual Americans. A referendum is not just what defines “democracy” and those that think so probably advocate for mob rule, as well.
Another thing: The America Constitution was not ratified by “the voters.” The early Americans never voted on the American Constitution. It was ratified by the States- and the American people had no vote on the Constitution! 

“The public” does not need to vote on everything to have evidence that it is “living in a democracy.” Modern “democracy” is not defined by the ability of the public to vote on absolutely everything, but mob rule is defined in this way! Modern Western democratic practice is also about voting for representatives that can understand and ratify major international treaties, like the Lisbon Treaty. Since when, outside of the European Union, is it common practice for a nation to “hold a referendum” on entering into international treaties?The ones calling for the Lisbon Treaty to be thrown to the mobs are the usual suspects in Britain, the usual corner of the Union where lunatic conspiracy theories about “Brussels” are cooked up. This corner promotes the mistaken notion that the Lisbon Treaty spells and end to national sovereignty and national governance. Their lunacy is effectively ended by Article Five in the statements on subsidiarity and proportionality. Article Four: “The Union shall respect the equality of the Member States before the Treaties, as well as their national identities, inherent in their fundamental structures, political, constitutional, inclusive of regional and local self government.”
When one reads these two articles, the euroskeptics have been defrocked of their arguments…but I’ll bet they haven’t read this?! 

As a resident of America, I find that the European Union acting in the world could have a powerful and positive effect in the defense of international law and human rights. The Lisbon Treaty helps unleash Europe’s potential to a play a meaningful role on the world stage. Also, as the influence of the Union, I believe, had an effect on New Jersey’s courageous decision to abolish the death penalty. This Union could, once it jettisons leaders that want to sell out Europe for American interests, could affect and effect change in the culture, social and economic fabric in America itself. America could be Europeanized. This could help me, personally, and others in my station. Some things are best NOT being voted on in popular referendums, and the Lisbon Treaty is vastly too important for the future of the whole world to throw to unruly Europe’s mobs!The Lisbon Treaty – The Lisbon Treaty – Future of Europe –Jens- Peter Bonde “New Name- Same Content”-
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