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Sunday, January 29, 2017

FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. I'm coming back to this fight to defend our values and Fight Trump!

Muslim ban? Amateurs Islamophobes are running loose in the Whitehouse and making policy.  One of the statements from the ACLU attorney that beat back the Trump Regime's "Muslim ban" was that it was   poorly written, and this "ban" has hurt innocent people, including those "Muslim" interpreters and other support staff who have been "vetted" for at least two years and included even children and citizens.

The "astonishing incompetence of its drafting and construction" is how one national security law expert put it. Legal and national security competence did not go into the writing of the Muslim Ban, but the typical infantile notions of a European Islamophobe. The discrimination includes the notion that immigrants are a threat for "terrorism" and violence against Americans. so let's blanket ban "people from certain countries" even though the majority of "terrorists" are US citizens.
"Empirically, domestic terrorism is carried out by citizens—not immigrants—with right-wing terrorism, racial hate crimes, and the sovereign-citizen movement making up a majority of domestic terrorist incidents," said Joel Day, assistant professor of security and global studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. "Other domestic incidents have indeed been carried out by those who came here through legal channels.’’

We need to call out those leaders and servants who support Trump and those who carry out his decrees ... I support publishing addresses of those who carry out Trump's hateful decrees so people may protest these Trump asskissers right on their front lawns..Trump asskissers need to feel the Wrath of the American People! We need to make those who would dare to carry out Trumps decrees and un-American policies to me made to feel uncomfortable and provide a measure of deterrence. Most Republicans are not standing up to this insane person who is now in the Oval Office and Republicans have both Houses of Congress. Tough times will call for tough measures...

Of course, we can expect more unconstitutional and discriminatory attacks on American and Western values coming from the Trump Regime through official US government policy. The ilk that support Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are also the same we all know so well from Europe: The Islamophobic Idiocy we know so well from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe has a roost in the Whitehouse (as I thought it would). The ilk of well funded and well organized (with Russia's help) Islamophobia and xenophobia hate mongers who are mindless, with little education and critical thinking skills, that promote the myths of mindless Muslims hell bent on Islamification and destruction of Western civilization now has the most powerful office on Earth. The reason why 5 year-old kid and a 75 year-old grandmother are viewed as "terrorists" to be detained by DHS has more to do with religious faith than genuine national security.  I will not sit on the sidelines no longer and will join this fight!

I'm back -- and I've never lost a fight with an Islamophobe. Trump supporters, radicalized Republicans and other Islamophobes be on notice!

Friday, April 19, 2013

YOU are an Islamophobe if you blame Muslims for Boston bombings.

Muslims are to blame!

Well, the Boston bombers don't appear to be the typical "radicalized Muslim" talked about in "radicalization" discourses and narratives put out by so-called "terrorism experts." The truth is that we see as part of "radicalization models" men who grow beards, women with face veils, manifesting an Islamic identity, being discribed as "being in various stages of radicalization." We see (in Dutch terrorism discourses) Muslims who refrain from pork and alcohol being described as "possibly radicalized." What is crystal clear is that "radicalization" is for Muslims only - "radicalization" is not for the neo-Nazis, the EDL, Geert Wilders and the PVV, and Anders Behring Breivik is also not "radicalized." The Boston bombers are "radicalized" - but they certainly don't look like it!

We can expect more dubious "radicalization" narratives and discourses from the terrorism expert class in the near future.

We need to change terrorism discourses in the Western world. We should not fear any type of elevation of Islamophobia as a result of the Boston bombing. It is now the time to hit back even harder against attempt to blame Islam and Muslims. The bombings were the acts of two men for their own personal motivations, including their own personal religious motivations. Also - I see no blame against Catholics as a whole for the abuse of children in the Catholic church. When I was a Catholic, I felt no guilt or shame for the abusive actions of others in the Church, as I am innocent of abusing children! Catholics are not collectively responsible for priest abuse, only the individual priests who abused children are individually responsible for their own acts.Likewise, Muslims are not responsible for terrorist attacks of others claiming to be Muslims.

I really wish Muslims would stop apologizing for every violent event where murderers kill people for personal religious reasons. As Muslims, you are not guilty for the acts of individuals who claim Islam, and by "apologizing" you imply that you are also guilty, when you have no guilt whatsoever!  These killers in Boston did their murderous deed for their own personal reasons, which may have a religious motivation, and if you are a Muslim, you have NO part in their blame for their deeds.

If you seriously believe that Islam is to blame - you are an Islamophobe. I will propose here that the definition of "Islamophobia" should also include those people who believe that Islam supports terrorism. "Islamophobia" includes those who blame all Muslims for violence by individuals who claim to be Muslims.

What is true is that it is sheer ignorance to blame Muslims and Islam for the bombings in Boston. Muslims are not to blame - only those guys who carried out the bombing are to blame. We have NO collective punishments in the Western world and we do not blame whole religious faiths and ethnic groups for terrorism attacks. The bombings in Boston were not carried out by all 1.5 billion Muslims on Earth, but by only two men for their own reasons and motivations. It is absurd, silly and Islamophobia to blame all Muslims everywhere for the bombings in Boston.

How we combat Islamophobia in America, the Netherlands and the Western world is to change the narratives and discourses, as I have described above. We need to speak out against "radicalization models" that single out only Muslims, as it is discriminatory and bigotry.

 Interesting video:

 Here is a little warning for the Government of the Netherlands: I have been spending about 10 months studying your history, politics, terrorism discourses and narratives - which all lead to policies and practices. What I can say now about Dutch terrorism discourses is that they not only contain anti-Muslim biases, but some appear to draw upon Islamophobic conspiracy theories promoted by Robert Spencer. This also results in counter-terrorism policies that are anti-Muslim biased and it can (and will) be demonstrated to human rights bodies. More on that later - but for those who are familiar with Spencer's "stealth jihad" conspiracy theory - read the English version of the AIVD's From Dawa to Jihad ( ). Being concerned with the daily social, political, and legal activities of Muslims for "jihad" is called a "broad based approach" -lol!

 We can expect the Dutch to exploit the bombings in Boston to further advance official Dutch Islamophobia and further advance attacks on the human rights of Muslims, both living in the Netherlands and in the Western world. The Dutch think they are "advancing counter-terrorism against jihad." What they are actually advancing is Islamophobia dressed up as "counter-radicalization and counter-terrorism," biased against Muslims, and politically protecting Geert Wilders and the PVV.  The will be THE summer of hell raising when it come to Dutch Islamophobia and espocally Dutch terrorism discourses, narratives and policies. This summer the Dutch terrorism efforts will be exposed as that hateful Islamophobia that they really are...It will be fun!