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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Islamisation hysteria over gender seating at "speaking function" in the UK.

 There is a hate-inspired ruckus in the UK over demand of a hypothetical, orthodox Islamic speaker to "have his audience in a university lecture hall segregated by gender." You may read about this at the link above and provided [here - here] Those that promote Islamophobia and the Islamisation myth have likened this prospect of a gender segregated audience for a single speaker to South African Apartheid and the institution of segregation of black Americans in the American South.  These comparisons are outrageous given that this gender segregation was to be for one or a few hypothetical speakers at a public university -- while both South African Apartheid and racial segregation in the South were real institutionalized practices of inequality and dehumanization, often characterized by violence against the oppressed group.

 How are seating arrangements devaluing and dehumanizing one or both genders?

When asked the question about how gender segregation for a hypothetical single program means that some audience members are viewed as "less than" because of seating arrangements - the opponents on various forums simply could not answer. Most of the replies were based on the Islamification myth and the notion that Muslims are trying to take over the West (with help from the "godless" political left) and destroy Western Christian civilization and bring about some kind of a "global caliphate". A hypothetical Islamic "speaker" and his "demand" for gender seperation is yet another example of the "advancement of sharia law." The "imposition of sharia law on society" is a  part of the larger Islamisation mythology.  This stuff is very much, well, crackpot, and there are naive, very misinformed people are out there fighting something (Islamisation) that is not happening or occurring. This type of moral panic is (ab)used by deviant political actors (Geert Wilders and his PVV) to compromise the religious freedom of Muslims living in European countries. If anything, the growing institutional prejudice, discriminatory legislation, counter-terrorism practices and lack of equal protections of the laws are setting up an apartheid for Muslims living in Europe.

Reality check on the "apartheid" of the "gender segregation" hysteria. Some gender segregation is permitted for a religious group conducting a religious service. It is not permissible to gender segregate a lecture hall in a public university in a manner that implies inequality, and it should not be allowed, but it's possible and acceptable if there is NO implication of gender inequality. The gender separation could also be in the context of the program. The legality is determined on a case by case basis. That's a good balance, so comparisons to institutionalized oppression in South Africa and the American South are utterly outrageous, shameful, and should be apologized for by those abusing and cheapening the horrors of racial oppression. Here's a view from the Guardian about what is actually permissible:
It took the example of an ultra-orthodox religious group invited to speak as part of a wider series of talks on faith, where the speaker requested the audience be segregated by gender. The guidance says that if, for example, women and men were seated separately side by side rather than men at the front and women at the back there would not necessarily be any gender inequality, and voluntary segregation could be permitted (emphasis mine -The Guardian, 13 December 2013). 

What made racial segregation evil was that the "separate but equal" accommodation (Plessy v Ferguson,  1898) was not at all equal (Brown v. Board of Education, 1954), but institutionalized practices of inequality and dehumanization, often characterized by violence against the oppressed group..  Again - this is about promoting the myth of Islamisation and getting people emotional about something that is not happening or occurring...There can be NO simplistic comparisons between the evil and appalling institution of segregation in the American South and seating arrangements for a hypothetical  program - where the opponents cannot demonstrate how one gender is devalued and dehumanized to the extent of systematic dehumanization of black people in the American South.

What we need to watch closely now is if there is an attempt to now take this hysteria and use it to interfere with the religious practices of any religious group that has gender based religious practices, which also includes Christian faiths. Some of these hate groups that feed off of media attention to promote Islamophobia have been using the "sharia law threat" myth to try and interfere with religious practices of Muslims in their own communities. We must stop them from further interference in religious freedoms!

Well, in the end, we know what this hysteria is about ... promoting the myth of "Islamisation" ... getting people to fight something that's not occurring and will not happen. We know...this is "creeping sharia" and the "coming of the long Eurabian night" and, well, you all know the rest of the rubbish...xD

Friday, April 19, 2013

YOU are an Islamophobe if you blame Muslims for Boston bombings.

Muslims are to blame!

Well, the Boston bombers don't appear to be the typical "radicalized Muslim" talked about in "radicalization" discourses and narratives put out by so-called "terrorism experts." The truth is that we see as part of "radicalization models" men who grow beards, women with face veils, manifesting an Islamic identity, being discribed as "being in various stages of radicalization." We see (in Dutch terrorism discourses) Muslims who refrain from pork and alcohol being described as "possibly radicalized." What is crystal clear is that "radicalization" is for Muslims only - "radicalization" is not for the neo-Nazis, the EDL, Geert Wilders and the PVV, and Anders Behring Breivik is also not "radicalized." The Boston bombers are "radicalized" - but they certainly don't look like it!

We can expect more dubious "radicalization" narratives and discourses from the terrorism expert class in the near future.

We need to change terrorism discourses in the Western world. We should not fear any type of elevation of Islamophobia as a result of the Boston bombing. It is now the time to hit back even harder against attempt to blame Islam and Muslims. The bombings were the acts of two men for their own personal motivations, including their own personal religious motivations. Also - I see no blame against Catholics as a whole for the abuse of children in the Catholic church. When I was a Catholic, I felt no guilt or shame for the abusive actions of others in the Church, as I am innocent of abusing children! Catholics are not collectively responsible for priest abuse, only the individual priests who abused children are individually responsible for their own acts.Likewise, Muslims are not responsible for terrorist attacks of others claiming to be Muslims.

I really wish Muslims would stop apologizing for every violent event where murderers kill people for personal religious reasons. As Muslims, you are not guilty for the acts of individuals who claim Islam, and by "apologizing" you imply that you are also guilty, when you have no guilt whatsoever!  These killers in Boston did their murderous deed for their own personal reasons, which may have a religious motivation, and if you are a Muslim, you have NO part in their blame for their deeds.

If you seriously believe that Islam is to blame - you are an Islamophobe. I will propose here that the definition of "Islamophobia" should also include those people who believe that Islam supports terrorism. "Islamophobia" includes those who blame all Muslims for violence by individuals who claim to be Muslims.

What is true is that it is sheer ignorance to blame Muslims and Islam for the bombings in Boston. Muslims are not to blame - only those guys who carried out the bombing are to blame. We have NO collective punishments in the Western world and we do not blame whole religious faiths and ethnic groups for terrorism attacks. The bombings in Boston were not carried out by all 1.5 billion Muslims on Earth, but by only two men for their own reasons and motivations. It is absurd, silly and Islamophobia to blame all Muslims everywhere for the bombings in Boston.

How we combat Islamophobia in America, the Netherlands and the Western world is to change the narratives and discourses, as I have described above. We need to speak out against "radicalization models" that single out only Muslims, as it is discriminatory and bigotry.

 Interesting video:

 Here is a little warning for the Government of the Netherlands: I have been spending about 10 months studying your history, politics, terrorism discourses and narratives - which all lead to policies and practices. What I can say now about Dutch terrorism discourses is that they not only contain anti-Muslim biases, but some appear to draw upon Islamophobic conspiracy theories promoted by Robert Spencer. This also results in counter-terrorism policies that are anti-Muslim biased and it can (and will) be demonstrated to human rights bodies. More on that later - but for those who are familiar with Spencer's "stealth jihad" conspiracy theory - read the English version of the AIVD's From Dawa to Jihad ( ). Being concerned with the daily social, political, and legal activities of Muslims for "jihad" is called a "broad based approach" -lol!

 We can expect the Dutch to exploit the bombings in Boston to further advance official Dutch Islamophobia and further advance attacks on the human rights of Muslims, both living in the Netherlands and in the Western world. The Dutch think they are "advancing counter-terrorism against jihad." What they are actually advancing is Islamophobia dressed up as "counter-radicalization and counter-terrorism," biased against Muslims, and politically protecting Geert Wilders and the PVV.  The will be THE summer of hell raising when it come to Dutch Islamophobia and espocally Dutch terrorism discourses, narratives and policies. This summer the Dutch terrorism efforts will be exposed as that hateful Islamophobia that they really are...It will be fun!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Islamophobia and Islamification myth hit Poland

Poland has a tiny Muslim minority of only 48,000 out and less than one-percent of the population (Pew center map – the article states 15,000-30,000), but now they would like a mosque, house of worship, a larger one. There is one converted villa mosque for 10,000 people in Warsaw, but this facility can only accommodate 200 people .As in EU Member States in the west of Europe – there are now objections with the building of the mosque and the open presence of Muslims- 150 protested  at the site – and these protesters expressed the same nonsensical reasons that come with the belief in the Islamification myth. “I don’t want my daughter to be forced to wear a burqa!” (Well don’t force her to wear one – its should be considered abusive to force her to wear something she does not want …) There was also the usual reference to “radicalism” and, in another article, the sharia disease that ALL Muslims carry. We can’t build churches in Muslim countries!  After all, one lady stated, she cannot even wear a Catholic medallion in Saudi Arabia!Here’s one that comes from the American conservative movement (and also shows their bigotry), the slogan that expresses the desire for more INtolerance in the world:“Let’s not repeat Europe’s mistakes -blind tolerance kills common sense -  Muslim countries respect women’s rights and religious freedom.”

Yes – let’s fight the human rights abuses of Muslims countries with with human rights abuses of our own!  We need less tolerance and more intolerance of the freedom of worship and freedom of expression of the Muslim Folk Devil! Yes – brother, you are sooo right!  Hate, discrimination and denying the religious freedom of others are “common sense!”Well the frightening Islamification presence that this  Muslim community center will offer is an art gallery, a library and a restaurant. It will host classes for children and religious dialogue meetings.  The Muslim cultural center will benefit both Muslims and non-Muslims of the local community. Gezzz- Poland needs to stop this Islamification now, before more carriers of the dreaded sharia disease show up.  “Religious dialogue meetings?”  For radical imams to preach jihad? The Koran is a violent book, you know! This kind of presence in Poland sounds like a serious threat to the Poles’ superior Christian culture! That also sounds like there it just too much mindless tolerance in Poland (sic!) But – how could the Poles forget how “They” want to “get stronger and take over.”

Ohhh – the mindless silliness of Islamophobia that comes with the belief in the Islamification myth ! It’s truly delusional !Now – according to Kuwaiti -Polish citizen, family man and child doctor, Samir Ismail – - the reality in the real world and not the Islamification mythological world will continue through the construction of this wonderful cultural asset. Good for him.  Stand up – like the rest of us should – to the ignorance and silliness of the Islamification myth. What is nice to read, also at the end of this article, is that many Poles, both Muslims and non-Muslims, Ismail in support of the community and even offered money:
“Absolutely not. There is no need to feel bad. After this dispute we received calls from Poland, also from non-Muslims, wanting to send us money to support the construction.” 

Good for them - as this community center sounds like it will be a great asset for the larger Warsaw community and contribute to greater value to Poland as a nation. A real sense of living in a free nation – with a wide religious diversity that comes with living in liberty in a free nation! Tolerance for religious expression by especially the government powers is part of living in a religiously free nation. 

Welcome to reality!  Welcome to REAL religious freedom and liberty! Article:  Mosque building brings Islam fears to PolandThis is also the first post under the tag of Islamification Myth WATCH. If it was not the dangerous threat to Europe and European counties that it is, the aspects of the Islamification myth, such as the “don’t force my daughter to wear a burqa” rubbish – those that believe in the islamification myth would be worthy of a few laughs. But — these people, in their silly ignorance, can vote, even for myths and fairy-tales about “Eurabia”  put out by dangerous characters running phony political parties, like Geert Wilders’ and his PVV. The problem is that Wilders could be the next PM of the Netherlands – and that’s why it’s not a laughing matter.