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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Islamisation hysteria over gender seating at "speaking function" in the UK.

 There is a hate-inspired ruckus in the UK over demand of a hypothetical, orthodox Islamic speaker to "have his audience in a university lecture hall segregated by gender." You may read about this at the link above and provided [here - here] Those that promote Islamophobia and the Islamisation myth have likened this prospect of a gender segregated audience for a single speaker to South African Apartheid and the institution of segregation of black Americans in the American South.  These comparisons are outrageous given that this gender segregation was to be for one or a few hypothetical speakers at a public university -- while both South African Apartheid and racial segregation in the South were real institutionalized practices of inequality and dehumanization, often characterized by violence against the oppressed group.

 How are seating arrangements devaluing and dehumanizing one or both genders?

When asked the question about how gender segregation for a hypothetical single program means that some audience members are viewed as "less than" because of seating arrangements - the opponents on various forums simply could not answer. Most of the replies were based on the Islamification myth and the notion that Muslims are trying to take over the West (with help from the "godless" political left) and destroy Western Christian civilization and bring about some kind of a "global caliphate". A hypothetical Islamic "speaker" and his "demand" for gender seperation is yet another example of the "advancement of sharia law." The "imposition of sharia law on society" is a  part of the larger Islamisation mythology.  This stuff is very much, well, crackpot, and there are naive, very misinformed people are out there fighting something (Islamisation) that is not happening or occurring. This type of moral panic is (ab)used by deviant political actors (Geert Wilders and his PVV) to compromise the religious freedom of Muslims living in European countries. If anything, the growing institutional prejudice, discriminatory legislation, counter-terrorism practices and lack of equal protections of the laws are setting up an apartheid for Muslims living in Europe.

Reality check on the "apartheid" of the "gender segregation" hysteria. Some gender segregation is permitted for a religious group conducting a religious service. It is not permissible to gender segregate a lecture hall in a public university in a manner that implies inequality, and it should not be allowed, but it's possible and acceptable if there is NO implication of gender inequality. The gender separation could also be in the context of the program. The legality is determined on a case by case basis. That's a good balance, so comparisons to institutionalized oppression in South Africa and the American South are utterly outrageous, shameful, and should be apologized for by those abusing and cheapening the horrors of racial oppression. Here's a view from the Guardian about what is actually permissible:
It took the example of an ultra-orthodox religious group invited to speak as part of a wider series of talks on faith, where the speaker requested the audience be segregated by gender. The guidance says that if, for example, women and men were seated separately side by side rather than men at the front and women at the back there would not necessarily be any gender inequality, and voluntary segregation could be permitted (emphasis mine -The Guardian, 13 December 2013). 

What made racial segregation evil was that the "separate but equal" accommodation (Plessy v Ferguson,  1898) was not at all equal (Brown v. Board of Education, 1954), but institutionalized practices of inequality and dehumanization, often characterized by violence against the oppressed group..  Again - this is about promoting the myth of Islamisation and getting people emotional about something that is not happening or occurring...There can be NO simplistic comparisons between the evil and appalling institution of segregation in the American South and seating arrangements for a hypothetical  program - where the opponents cannot demonstrate how one gender is devalued and dehumanized to the extent of systematic dehumanization of black people in the American South.

What we need to watch closely now is if there is an attempt to now take this hysteria and use it to interfere with the religious practices of any religious group that has gender based religious practices, which also includes Christian faiths. Some of these hate groups that feed off of media attention to promote Islamophobia have been using the "sharia law threat" myth to try and interfere with religious practices of Muslims in their own communities. We must stop them from further interference in religious freedoms!

Well, in the end, we know what this hysteria is about ... promoting the myth of "Islamisation" ... getting people to fight something that's not occurring and will not happen. We know...this is "creeping sharia" and the "coming of the long Eurabian night" and, well, you all know the rest of the rubbish...xD

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poor Little Extremist Brat! Geert Wilders angry over German extreme right propaganda report!

Why Geert Wilders is a right wing extremist.  There is an idea out there that “extreme right” is only a label for those people and “political parties” that are anti-Semitic and hate Jews. It’s as if there is a checklist, and if the “requirement” of anti-Semitism is not met, the person or “party” is “not extreme right.” Well – this is wrong and the label “extreme right” also includes hate of multiculturalism and opposition to the idea of equality of all human beings before the law.

Paul Hainsworth (2008) wrote one of the most recent books on the extreme right and he devotes an entire chapter to names and label of the extreme right. “Extreme right parties” and movements can be defined as in opposition to liberal democratic values and practices of liberal democratic societies. Extreme right wing is anti-constitutional and anti-democratic, rejecting the idea of human equality before the law (12). Hainsworth also devotes some ink to Geert Wilders and the notion that he is not a right wing extremist because he embraces some liberal values, as well as the argument that Wilders' love for the Jews means he is not anti-Semitic, and therefore not "extreme right wing."  However –the defination of "extreme right" includes a larger hate that is directed at immigrants, refugees and hate of the multicultural society (73-74). Hate of multicultural society and Muslim immigrants is part of Geert Wilders' trademark, as it was for Pim Fortuyn, and the belief that “Muslim immigrants threaten Dutch values.”  Paul Hainsworth (2008) The Extreme Right in Western Europe. New York, NY: Routledge.

The Dutch are in need of a serious ear washing! Following their pro-Wilders fashion, the Dutch media, especially Volkskrant, has published Wilders rants over a German Justice ministry’s report on propaganda that has pinned extreme right activity – including radicalization of young people – on him. Wilders - behaving like a real Nazi - has now demanded that the Dutch foreign ministry “summon the German ambassador” over “slander against a major Dutch political party.” If the PVV is a “major political party” this should present a great shame on the Netherlands, as well as a major threat. Wilders – the piece of garbage that he is - rants over Twitter:
EN-se government must summon German ambassador and power wash the ears of outrageous suggestion PVV ideas.

Now – it’s the German ambassador who should go and give Uri Rosenthal a much needed ear washing over his country's allowing of Lone Loon, “political parties” that openly threaten liberal democratic values, both at home and abroad, to spread hate and help promote violence against a religious minority. The Dutch are in need of a serious ear washing and the Germans may yet save Europe from another violent dictator coming out of the Netherlands. It is the Dutch government that needs to be lectured to – not the Germans – who are rightfully protecting their country from Geert Wilders and his “Freedom Party” (not!). The perception from the Dutch media is that “Wilders right, German government wrong.”  It is the Dutch who are wrong and pro-Wilders rags (Volkskrant is a main pro-Wilders offender) continue to harm Dutch society with their irresponsible spread of anti-Left hate and Islamophobia as “news stories.”

Geert Wilders is possibly responsible for anti-Muslim violence. The main theme of the German report was the hate of multiculturalism and the “fear of the stranger.” Connected to the terrorist attack in Norway, we see the rise of hate-mongers using the term “freedom” and “pro.”  The pro-Wilders rag, Volkskrant, scoffs the idea that hateful activities in Germany have caused a rise in the radicalization of German young people.  The German report cites websites and Facebook groups that spread and celebrate hate against Muslims, featuring Wilders’ own picture on extreme right buttons, often against multiculturalism and advocating major human rights violations against Muslims and Muslim communities.  In the context of Wilders, the German report cited the radicalization of German young people to hateful associations and ideas.

Thank you Germany! First of all – as I’ve stated – there is quite a bit of a difference between how Germany views the extreme right – and how the Netherlands views the extreme right.  Allowing for “political parties” that desire to persecute and define as “enemy” a portion of a national population should be viewed a shameful by the Dutch people.  Germany has learned from its history that these types of politics must never become acceptable and legitimized in a civilized, democratic nation. The German experience of the 1930s now allows Germans to use this past historical experience to see other such threats against Europe. It is quite clear from Geert Wilders statements and actions that he intends to spread anti-Muslim hate and violence through out the Western world.

Germany could possible help save Europe (as well as the Netherlands) from Geert Wilders and the PVV’s hateful ambitions against religious minority communities in Europe and North America!

I suspected , sooner or later, Geert Wilders and his hateful ways would be discovered by German officials to have had an influence in the German extreme right. Hate of Muslims goes in hand with hate of multiculturalism and liberal democratic values, such as equality before the law, but also freedom of religion and expression. Geert Wilders and his highly dangerous PVV “political party” want a society that is contrary to liberal democratic values – and this is something that must be vigorously resisted. Lets now hope that this report on extreme right propaganda helps to send the PVV to the garbage dump of history –next to the Nazi party - and sends Wilders into a permanent retirement from politics!

[caption id="attachment_3121" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="Wilders rightly called an influence on the German extreme right."][/caption]

Excerpts from Zwischen Propaganda und Mimikry Neonazi-Strategien in Sozialen Netzwerken (translated) :

1Anti-Muslim racism

The button recalls, with its red sun on a yellow background with the knownPins »nuclear power? No Thanks, ". This is by design and another example ofhow to take right-wing populist / right-wing extremists inside and a symbolism thatoriginally come from different political contexts. This sun peeps grim and wearing a black beard. There is still the slogan: "Islamization?No thank you, ". Right-wing populist / neo-Nazi press in and so their rejection of Islamfrom which they impute generalizing to be aggressive and hostile. Islamophobia /internal use in the social networks like lbildern buttons on their professional to share their beliefs at first sight with the world. Thus Buttons by - among others by Geert Wilders used - logo of a crossed-Mosque spread. Slogans such as "multi-cultural? No thanks!  "," No Sharia "and"All know: Sarrazin is right" are popular. Some of these users commit / inside to the NPD or the 'Autonomous Nationalist / inside out ", other right-wing populistParties as "pro Germany" or "Freedom". Many also use this Buttons, without getting too committed to a right-wing organization. Islamophobic Sayings and symbols are not only far-right and right-wing populist /inside, but apparently also in the general population (23).

2In the summer of 2011 were right-wing extremists in Berlin-Kreuzberg organize a march- Surreptitiously and made an appointment for the social networks. However, the plan also flog just on this, because a neo-Nazi was looking forward to
the Facebook wall of a "comrade" in the run-off too s to the planned
Provocation. The opening ce could still organize a counter demonstration Prevent (including over the Internet) and the final deployment.But also very off-ene Event Views find themselves in the Web 2.0. Neo-Nazi concerts like "Rock for Germany, "or the" Day of the German future, "an annual stattfi Ndende right-wing demonstration, have their own pages on social networks. There
spread with the neo-Nazi propaganda texts and videos of their network, and provide a starting point for those interested in the Nazi scene, but not yet involved. Young people. Because in addition to neo-postings fi nd there always and positive-minded contributions of users / interior, whose pro le otherwise be very
little or no evidence of partially give an appropriate disposition.
The contact is formed, because a young person a song of a band like that on a plays such a concert, or because he or she is just in general for "the future Wants to use "- perhaps without thinking about it on racist ideas.
Whether the non-user right / inside but actually corresponding to the Events are gone, can not be checked, of course.

Even right-wing populist parties are trying to use the social networks, to advertise their events - but rather counter-productive. For example, announced "Pro Germany 'on facebook its so-called" Islamisation International "In Berlin and" Freedom "applied for an event with Geert Wilders- For which they claimed (horrendous) Admission. But since even before the Event became clear that the demand would be quite low, saw the Party forced to lower the ticket prices drastically. This development also can understand very well on the whiteboard. Weak demand indicated also on the Facebook page of the "pro Germany" - Congress to: Only 32 pledges received prior to the event virtually. Ultimately found to be Congress just Islamophobe / inwards (19).

3. Islam haters / inside

In summer 2010 Anders Breivik Behring perpetrated attacks in Norway, where77 people died. His motive was hatred of a multicultural  society and Islam, which threatened to take over Europe in his  delusions.The basic assumptions of the world share many thoughts Breivik. Under the Banner of right-wing populist parties, such as "freedom" or the  "Pro"-movements,gather those who perceive Islam as a danger for Europe, with theall funds must be wards. Besides Islam, the multicultural societyand also rejected the Greens, who makes one for the present social respon-sible. A white, Christian Europe is the ideal of this movement. TheirMentor / internal write down their thoughts on blogs, on sites such as the thenBe "Politically Incorrect," compiled and linked. Supposedly
demonstratedis the racist worldview with daily horror stories about "bad" Migrants / internally and / or Muslim / inside. Racist
statements and attributionsare the rule. The sources are often quite populist and extreme right.The "Islam-critical" movement is not a closed group and the
reservationstowards Islam and the Muslim / inside are widespread in society. Accordingly accepted and widespread the issue is also on the Internet. Nextpopular Internet sites such as "Politically Incorrect" (in the summer of 2011 at number 28 The German blog charts) are available in numerous social networks corresponding groups with names like "Islamization - no thanks," "Islam does not belong "to Germany," "Stop the multicultural mania.
They serve as a Type message stream, in which the user / inside constantly get the latest newsthe imaginary revolution of Islam in Europe or the collapse of the European Cultural gathering. In comments confirmed to each other how bad the Situation was and how depraved society and government. Extreme right parties be, despite the inherent racism declined and instead right-wing populist Groups preferred. The worldview is Eurocentric and
backward-robeconservatively. Foreign users / inside against one is open, provided them an affinity for "anti-Islamic" movement have. Is the first step inthe digital world of Islam-haters / inside is done, it is at once very quickly: in thecorresponding Facebook groups with names like "better Europe", "ConservativeVoice "or "Turkey is not in the EU "will be invited as well as unsolicited otherwise you also get friend requests. (Jb)


Geert Wilders Angry at German ‘Right-wing Populist’ Label
- Loonwatch

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Zwischen Propaganda und Mimikry Neonazi-Strategien in
Sozialen Netzwerken (DE)

Aughh! Geert Wilders boos door de Duitse extreem-rechts rapport

Waarom Geert Wilders is een rechtse extremist. Er is een ideeuit dat er "extreem rechts" is slechts een label voor die mensenen "politieke partijen", dat zijn anti-semitische en haat joden. Het is alsof er een checklist, en als de "eis" van anti-semitisme isniet voldaan, wordt de persoon of "partij" is "niet extreem-rechts." Nou - dat is verkeerd en het label "extreem-rechts 'ookeen hekel van multiculturalisme en verzet tegen de idee vangelijkheid van alle mensen voor de wet.

Paul Hainsworth (2008) schreef een van de meest recente boeken over extreem-rechts en hij wijdt een heel hoofdstuk aande namen en label van extreem-rechts. "Extreem-rechtspartijen" en bewegingen kan worden gedefinieerd als in oppositie met liberaal-democratische waarden en praktijkenvan de liberaal-democratische samenlevingen. Extreemrechtse anti-constitutionele en anti-democratische, afwijzing van het idee van menselijke gelijkheid voor de wet (12). Hainsworth wijdt ook een aantal inkt om Geert Wilders en het idee dat hij niet een rechtse extremist, omdat hij omhelst een aantal liberale waarden, evenals het argument dat Wilders de Joden lief te hebben en is niet antisemitisch. Echter, de extreem-rechtse is groter haat is gericht op immigranten, vluchtelingen en haat van de multiculturele samenleving (73-74). Haat van de multiculturele samenleving en islamitische immigranten is Geert Wilders handelsmerk, zoals het was voorPim Fortuyn, en het geloof dat 'moslim-immigrantenNederlandse waarden bedreigen. "Paul Hainsworth (2008) The Extreme Right in Western Europe. New York, NY: Routledge.

De Nederlanders zijn met behoefte aan een ernstige oorwassen! Na hun pro-Wilders mode, de Nederlandse media, in het bijzonder Volkskrant heeft gepubliceerd Wilders rants over een Duits rapport ministerie van Justitie op de propaganda die is vastgemaakt uiterst rechts activiteiten - met inbegrip vanradicalisering van jongeren - op hem. Wilders heeft nu geëistdat het Nederlandse ministerie over "de Duitse ambassadeurontbieden", "laster tegen een" grote Nederlandse politieke partij "Als de PVV is een" grote politieke partij "dit zou een groteschande aanwezig op Nederland -. En het is de Nederlandsedie hebben veel van de benodigde antwoorden te geven. Wilders rants op Twitter:
NL-se regering moet Duitse ambassadeur ontbieden en met kracht de oren wassen over schandalige suggestie over PVV gedachtengoed.

Nu - het is de Duitse ambassadeur moet gaan en geef Uri Rosenthal een broodnodige oor wassen over waardoor eenman, "politieke partijen" die openlijk bedreigen liberaal-democratische waarden, zowel in binnen-en buitenland, enhaat te bevorderen geweld tegen een religieuze minderheid te verspreiden. De Nederlanders zijn met behoefte aan eenernstige oor wassen en de Duitsers misschien nog Europa te redden van een andere gewelddadige dictator uit van Nederland.

Sta sterk Duitsland! Staan tegen Wilders! Je doet het juiste dingvoor Europa ook!. Het is de Nederlandse overheid dat moet ook de les gelezen - niet de Duitsers - ". "Partij voor de Vrijheid ". Wildersrechts, Duitse overheid verkeerd", die terecht het beschermen van hun land van Geert Wilders en zijn De perceptie van de Nederlandse media is dat het is de Nederlanders die zijnverkeerd en pro-Wilders rags (Volkskrant is een van de belangrijkste pro-Wilders overtreder) blijven aan de Nederlandse samenleving schaden met hun onverantwoordeverspreiding van de anti-linkse haat en islamofobie als "nieuws."


Geert Wilders is mogelijk verantwoordelijk voor de anti-moslimgeweld. Het hoofdthema van het Duitse rapport was de haatvan het multiculturalisme en de "angst voor de vreemdeling." Verbonden met de terroristische aanslag in Noorwegen, zien we de opkomst van de haat-handelaren gebruik van de term"vrijheid" en "pro". Het pro--Wilders vod, Volkskrant, spot het idee dat haatdragende activiteiten in Duitsland hebben eenstijging van de radicalisering van de Duitse jongerenveroorzaakt. Het Duitse rapport citeert websites enFacebook-groepen die te verspreiden en te vieren haat tegenmoslims met Wilders 'eigen foto op extreem-rechts knoppen,vaak tegen multiculturalisme en het bepleiten van de belangrijkste schendingen van de mensenrechten tegen moslims en moslimgemeenschappen. In het kader vanWilders, het Duitse rapport noemde de radicalisering van de Duitse jongeren om hatelijk associaties en ideeën.

Dank je Duitsland! In de eerste plaats - zoals ik heb gezegd - er is wel een beetje een verschil tussen hoe Duitsland uitzicht op de extreem-rechtse - en hoe het standpunt van Nederlandextreem-rechts. Rekening houdend met "politieke partijen" dat verlangen te vervolgen en te definiëren als "vijand" een deel van een nationale bevolking moet worden beschouwd eenschandelijk door het Nederlandse volk. Duitsland heeft geleerd van de geschiedenis dat dit soort van de politiek nooit moetaanvaardbaar worden en gelegitimeerd in een beschaafde, democratische natie. De Duitse ervaring van de jaren 1930maakt het nu mogelijk Duitsers om dit verleden historische ervaring te gebruiken om andere dergelijke bedreigingen te zien tegen Europa. Het is heel duidelijk van Geert Wildersuitspraken en handelingen die hij van plan is om anti-moslimhaat en geweld verspreid over de westerse wereld!

Duitsland mogelijk zou kunnen redden Europa (even als Nederland) van Geert Wilders en hatelijk de ambities van de PVV tegen religieuze minderheden in Europa en Noord-Amerika!

Ik vermoed, vroeger of later, Geert Wilders en zijn hatelijkemanier zou worden ontdekt door de Duitse ambtenaren te hebben gehad een invloed op de Duitse extreem-rechts. Haatvan de moslims in hand gaat met haat van multiculturalisme enliberaal-democratische waarden, zoals gelijkheid voor de wet, maar ook de vrijheid van godsdienst en meningsuiting. Geert Wilders en zijn zeer gevaarlijk PVV "politieke partij" wil eensamenleving die in strijd is met de liberale democratische waarden - en dit is iets dat krachtig moet worden bestreden.Laten we nu hopen dat dit rapport over extreem-rechtspropaganda helpt om de PVV te sturen naar de vuilnisbelt van de geschiedenis, naast de nazi-partij - en stuurt Wilders in een permanente pensioen van de politiek!

Fragmenten uit Zwischen Propaganda und Mimikry Neonazi-Strategien in Sozialen Netzwerken:
1. De knop roept, met zijn rode zon op een gele achtergrond met de bekende Pins »kernenergie? Nee bedankt, ". Dit wordt door design eneen ander voorbeeld van hoe de rechts-populistische / rechts extremisten binnen en eensymboliek die rekening oorspronkelijk komen uit verschillende politieke contexten. Dat de zon ziet er grimmig en het dragen van een zwarte baard. Er is nog steeds de slogan: "islamisering? Nee dank u, ". Rechts-populistische / neo-nazi pers in en zohun afwijzing van de islam van waaruit zij toerekenen generaliseren om agressief en vijandig. Islamofobie /intern gebruik in de sociale netwerken zoals lbildern knoppen op hun professionele om hun geloof te delen op het eerste gezicht met de wereld. ZoKnoppen door - onder anderen door de gebruikte Geert Wilders - het logovan een gekruiste Moskee te verspreiden. Slogans zoals "multi cultureel? Nee, dank je! "," Geen sharia "en "Alle weten: Sarrazin is right" populair zijn. Sommige van dezegebruikers plegen / binnen
aan de NPD of de 'Autonome Nationalistische / binnen naar buiten", andere rechts-populistische Partijen als "pro Duitsland" of "Freedom". Velen gebruiken deze Knoppen, zonder al te hecht waarde aan een rechtseorganisatie. islamofobe Uitspraken en symbolen zijn niet alleen extreem-rechtse en rechts populistische /
binnen, maar blijkbaar ook in de algemene bevolking.

2. Zelfs rechts-populistische partijen proberen de sociale netwerken te gebruiken, om hun evenementen adverteren - maar eerder contra-productief. bijvoorbeeld, heeft aangekondigd "Pro Duitsland" op facebook de zogenaamde 'islamisering International "In Berlijn en" Freiheit "aangevraagd voor een evenement met Geert Wilders- Voor welke zij beweerden (verschrikkelijke) Toegang. Maar omdat nog voor de Geval duidelijk werd dat de vraag zou heel laag zijn, zag de Partij gedwongen om drastisch verlagen van de ticketprijzen. Deze ontwikkeling ook kan heel goed begrijpen op het whiteboard. Zwakke vraag aangegeven ook op de Facebook-pagina van de "pro Duitsland" - Congres: Alleen 32 toezeggingen ontvangen voorafgaand aan het evenement virtueel. Uiteindelijk blijken te zijn Congres alleen maar islamofoob / naar binnen.

[caption id="attachment_3113" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="Wilders terecht riep een invloed op de Duitse extreem-rechts. "][/caption]

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Zwischen Propaganda und Mimikry Neonazi-Strategien in
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Monday, August 30, 2010

EDL riot in Bradford, free speech, and courage to stand against hate

[caption id="attachment_766" align="alignright" width="150" caption="EDL radicals met their match Saturday against 1600 brave police officers"]EDL radicals met their match against 1600 brave police officers[/caption]

What was the right thing to do was for British Home Secretary, Theresa May, to ban "all marches" after police and residents of the Town of Bradford were concerned about "the big one" from EDL radicals.  May could not prevent the radicals from holding their August 28th "protest" in Bradford, even as 10,000 Bradford residents signed a petition against the EDL's presence. However,  as a counter-protest to the presence of EDL radicals, the good people of Bradford, many of them Asians and Muslims, including the United Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate groups - hold their own highly successful peace vigil and silent resistance to Islamophobic extremism.
"The citizens of Bradford were, therefore, unmoved and untroubled to any significant extent and this was due to the excellent planning and joint endeavours of the police and local council."

Courage was displayed not by fighting, but though leadership as the good people of Bradford and police stood against EDL radicals, prompting a Bradford community leader, Ishtiaq Ahmed, to comment:
"It was impressive to see young people taking on the leadership role to keep things calm and peaceful."The police response was courageous and appropriate."

Good planning and police courage was needed to face down EDL and BNP party radicals. Yet the police had to brave missiles, rocks and bottles, thrown by the radicals. Police made the radicals back off into a pen area - and what was being dubbed "the big one" by EDL radicals themselves - was defused by over 1600 officers from 13 forces in an efforts to avoid the violence of the 2001 riots.[see - Bradford Demonstrations: Arrests/charges][youtube id="HJTznntj0pQ&" w="200" h="200"] [youtube id="Bf-6hIN1H4o" w="200" h="200"]Also to note that Pamela Geller has come out in favor of the actions of the EDL radicals in Bradford.  "What's wrong with that? Everything to the PC, leftist slaves in the media and the government" - wrote Geller- which are  probably the sentiments of Geert Wilders and the PVV.  So - now, being anti-violence and for peaceful and tolerant communities is now "PC" and of "leftist slaves?"We need to understand that the Geller and Wilders' hate-mongering ilk have a war against everything that is good and decent in Western democratic society. They are not for freedom and equality, but for exclusion, racism, bigotry, Islamophobia and even violence against the police and innocent people.[youtube id="JcjQ4HOnP0Q" w="200" h="200"]Watch this video - and see that Pamela Geller supported an attempt to invade, disrupt and cause violence in this Town of Bradford, which is a community of peace, tolerance and unity."Freedom of speech" as the freedom to insult and provoke. Crime prevention minister James Brokenshire was one of the leading advocates to bar the EDL radicals from a Bradford march. He clearly knows the difference between real free speech and the "free speech" as a "right" advocated by the Geert Wilders ilk to cause public disorder and commit violent acts

'So while the Government has set out its commitment to restore rights to non-violent protest, we are equally clear that such rights do not extend to intimidation, harassment and criminality, and that rights to protest need to be balanced against the wider rights of local communities.'Demonstrations should not and cannot be cover for violent, intimidating or criminal acts.The Government condemns those who seek to create distrust and divisions between communities and remains determined to stamp out racism and extremism.'

We need to explain to the ignorant what "free speech" really means - and that there are  limits to "free speech" in the name of societal peace and security.  This Dr. Larua ilk (as I will call them) believe in the "right" to call others offensive names and to abuse media access and notoriety to bring about hate of others (Geert Wilders and Jean-Marie LePen). This "free speech" also appears to mean the right to hold marches and demonstrations that result in property damage and physical attacks on others. The above are not "free speech" and it is right to criminalize all the acts above.  Part of this idea was recently affirmed by the Euroepan Court of Human Rights, when it affirmed the criminal conviction of LePen for hate speech against French Muslims (emphasis mine):
The applicant’s statements had been made in the context of a general debate on the problems linked to the settlement and integration of immigrants in their host countries. Moreover, the varying scale of the problems concerned, which could sometimes generate misunderstanding and incomprehension, required considerable latitude to be left to the State in assessing the need for interference with a person’s freedom of expression.In this case, however, Mr Le Pen’s comments had certainly presented the “Muslim community” as a whole in a disturbing light likely to give rise to feelings of rejection and hostility. He had set the French on the one hand against a community whose religious convictions were explicitly mentioned and whose rapid growth was presented as an already latent threat to the dignity and security of the French people.The reasons given by the domestic courts for convicting the applicant had thus been relevant and sufficient. Nor had the penalty imposed been disproportionate. The Court found that the interference with the applicant’s enjoyment of his right to freedom of expression had been “necessary in a democratic society”. His complaint was accordingly rejected.

Also - when Wilders' trial restarts in October - we should be assured that Wilders does not have a solid legal leg to stand on. What is also noteworthy is the the 'free speech champion," Geert Wilders, would like to ban the Koran and have peaceful protesters shot in the knees, among other anti-free speech policies. These "champions of free speech" on the radical right also believe that placing left-leaning authors, journalists and anti-war activists on watchlists for their free speech activities is appropriate counter-terrorism strategy. We must vigorously step up to defend real free speech, but draw the line as to the differences.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

English Defense League planning pro-Wilders action in Amsterdam

As this Author has discussed on this blog numerous times, there are security threats that are being totally ignored by the intelligence and law enforcement apparatus of both the United States and Europe.[caption id="attachment_713" align="alignright" width="150" caption="EDL street army to invade the Netherlands and Amsterdam - photo Gavin Lynn"]EDL street army to invade the Netherlands and Amsterdam - photo Gavin Lynn[/caption]Well - this threat of right-wing extremism is getting more violent and threatening to whole communities by the day - while the intelligence and law enforcement apparatus of both the US and Europe continue to place Muslim communities and Leftist groups under needless criminal surveillance. What a waste of resources needed to keep our communities safe from real and growing threats and violence!In the July 8th entry, UK: Continued focus on Muslims while ignoring the EDL- I discuss how the program called Prevent by the UK government was making Muslims feel criminalized, but at the same time the EDL "street army" marches on, taking real violence and disputation of British society as bad as any single "one off" Islamist terrorist attack. The continued ignorance of radicalization and violence by right-wing extremists and the continued wrong focus by the Western security and law enforcement apparatus on minor and almost non-extremist "Islamist radicalization" will cost both the US and Europe dearly...Given the few truly dangerous Islamists out there - largely in places like Yemen or Pakistan - the amount of resources currently being devoted to these very few security threats in far off lands are well out of proportion to the REAL security threats internally from very real right-wing terrorism! [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="235" caption="EDL street army to invade the Netherlands and Amsterdam"]Wiki commons - as all foto's op deze site[/caption]The English Defense League is now living up to the past predictions of this Author. A couple of week ago, some of its members were involved in a police shoot out and arrested in a bomb plot against a mosque. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't setting off a bomb that targets a mosque also considered an act of terrorism?[Police in Dorset arrest EDL member accused over suspected bomb plot - Police shoot out tyres of English Defence League member as seven are arrested over mosque 'bomb plot']There is a continued threat of terrorist violence against British Muslim communities, and this includes terrorism against their mosques. In the arrest of the EDL terrorists, the Muslim community was enlisted by police to help. This is how the relationship between police and Muslims communities should be formed: One of mutual cooperation, not generalized suspicion, which enhances the job of police to keep all communities and society safe. Too easy!However - we will probably have to see people die and suffer in violent disorder and terrorist attacks by EDL terrorists and right-wing radicals before proper perspective is restored to Western security, intelligence and law enforcement communities.EDL planning march in Amsterdam in October. This Author, as a donor to Nederland Bekent Kleur (Netherlands True Colors), get emails and notifications. Well this morning I was notified in Dutch that this violent EDL Street Army wants to invade the Netherlands and march in support of Geert Wilders on October 30. The email states that the EDL has over 100 members of its Facebook group, as of now, that want to march on Amsterdam:
Pro-Wilders protest van Engelse skinheads in Amsterdam. De extreemrechtse English Defence League is van plan om op 30 oktober, tijdens de rechtszaak tegen Wilders, in Amsterdam te gaandemonstreren vóór de PVV-leider. De English Defence League (EDL)staat in eigen land bekent om demonstraties met een gewelddadigkarakter. De groep bestaat ondermeer uit racistische skinheads en voetbalhooligans. De leider van de EDL is veroordeeld voorgeweldpleging. (Zie video: Vorige weeknog werden een aantal EDL-leden gearresteerd op verdenking vanvoorbereiding van een aanslag op een moskee (zie Daily Mail: Op de Facebook pagina van de EDL is tezien dat ruim honderd extreemrechtse Engelsen naar Amsterdam komenvoor de pro-Wilders demonstratie.
[‘Radicale pro-Wilders demo op 30 oktober’ - 'Engelse skinheads komen Wilders steunen in rechtszaak']The Netherlands should bar EDL members from entering the country! The Dutch government has an obligation to keep its citizens safe from violence, or even the threat of violence. Violence against Dutch Muslims, in their own country, is a high probability from an invading EDL street army.  The Dutch government must place entrance bans on EDL members to protect its citizens, especially the Dutch Muslim community. There are EDL membership lists - and as the email states - an EDL Facebook group. Law enforcement can find out the real identities of Facebook users - and Dutch police should find the names of those who want to invade Amsterdam. Safety and security of all citizens and persons with its national borders is a basic function of a national government!The Dutch security and law enforcement community, given the violent history of the EDL, should move to have its members excluded from entering the Netherlands. This is allowable under EU law - and is currently being used against Roma Gypsies across the European Union.  Even as this Author disagrees with this form of use against the Roma - there is a good case for excluding EDL hooligans from the Netherlands. Yep - EDL football hooligans, skinheads and right-wing terrorists can, indeed, be excluded from the Netherlands on the grounds that they pose a danger to the public safety, public order and security of the society. There are exceptions in EU law that allow Member States to exclude even EU citizens that pose a danger to the Member State. The Netherlands should use these exclusions...and protect its own people from this dangerous street army!This looming external threat against the Netherlands continues to demonstrate that Geert Wilders is not a product of Dutch society and politics - but is made by radicalized forces  from outside of the Netherlands, Geert Wilders - it will be demonstrated in the future - has been made by American radicals like Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, the racist-extremist Israeli Lukid Party, as well as the radicals of the EDL. The Dutch people, as I have said, must be forced to realize that Geert Wilders is not Dutch product, but part of a larger attempt to destroy Dutch culture, a nation built on religious minorities and tolerance as part of its noble national character and identity, some of which helped to shape our own modern-day religious freedom.

Friday, May 21, 2010

WATCH Europe and see how Americans deal with Islamophobe nutcakes

Repost from May 21, 2010As explained a multitude of times on this blog and other forums, the pattern of demonization and dehumanizing of Muslims is clear:    The usual garbage is that Muslims – all Muslims – are fanatical, all imams preach violence, all mosques are “hotbeds of radicalization” – therefore all Muslims are dangerous fanatics that are responsible for any act of violence committed by Muslims – including in the remote regions of Planet Earth.  This is absolute hate-mongering and it has NO place in a free society, which requires tolerance of all persons.Despite the many things that Americans screw-up in the world, there is one thing that Americans do right – and that is dealing with hate-mongers  of all strips, including the American Brown Shirts in the nutcase Tea Party with its nutcake members known as Tea Baggers.Well one of the nutcakes fell off the wall this week with sick comments about Cordoba House, a 13 story Islamic cultural enter describe as a center to help bring about peace and healing to the city. The problem that nutcake Mark Williams and other Islamophobes have with the Islamic center is that it’s two blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood.Williams, the Tea Party Express leader, went into a Islamophobic rant on his blog, calling the Cordoba Center a “monument ‘for the worship of the terrorists’ monkey-god.’ ” This cultural center would be used to “propagandize for the extermination of all things not approved by their cult” and “for terrorists and the animals who use it as a terrorist ideology.”After being rightfully blasted by those of us that live in the sane and rational world, Williams was unrepentant for his hate speech: “In the course of the article I described the ‘god’ worshiped by terrorists as ‘a monkey god’.  I was wrong and that was offensive…I owe an apology to millions of Hindus who worship Lord Hanuman, an actual Monkey God.”“Monkey god” is most defiantly racist – as “monkeys and apes” are often used by racists to degrade black people and other people of color.  “Monkey” and images of monkeys were used against President Obama by this same kind of racist Tea Party ilk.
The world of the sane and rational responds.
Keith Olbermann, yes, gotta love him! Thumbs up – on how Williams corrected his own hate babble – which sounds a bit like Wilderspraatje (Wilders’ babble) – or even the ranting madness of other self-hating Dutchmen, like  Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh.What was inspiring – and reflective of how Americans stood up in the Civil Rights movement – was to see New York’s politicians out on the site of the Cordoba House, condemning Williams and his Islamophobic sickness:Borough President Scott Stringer said, “his spewing of racial hatred reminds me…of Adolph Hitler. We reject him. We reject his bigotry.Listen to the hopeful message - “bigotry has no place in the Lower Manhattan” and “bigotry has no place in the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.” “The only way we have rebuilt is by coming together…”The Hitler-like comments – reminiscent of self-hating Dutchman, Pim Fortuyn, toward Dutch Muslims, have no place in a torn place like Lower Manhattan, which seeks reconciliation and peace after the September 11 attacks.  Two blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood is the most ideal place for this Islamic center. It will stand in defiance of hate, both from the September 11th hijackers and the likes of Mark Williams and the Tea Party nutcakes.Yes – Europe watch how we deal with hateful, anti-freedom, anti-democratic bigots like Mark Williams – and take notes. We go after them – and make them slither back under the rocks that they slithered out of. This is what needs to happen with all “anti-Islam political parties” in the Netherlands and Europe- including the anti-Semitic and anti-Roma parties- they need to be chased back under the filthy rocks these slimballs slithered out of.!Cordoba House:  Hope From the Ashes of Tragedy – updated

Monday, May 10, 2010

No Sharia law courts in the Netherlands

According to those that believe in the Islamification myth, one of the “dangers” of “the growing Muslim population in Europe and America” is the idea of “creeping Sharia.” Sharia, the Islamic law code, is portrayed in Islamification mythology as harsh and brutal, calling for women to be treated as animals and a criminal code that calls for limb amputations and beheading.

Yes, in some Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia and in parts of Nigeria, these practices are, indeed,  taking place.  In Nigeria, there is an atmosphere of corruption and abuses of the government that have absolutely nothing to do with Islam in the North. The abuse of the human rights of women is a concern addressed by Human Rights Watch toward the Saudi government - gay rights is a pressing need too. However, the Saudis recently took a recommendation from HRW and created a public defender system.We should push for reforms in places like Saudi Arabia, but the harshness of Sharia in Saudi Arabia and the brutality in parts of  Nigeria are not stiff models. The truth about Islamic law is that there are vast differences in its interpretation, and debates and discourse about the law code are happening in Islam, like in every other area of the faith.The polling of Muslims living in Muslim countries shows that Muslims believe that Sharia can be practiced in a democratic society, with respect for freedom of speech. The practice of Sharia in Morocco is described as a just that, in contrast to the practice in Saudi Arabia.  Morocco is democracy and it also practices Sharia lawSharia practice applies to Muslims only, and not non-Muslims.The interpretation of Sharia law is as diverse as Islam itself, reflecting the diversity of Muslim communities – and the Islamic law code applies only to Muslims. There is simply no evidence of a wide-spread, mainstream call by either European or American Muslims, to force a harsh version on the US and European nations. Sharia Law is only for Muslims, like the canon law of the Catholic Church is just for Catholics.

[caption id="attachment_40" align="alignleft" width="117" caption="No Sharia law in the Netherlands"]No Sharia law in the Netherlands[/caption]

This is now apparent in the Netherlands. In a little covered story (I always watch Dutch news) we find the release of a study by Radboud University of Nijmegen for the Scientific Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) of the Dutch Justice ministry on Sharia in the Netherlands. According to Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin:
The Netherlands has no sharia courts. Due to the ethnic and religious diversity among Dutch Muslim groups, the existence of an official lawgiving institute for all Muslims in the Netherlands is equally unlikely.“Many Muslims in the Netherlands ask within a small circle or among Islam experts about questions in which Islamic views and living in Dutch society make choices necessary. Together they seek the best solution under the given circumstances: How can an individual Muslim live according to Islamic rules in a non-Islamic country?” 

Nope – and there are NO attempts by “Muslims” to “force” harsh forms of Sharia on the rest of the Dutch population. This sounds more like religious counseling that other faiths offer to believers, and there’s is nothing wrong with that…While I’m not a Muslim, there should not be anything sinister about a Muslim wanting to consult an imam for a religious view on conflict resolution, or banking, or marriage counseling.Now – let’s look at this report, shall we?The research report focuses on conflict resolution among “those concerned.” We find that Muslims have different views about Sharia, some believe that it is a legislative system, some see it as religious rites of Islam, others see it as a system of broad norms and values. The researchers found the Sharia is an abstract concept of “proper Islamic behavior” for the respondents  (p. 2-3).  What is also stated in this report is that Dutch Muslims don’t want Sharia Law as the law of the Netherlands (p.3):
Respondents did not express a concrete desire to have sharia introduced in an official capacity in the Netherlands, as many of the sharia rules which respon‐dents deemed of importance can already be carried out within Dutch law. More‐over, a majority of respondents maintained that sharia decrees that Muslims must follow the law in force where they live or, should this pose insurmountable problems, move away (emphasis mine).Nonetheless respondents perceived a normative and regulating role for sharia in the Netherlands. Government, some respondents feel, is missing out by not using the opportunities sharia offers to, for instance, safeguard the position of Islamic women who divorced their husbands according to Dutch law, by also arranging a divorce according to sharia. Also, religious authorities could assist by confronting criminal Muslims over the latter’s behaviour and fear of God (emphasis mine). 

So, Dutch Muslims would find it helpful to use  Sharia to confront Muslims that have fallen into criminality- using the “fear of God.” Some in the Moroccan community as I have written here are doing some of that. What we hear widely called for by Wilders is to “shoot them in the knees,” take their citizenship and deport them (all illegal under international law -btw) when the ethnic communities should be involved in crime reduction, as well as counter-radicalization efforts and conflict resolution.Sharia based conflict resolution in the Netherlands. Those Muslims that seek conflict settlement are likely to consult friend and family first.

Sometimes, one might seek council over the internet, but there is a question of the expertise of the information, and this is viewed as a problem. Failure to get an acquit resolution can lead a Muslim seeking the advise of a expert for a decision. Sharia rules are used to find a religiously appropriate direction, provide normative practices, and serve as an “official” decision. The decisions are not legally binding, but family, friends and other members of the group put pressure on those involved for compliance (p. 6-8).NO – there is NO clamor by Dutch Muslims to force the adoption of  Sharia Law as the law of the Netherlands. Respondents to this study have pointed out that they must follow the laws of the country that now live in (p. 8). There is nothing wrong with the ability for Muslims in any country to consult religious imams and experts for conflict resolution and other advise. This is what Sharia in the Netherlands is: It’s an informal method for Muslims in very diverse Dutch Muslims communities to seek resolutions  of conflicts within the practice of their faith. The notion that this will – in some crazy thought – lead to oppression of non-Muslims, forcing women to wear veils, and cutting people’s heads off is silly and  part of the insanity and ignorance that comes with the blind belief in the Islamification myth.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some of Geert Wilders American right wing supporters are exposed

Last week, while I was busy working on my working paper – a few of my prayers were answered. It is a constant prayer of mine that the Geert Wilders never becomes the next prime minister and that he goes quietly into retirement without further damage to the Netherlands’ national identity.Well – Wilders is in politics for himself – and for his American conservative follower. If the Dutch actually install Wilders as their next prime minister – they will get a tsunami of American Conservatives, the most nasty bunch of riff-raff on Planet Earth!It seems that one of these numerous riff-raff elements that support Wilders, the Christian Action Network, headed up by Martin Mawyer, did a one-hour movie celebrating Wilders (who may turn out to be the Slobodan Milosevic of the Netherlands someday) – and wanted to preview it with Wilders in Hollywood on May 1st. Wilders was happy and honored – and all set to come, until the real story about CAN came to light in a Dutch newspaper.It seems that Martin Mawyer is a homophobe freak-nutcase that has some rather ranting types of fund-raising letters about “TV coming out of the closet.”Well – the Netherlands is not the place to be a homophobe or associated with homophobic freaks like Mawyer. It’s the kiss of death for a political career. Gay people are totally accepted in the Netherlands – which is a great thing – and Wilders bases his Islamophobia platform of “protecting gays from Islamic fundamentalism.” Wilders had to back out, but not after trying to explain that “yes we have different views” and tried to downplay the association with the CAN and Mawyers.You can read the article from the Americans United for the Seperation of Church and State – which turned over information about Mawyers and his homophobic antics which has tainted Wilders and his election bids. Americans United said in their blog:
“Let this be a lesson to political leaders here and abroad: Be careful whom you call your allies; there may be disturbing skeletons lurking in their closets.”
The problem with Geert Wilders is that much of his American support base is this nutty and freakish!It is hoped that this revelation to the Dutch people about the questionable nature of some of Wilders American fan-base will cause further inquiries by the Dutch and European media into Wilders’ associations on the Western side of the Atlantic.  It is hoped that enough damage can be inflicted on Geert Wilders and his one man PVV party that it keeps him out of  a Parliament coalition altogether.The reality that the Dutch people should find out is that the “islamification of the Netherlands” is a myth and a hoax. Voting for a myth and a hoax should be viewed with disdain and laughter if it wasn’t a serious threat as it now is in the Netherlands.  The other reality is that Wilders is probably NOT friendly to Gays and is probably lying to them, as George W. Bush lied to the American people during his 2004 campaign about the “threat of gay marriage.”  This ilk that Wilders is celebrated by will surely put pressure on him to clamp down on Gays. The other grim reality is that if Wilders gets to be PM – it won’t be Dutch people running the Netherlands anymore.Can one join Wilders’ PVV party or is there democratic voting in it? NOPE!The future and freedom of the Dutch people and the Netherlands rests on keeping out and eliminating Geert Wilders from government power where he can cause perhaps murderous trouble against his own people and fellow citizens.

Hollywood: Geert Wilders Movie Aborted: Yes We CAN!

A Geert Wilders Jingle: “Our Geert

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Geert Wilders as a threat to Dutch freedom

While the so-called “gains” made by Geert Wilders so-called “Freedom Party” (de Partij voor de Vrijheid [tegen vrijheid!]) in the March 3 elections were acutally mininal, these advances made by the radical right in European elections is a grave and growing threat for European security.This author is currently working on a paper regarding the radical right and their advances in Europe – which will focus on Geert Wilders. There are some authors that blame the fragmentation of national identities in the era of globalization and European integration.  Some authors blame bad economic times. There is evidence that what is called “Euro-American” radicals and their communications through the Internet are a major source of the problem. What ever the source (probably all of the above) - the growing  radical right is a threat to freedom and democracy in Europe like no other since Adolf Hitler. Geert Wilders is himself a proud Thatcherite and, like most of the radical right, vigourously opposed to the European Union – so it is no surprise that Wilderspraat (Wilders talk) is laced with American conservative language (ex. “less taxes, less Islam”). It is no wonder that his film Fitna has been shown to largely Euro-American radical right audiences and the House of Lords. We should also become concerned with just who is funding the so-called “Freedom Party” as we questioned who funded Declan Ganley and the Irish, Lisbon Treaty “no” vote. We need to be concerned of the prospect of funding for Geert Wilders’ one man show coming from the Western side of the Atlantic, where he is most popular among American conservatives.

If the Dutch are stupid enough to actually vote this party in and Wilders gets to be PM, you can best bet that the Koran will be banned and Dutch Muslims’ freedom of religion will be oppressed. The Dutch intelligence and police services will be turned against innocent Dutch Muslims and those that oppose Willders. Terrorist acts that occur (rightfully) – will be a self fulfilling prosperity and blamed on “radicalized Muslims.” Those that will struggle for freedom in the Netherlands will be branded as a “threat” and “dangerous.” This will be celebrated as a “great victory” among the American radical right as darkness descends in the Netherlands.

To oppose Geert Wilders no matter how far he gets in politics is a great and worthy struggle - as it is a struggle for freedom for both the Netherlands and for Europe.  We must be prepared for being labeled “threatening” and “dangerous” – as those that want to “Stop Wilder Nu” are being labeled as “threatening.” All those that oppose Wilders will be described as “threatening” – even as it is actually Wilders that poses the greatest danger.  I also intend to join the great and coming struggle against Wilders and the Muslim-hating, Euro-American radical right.To the Wilders-Thatcher-Reagen -American conservative ilk – “freedom of speech” applies only to their speech. Those that oppose the Wilders ilk and like-minded travelers – well their speech are “threats” and must be suppressed.For the claims that those of us that oppose Wilders are elitists – please note that Wilders himself is an elitist – just as Wilders is actually anti-freedom!  You can’t join this party or influence its policies and is, therefore anti-democratic!According to DutchNews:
The reasons why the Freedom Party are only standing in these two municipalities are in themselves worth highlighting. The Freedom Party is difficult to define. It is not a ‘party’ in the conventional sense of the term. You can donate to it, but cannot join it, nor influence its policy forming. It has no internal democracy. Its sole purpose is to serve as a platform for the ambitions of Geert Wilders and his brand of anti-Islamic populist nationalism; accurately described in a recent New York Times editorial as ‘hate spewing’ and ‘xenophobic ’. 

Now – why was Wilders’ criminal trial postponed? One explanation was to “not upset the electorate before the March 3 elections. Well – what should be noted is that the Dutch government and its prosecutors offices appear to be giving more “freedom of speech” to Wilders that to the rapper Mo$heb – who was punished for a song that was taken as “threatening to Wilders” for saying “bam bam.”   My, my – so – a song that “threatens Wilders” is “more dangerous” that the prospect of Wilders becoming the next Dutch PM and taking away the freedoms of a religious minority and  damaging the international relations of a country that has a proud  human rights and rule of law tradition?The prosecution (persecution) of Mo$heb and not Geert Wilders  indicates that the Netherlands has already lost its rule of law orientation.  Just who is being defined as a “threat” in the Netherlands has been turned on its head … this, and any connections to the Reagen-Thatcher – American conservative ilk will be exposed to the disinfection of sunlight.