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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Lying Dutchmen: How the Dutch State lied to the CoE about free expression in the Netherlands

 [C]ertain politicians and media often portray Islam and Muslims, as well as the arrival of Eastern Europeans, as a threat to Dutch society. The criminal-law response to some of these statements has been criticised. (CoE - 15 Oct 2013)

In a post yesterday on The StateMaster Critical Terrorism blog I discussed how the Dutch State responded to the October-released report from the Council of Europe that was critical on the free flow of hate speech in the Dutch media and politics. The latest critical report from the CoE continued to criticize, as the UN human rights bodies had the previous year, how Islam and Muslims continue to be portrayed in the media as a threat to Dutch society and that little had been done to combat this problem, despite human rights conventions that the Netherlands has an obligation to. Here the Dutch State is responding to the critical CoE human rights report from October 2013 emphasis mine:

The Cabinet acknowledges the impression that the debate in the Netherlands about immigration and integration is sometimes conducted in fierce fashion. Heated debate is unavoidable in a constitutional democracy characterised by great diversity among its people, customs and personal convictions. Equally, that debate is essential, because it contributes towards clarification of problems and bringing about solutions. The Netherlands is a constitutional democracy with clear rules. However, this is not to say that everyone keeps to the rules. Discrimination whatever its shape or form is unacceptable and is countered rigorously. In relation to statements made by political parties, the Cabinet wishes to emphasise that the freedom of speech is a prerequisite for a properly functioning democracy. Nevertheless, racist statements are unlawful. Evaluating whether a criminal offence has been committed is reserved for an independent court.
Reaction to the European Commission:
 The government considers the ECRI report as a valuable tool to improve their protection. Citizens against discrimination The government has taken note of the appreciation that ECRI decides on the progress made to address. Racism and related forms of discrimination and intolerance in the Netherlands with the consent Everyone in the Netherlands have the same freedoms and everyone should be treated in a similar manner. This also applies to the freedom of expression. Anyone can say within the limits of the law in the Netherlands and write whatever he or she likes, even if others disagree with that.

The Dutch State's response to this latest report was the typical defense of "free expression" or, more accurately,  the absolute right to say what the hell you want in media and in public without facing the consequences of how it breaches the peace, damages social cohesion and the rights of others to be regarded as full members of Dutch society.  What we should see here is that the actual view of the Dutch State is that the "freedom of expression right" of a single writer to publish myths about Muslims in a media outlet - without consequences- to be of greater importance than the rights of Dutch citizens who practice Islam to live in peace and security in their own country. 

While the Dutch State defends the "free expression rights" of individual bigots to publish myths and lies regarding Islam and Muslims in the Netherlands - it continues to work to deny the same respect for "free expression" rights to Muslims, Leftists and critics of the PVV through attempts to prosecute and punish. In a past post here on Yellow Stars (Free Speech in the Netherlands-PVV style), I described how a punk rock band who wrote a song called Mussolini of the Low Countries (about Geert Wilders) was told not to perform that song in public at celebration of the Netherlands' liberation from the Nazis. Timothy Garton Ash wrote an article that appeared in the LA Times regarding the crackdowns against Wilders and PVV critics, but now, the PVV and VVD ruling allies are using the Dutch State to persecute and punish.

Politically incorrect polarizer: Screenshot of Dutch State's counter-terrorism bureau webpage depicting a Muslim woman as "polarizer." Never mind the FACT that the biggest polarizers are Geert Wilders, the PVV and the ruling-junta-bigots of the VVD party.
Not all "polarization" in the Netherlands is acceptable "free expression." Along side of the notion that some "free expression" from Muslims, Leftists and PVV critics is to be suppressed and punished, we have the notion of "polarization.' Polarization is used by the CoE to describe religious and social divisions that can be created through various discourses, especially hate speech. In its report on human rights in the Netherlands, the CoE called the "debate" and the speech polarizing, and "polarization" is what Geert Wilders and Dutch political and media figures do when they push myths that Muslims are a threat to the Netherlands, bring about policies that are blatantly discriminatory against black Dutch citizens from the Caribbean, blame all crime problems on racial and religious minorities. The polarization and stigmatization in the media and politics that leads to real employment discrimination for ethnic and religious minorities is, well, defended by the Dutch State as "free expression."    Those minorities that cannot get jobs due to discrimination are said to "not be integrated and assimilated into Dutch society."

Now- we should know that the Dutch State intelligence service, the General Intelligence and Security Service, AIVD in Dutch, is actually a highly politicized intelligence agency with the real mission (forget the one they give us) of protecting the political order by denouncing Muslims, Leftists and PVV critics as "threats to the democratic legal order." There is also the occasional announcement that somebody in some remote corner of the world "threatened Wilders." Of course, "democratic legal order" is defined by the AIVD, (see From Dawa to Jihad ), and in this document you see justification for the "concern about non-violent threats." Those non-violent "threats" are never the PVV and Geert Wilders (the real threat to Dutch democracy), but Dutch Muslim citizens who want to participate in the politics of their own country!

Besides its irrational obsession with anything dealing with "jihad" (even if it does not exist), the AIVD  is also interested in finding and denouncing (don't laugh, I know hypocrisy is funny!) "polarizers" in Dutch society. No - not THE REAL polarizers in the media and politics that were pointed out by the CoE in their reports, nope, it's Leftists, but especially Dutch citizens that practice Islam are always the main target of the AIVD, even if the Muslims are harmless are engaging in the politics of their own country" It's also PVV critics who might "threaten Wilders" just by opposing him and his Islamophobia.

Which leads to the newest example of "free expression" hypocrisy and out of the Netherlands. There is the Muslim University in Rotterdam that is now facing suspension of its accreditation by the ruling VVD junta - bigots currently ruling the Dutch State because of some statements out of the rector of the University, Ahmet Akgunduz, that the ruling junta VVDers don't like. Dr. Akgunduz made some statements about the opposition to Turkish Prime Minister after the past summer's demonstrations in Turkey. Since Akgunduz is a Muslim, he does not have the same "free expression" rights that the Islamophobes in the Dutch media, the PVV, and he just might be denounced as a "polarizer" by the jihad obsessed, paranoid schizophrenics of the AIVD. Because he is a Muslim, Akgunduz's statements should be see as "violent" no matter how the actual statements read. Akgunduz should not have attempted to freely express himself on the level of professional Islamophobes of the Dutch media and political class, like PVVers, as he is just a Muslim. (see : Liberal Party: Accreditation of Muslim University should be Ended and VVD: Islamitische Universiteit aan banden leggen).

So, the Dutch media, Geert Wilders, his PVV "political party," the VVD, Mark Rutte - can be as polarizing as they want. It's their "freedom of expression," but don't be a Muslim. Leftist or PVV critic and try to exert YOUR freedom of expression. You'll end up in jail just like Joke Kaviaar, did for writing elk woord een vonk - every word a spark - on her blog. Yes, for writing elk woord een vonk on her blog, Joke Kaviaar was put on trial and put in jail for her attempt at "free expression!!!"

 Elk Woord een Vonk!

The lying Dutchmen of the Dutch State lied to the CoE.  So, the Dutch State lied to the Council of Europe when it asserted that it protects "free expression" as "part of a functioning democracy" (paraphrase). It is more true to say that the Dutch State protects Islamophobic bigots in publications like De Trouw to publish myths and lies about Islam and Muslims - contrary to its international human rights obligations - and is not concerned about the damage such myths and lies do to social peace, social cohesion and the ability of Dutch Muslims to be equal citizens in their own country. We have seen people hauled off to jail for writing  "elk woord een vonk" on a blog, threats against universities and staff for their "free expression" the ruling parties don't like - and espically a politically oriented intelligence agency that goes after "non-violent threats" and "polarizers" who are Muslims, Leftists and PVV critics.

The only ones we see hauled to jail for speech crimes are Muslims and Leftists, while Wilders remains free. Other Dutch citizens that have tried to engage in "free expression" that is from the far Leftist perspective or write a song or give a speech critical of the PVV have been harassed and even put in jail. The only "free expression" protected by the Dutch State as stated in its response to the CoE human rights report is Islamophobic hate speech out of politics and media who get full protection from the Dutch State.  Contrary to what the Dutch State says above, the rules (de regels) are not so clear - do not apply to everyone - and we have yet to see people actually hauled to jail for hate speech against Muslims and immigrants.

Wilders as Nazi camp guard: Threats against  cause removal of this cartoon.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Geert brings Hank and Ingrid to roost in America.

I have always advocated keeping Geert Wilders out of our country. In fact, Wilders should be keep out of all civilized and democratic countries for the sake of internal security. Since about 2009, Wilders has been making frequent trips to the US and Canada for "speaking engagements" , and this includes at the site of the World Trade Center, where on September 11, 2010, Wilders gave yet another Islamophobic hate speech. At this time, the new Dutch government had not been seated from the June election results. At that time also, the "Ground Zero mosque" (called the "Victory Mosque" by Wilders) issue was ignited and Geert Wilders was brought over by Pamela Geller and her hateful associates. Also following Wilders to New York was the Dutch newsmedia and the view of tying this trip and hate speech to a new cabinet and governemnt was repugnant and shameful!

Beating up Muslims in the streets in the Netherlands and America. The far and wide coverage of Wilders' travels and hatespeeches may be causing a spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes in especially the US.

Henk and Ingrid, Mr. and Mrs Dutch (sic), was a creation of Wilders to further his campaign of hate against especially Muslims and Moroccans. This last July, a real life Henk and Ingrid in the town of Almelo beat an elderly Turkish neighbor on the street. Aziz Kara eventually died of his head injuries. The shock of this murder also rippled through the Tweede Kamer (House) election campaign and was one of the factors that thankfully set back Wilders.
Let us hope that the Dutch people can wake up and see that Geert Wilders is not "patriotic" and that this type of speech is unacceptable and dangerous to society.  Wilders is actually anti-Dutch and opposed to his own country's proud history of religious tolerance just as much as Pim Fortuyn was. Like Fortuyn, Wilders promotes and advocates for hate of other Dutch people based on their religious faith, which is contrary to what the Dutch nation actually stands for!

In New York we have  Muslim men almost killed on the street after being asked if they were Muslim. In August 2010, about two weeks before Wilders hatespeech in New York, a cab driver  was viciously slashed and stabbed by a passenger after he was asked if he was Muslim.   On November 24 of this year, a 72-year-old grandfather almost ended up like Aziz Kara, beaten almost to death in the streets of Queens, New York. The men savagely beat this well-liked grandfather after he answered that he was, indeed, a Muslim. This follows the stabbing of another man outside of a Queens mosque on November 19. The victim was called anti-Muslim slurs as he was being punched and stabbed.  Some are willing to act based upon their hate of Muslims, like hate that is promoted by Geert Wilders.

 Rather than be a great shame for the Dutch people, rather than spit on the grave of William of Orange, rather than a sledgehammer to the great nation the Dutch people have built for 450 years - suffered, shed blood and died for - Geert Wilders's "Victory Mosque" hatespeech on September 11, 2010 was viewed as some sort of statement on a new Dutch government in 2010 (especially the second video) by the Dutch newsmedia. This was repugnant and every patriotic Dutchman should have been upset! 


Anti-Muslim "free speech" and spike of anti-Muslim hate crimes.  This situation has been further aggravated by Wilders' acquittal on hate speech charges last year. Hate speech has consequences and one of these consequences is that some people will act on hateful messages partly promoted by Geert Wilders' trips to the US since 2009. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2010 were 50% higher than than the previous year - and the SPLC cites the hate built up around the "Ground Zero mosque" protest, which Geert Wilders as a key speaker at.  As Hansdeep Singh and Simran Jeet Singh at the Daily Beast point out - these attacks have not declined a decade after the 9-11 attacks - but have gone up - and I would contend, especially after 2009, the year that Geert Wilders began most of his trips to North America (emphasis mine):
 For example, from 2005 to 2010, hate crimes motivated by religious bias show a consistent upward trajectory—whereas hate crimes against religious communities constituted 17.1 percent of all bias-based crimes in 2005, that number has reached 20 percent in the most recent report published in 2010. This is the highest rate of hate crimes motivated by religious bias in the 18 years since the FBI started tracking hate crimes nationwide in 1992.

Furthermore, while one might assume that the pattern of anti-Muslim violence would have decreased a decade after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, official statistics show that hate crimes against Muslims are at their highest levels since 2001. The most recent FBI data indicates that in a one-year period, from 2009 to 2010, there was a staggering 42 percent increase in hate crimes against Muslims in this country.
Here's what we should do: Send the 72 year-old grandfather's medical bills (and the medical bills of other hate crime victims) to the Dutch government. In the future, send the Dutch government your medical bills, property damage bills and other expenses that are probably a result of allowing Geert Wilders to travel about teaching people to hate Muslims in North America. The spike in hate crimes against Muslims appears to coincide with both the "Victory Mosque" hate campaign and Geert Wilders' own travels to North America. This problem was created in the Netherlands long before the September 11, 2001 attacks (Rotterdam, 1991), fueled today by the anti-Muslim counter-terrorism industry - and somewhere along the line a message needs to be sent to the Dutch governemnt that it is their responsibility to clean up this mess!  Take this hateful poison back to Rotterdam - where it came from!

Crossposted from Burning Tulips: Have Henk and Ingrid moved to New York?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Polish Immigrant Hotline: Why the Netherlands is not the same Netherlands we all loved..

“Just like Pim and Theo.” When it comes to the Netherlands, we are talking about a nation that has made “heroes” out of men who have dedicated their public lives in tearing down Dutch culture and Dutch national identity.  Both “Pim” (Pim Fortuyn) and “Theo” (Theo van Gogh) we regarded as “great Dutch heroes” for attacking Dutch culture – while claiming to “save Dutch culture” from especially  “Muslims” and “immigrants.” These men were made into “heroes” for attacking the Dutch tradition of tolerance and its multicultural society – and are crowned as “free speech heroes” for their attacks on the Dutch culture and national identity.  The much of the Dutch population now regards as “heroes” men who were actually opposed to everything that made the Dutch nation great and admired in the world and among other European nations. This twisted admiration for the anti-Dutch “Pim and Theo” twins is now firmly in place in the country’s national psyche and it will take a great shaking to get the ghosts of “Pim and Theo” to bring the country out of this twisted admiration.

So – expect there to be claims that the PVV and Geert Wilders have “free speech and free expression rights” for putting up such an offensive website.  Expect that the Dutch media, who pandered to “Pim” and Theo” also begin talking bad about Polish and East European immigrants, as, after all, we are “just like Pim and Theo  as we sit here on Dutch television talking bad about Muslims, allochtoon and, now, East Europeans.”  Sitting on TV and trying to be “like Pim and Theo” is still an admired thing to do in the Netherlands, sad to say. The reality that the Dutch people MUST LEARN is that “Pim and Theo” are not “heroes,” but villains that destroyed their country’s culture and national identity. The two anti-Dutch Dutchmen helped to bring about Wilders and the current, unruly leadership that believes that tolerance is “bad for Dutch culture” and “say what you think and do what you say” no matter the consequences.

[caption id="attachment_2696" align="alignleft" width="179" caption=""Pim" was the worst thing to happen to the Dutch people!"][/caption]

I also knew that the time would come when the Netherlands would make such trouble. Dutch national identity with Wilders walking the halls as “kingmaker,” along with the abandonment of the Dutch and European values, meant that this clash was coming. The Netherlands is no longer a civilized European nation, but a seething cesspool of hate and fear – and thanks to “Pim” - the country is driven by hate and fear.  The Netherlands is a very sick country with a very sick domestic politics, so expect Wilders and the PVV’s polling to get better, sadly.  The Dutch people need to be called to repent for the error of their ways.

Why Wilders could be doing this and what it means for Europe.  In the debate in the European Parliament yesterday, Guy Verhofstadt went over the obvious reasons why Wilders was doing this, the polls that showed the PVV down by seven seats in January, followed by the attacks on Queen Beatrix and her trips to Oman, especially the wearing of the headscarf.  Verhofstadt is probably right, but this is also a dog whistle for Europe’s far right, that is not only xenophobic, but vigorously anti-European Union. This type of crowd subscribes in the crackpot conspiracy theories of the EU being “the new Soviet Union,” as well as the equally crackpot “Eurabia” and “Muslim invasion” conspiracy theories.   Geert Wilders long held ambition is to unite Europe in an aggressive war against the Arab and Muslim Middle East.  We already see moves by the far right to form a Europe-wide organization like that of the English Defense League.

Also – the VVD (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie) party can best be described as a Thatcherite and American-type Tea Party – and this party is following the lead of Iron Lady Thatcher in attacks on the EU and European values.  Look and see that the majority of hate mongers and trouble-makers came out of the VVD party.  The list includes Geert Wilders, Pim Fortuyn, but also Frits Bolkestein, the originator of anti-Muslim and xenophobic trouble in the early 1990s.

Good for the European Parliament! It’s about time that EU institutions, like the European Parliament, go after renegade Member States under the influence of the far right.  When a nation is an EU candidate status, there is incentive and interest to modify the national behavior, but once the nation is in the EU as a Member State, those incentives disappear.  There is little beyond infringement proceedings from the Commission to sanction a Member State.  More need to be done to stop Geert Wilders and his ilk from undermining peace, tolerance and security in Europe. It is right for MEPs to want standards for the money given to political parties and groups. There should be standards that require political parties respect human rights and not actually promote intolerance and hate by giving money to far right parties.

Nation building is not just for the physical rebuilding of war-torn countries or nations working to obtain that EU Accession treaty. Nation building is about the changing and maintaining national identities of nations, for good or bad. Nation building is a continued process and for old as well as new EU Member States it must be about the maintenance of a Europe-orientation of the Member State's national identity.  This means that the EU must become involved in Member States' promotion of European values and goals of the European project, not just legal enforcements of directives, but the maintenance of social cohesion through the promotion of tolerance and human rights for all in Europe. The European Union does not continuously build positive, Europe-orientated national identities of the Member States, and this is something the Union needs to do.

It’s quite sad to see the once great Dutch nation continue in the horrible legacy of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh. These men worked to tear down their own nation and caused a loss of collective Dutch identity, as well as setting up the state of sad political affairs of today. However – it is good that at least one European institution has stepped up to combat the far right. It is fitting that this push back starts with Geert Wilders and the PVV, the most dangerous of the far right. Geert Wilders need to have his Europe-wide political wings clipped- and this clipping starts here.  In clipping Wilders’ political wings, we can save the Dutch people from themselves…we are doing it for them too.

The Dutch nation needs to be rebuilt and this involves first realizing that the Netherlands no longer has a Europe orientation. The Netherlands may be an EU Member State, but it is no longer a European nation (it is more like an American neocon nation), but the nation can and must be rebuilt with its former identity.


"Net als Pim en Theo." Als het gaat om Nederland, we hebben het over een natie die heeft gemaakt "helden" uit van de mensen die hun publieke leven gewijd in het neerhalen Nederlandse cultuur en Nederlandse nationale identiteit. Zowel "Pim" (Pim Fortuyn) en "Theo" (Theo van Gogh) hebben we beschouwd als "grote Nederlandse helden" voor de aanval op de Nederlandse cultuur - terwijl ze beweren te "redden Nederlandse cultuur" van het bijzonder "moslims" en deze mannen "immigranten." werden gemaakt in de "helden" voor de aanval op de Nederlandse traditie van tolerantie en de multiculturele samenleving - en worden gekroond als "vrijheid van meningsuiting helden" voor hun aanvallen op de Nederlandse cultuur en nationale identiteit. De een groot deel van de Nederlandse bevolking beschouwt nu als "helden" mannen die eigenlijk waren gekant tegen alles wat uit de Nederlandse natie grote en bewonderd in de wereld en onder andere Europese landen. Deze gedraaide bewondering voor de anti-Nederlandse "Pim en Theo" tweeling is nu stevig op zijn plaats in de nationale van het land psyche en het zal een groot beven om de geesten van "Pim en Theo" naar het land brengen van deze gedraaide bewondering .

Dus - er verwachten dat beweert dat de PVV en Geert Wilders hebben "vrije meningsuiting en vrije expressie rechten" voor het ophangen van een dergelijk offensief website. Verwachten dat de Nederlandse media, die pandered aan "Pim" en Theo "ook beginnen te praten slecht over Poolse en Oost-Europese immigranten, is er ondanks alles, we zijn", net als Pim en Theo als we zitten hier op de Nederlandse televisie te praten slecht over moslims , allochtoon en nu ook Oost-Europeanen. "Zittend op tv en probeert te zijn", zoals Pim en Theo "is nog steeds een bewonderd ding om te doen in Nederland, triest om te zeggen. De realiteit dat het Nederlandse volk moeten leren is dat "Pim en Theo" niet zijn "helden", maar schurken dat hun land de cultuur en nationale identiteit vernietigd. De twee anti-Nederlandse Nederlanders geholpen om te komen tot Wilders en de huidige, weerbarstige leiderschap die gelooft dat tolerantie is "slecht voor de Nederlandse cultuur" en niet de consequenties uit 'wat je denkt en doen wat je zegt zeggen ".

Ik wist ook dat de tijd zou komen dat in Nederland zou een dergelijk probleem te maken. Nederlandse nationale identiteit met Wilders het lopen van de hallen als 'kingmaker, "samen met de afschaffing van de Nederlandse en Europese waarden, betekende dat deze botsing zou komen. Nederland is niet langer een beschaafde Europese natie, maar een kolkende poel van haat en angst - en met dank aan "Pim" - het land wordt gedreven door haat en angst. Nederland is een heel ziek land met een zeer zieke binnenlandse politiek, dus verwacht Wilders en de PVV van de stembureaus om beter te worden, helaas. Het Nederlandse volk moet worden opgeroepen zich te bekeren van de dwaling van hun wegen.

Waarom Wilders zou kunnen worden om dit te doen en wat het betekent voor Europa. In het debat in het Europees Parlement gisteren, Guy Verhofstadt ging voor de hand liggende redenen waarom Wilders dit deed, de peilingen dat de PVV zien door zeven zetels in januari, gevolgd door de aanvallen op koningin Beatrix en haar reizen naar Oman, in het bijzonder de dragen van de hoofddoek. Verhofstadt is waarschijnlijk gelijk, maar dit is ook een hond fluitje voor de Europese extreem-rechts, dat is niet alleen xenofoob, maar krachtig anti-Europese Unie. Deze vorm van publiek onderschrijft in de bizarre complottheorieën van de EU als "de nieuwe Sovjet-Unie," en de al even gek "Eurabia" en "islamitische invasie" complot theorieën. Geert Wilders lang gekoesterde ambitie is om Europa te verenigen in een agressieve oorlog tegen de Arabische en islamitische Midden-Oosten. We hebben al zien stappen van extreem-rechts om een ​​pan-Europese organisatie op te richten, zoals die van het English Defense League.

Ook - de VVD  partij kan het best worden omschreven als een Thatcher en de Amerikaanse-type Tea Party - en deze partij is in navolging van Iron Lady Thatcher in aanvallen op de EU en de Europese waarden. Kijk en zie dat de meerderheid van de haatzaaiers en onruststokers kwam uit de VVD. De lijst bevat Geert Wilders, Pim Fortuyn, maar ook Frits Bolkestein, de schepper van anti-islamitische en xenofobe problemen in de vroege jaren 1990.

Goed voor het Europees Parlement! Het is hoog tijd dat de EU-instellingen, zoals het Europees Parlement, gaan na afvallige lidstaten onder invloed van extreem-rechts. Wanneer een natie is een EU-kandidaat-status, is er stimulans en belang voor de nationale gedrag te wijzigen, maar zodra de natie is in de EU als een lidstaat, die prikkels verdwijnen. Er is weinig verder dan een inbreukprocedure van de Commissie aan sanctie een lidstaat. Meer moet worden gedaan om Geert Wilders en de zijnen te stoppen ondermijnen vrede, verdraagzaamheid en veiligheid in Europa. Het is goed dat leden van het EP te willen normen voor het geld gegeven aan de politieke partijen en groeperingen. Er moeten normen die de politieke partijen ten aanzien van de mensenrechten nodig hebben en eigenlijk niet te bevorderen intolerantie en haat door het geven van geld aan extreem-rechtse partijen.

De natiegebouw is niet alleen voor de fysieke wederopbouw van door oorlog verscheurde landen of landen werken aan dat het EU-toetredingsverdrag te verkrijgen. Nation building is over de veranderende en onderhouden van nationale identiteit van volkeren, ten goede of ten slechte. Nation building is een voortdurend proces en voor oude en nieuwe lidstaten van de EU moet het over het onderhoud van een Europa-oriëntatie van de lidstaat dat de identiteit. Dit betekent dat de EU moet worden betrokken bij de lidstaten bevordering van Europese waarden en doelstellingen van het Europese project, en niet alleen juridische versterkingen van de richtlijnen, maar het behoud van sociale cohesie door het bevorderen van tolerantie en mensenrechten voor iedereen in Europa. De Europese Unie wil niet continu opbouwen positief, Europa-georiënteerde nationale identiteit van de lidstaten, en dit is iets wat de Europese Unie moet doen.

Het is heel triest om te zien de eens zo grote Nederlandse natie voort te zetten in de verschrikkelijke erfenis van Pim Fortuyn en Theo van Gogh. Deze mannen werkten af te breken hun eigen land en veroorzaakte een verlies van de collectieve Nederlandse identiteit, maar ook het opzetten van de toestand van de trieste politieke zaken van vandaag. Maar - het is goed dat minstens een andere Europese instelling heeft opgevoerd om uiterst rechts te bestrijden. Het is passend dat deze push terug begint met Geert Wilders en de PVV, de meest gevaarlijke van extreem-rechts. Geert Wilders moet om zijn pan-Europese politieke vleugels geknipt-en dit clipping begint hier. In het knippen van Wilders 'politieke vleugels, kunnen we besparen de Nederlandse bevolking uit zichzelf ... we doen het voor hen ook.

De Nederlandse natie opnieuw gebouwd moet worden en dit wordt eerst realiseren dat Nederland niet langer een Europese oriëntatie heeft. Nederland kan een EU-lidstaat zijn, maar het is niet langer een Europese natie (het is meer als een Amerikaanse neocon natie), maar de natie kan en moet worden herbouwd met zijn oude identiteit.


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Polish Immigrant Hotline: Geert Wilders and the PVV shame the Netherlands again!

Geert Wilders and the PVV “political party” have now embarrassed the Netherlands again, this time among the country’s fellow European Union Member States.  About a week ago, we learned of a website-hotline put up by the PVV “political party” that asked for stories about “troublesome” East European immigrants in the Netherlands.  This was predictable and follows the old hateful argument by Pim Fortuyn that “the Netherlands is full,” with the past misguided, Europe-wide “debates” on immigrants and immigration that lead to the infantile, xenophobe  notion of “immigrant=criminal.” After the September 2001 attacks on the US, these misguided and hateful “debates” took an anti-Muslim turn which included out of the Commission’s Justice and Home Affairs  headed by Franco Frattini (“Muslim immigrant = Islamist terrorist”).   In the Netherlands, the hateful “debates” centered on Muslim immigrants long before 9-11, but after the murder of Theo van Gogh, the national security apparatus became a means to oppress especially Muslim citizens of the Netherlands.

The need to poke the Dutch from the outside. The ambassadors of 10 Eastern European nations have penned an open letter “to the Dutch people.” This letter calls upon the use of “facts” with regard to East Europeans working and living in the Netherlands, but “facts” that are held by Geert Wilders and his supporters are best described as hateful myths and conspiracy theories.  Since the PVV is an anti-Dutch “political party” and Geert Wilders, like Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn before him, is a Dutchman that hates his own country and its once admired national character, we cannot expect appeals to Dutch values to actually be heard by the PVV.  Tolerance and freedom are Dutch values hated by Wilders, and these values were also hated by Fortuyn and van Gogh. These men worked overtime to tear down their own nation’s values and national character. Add to this Wilders’ hate of the EU, sometimes expressed in conspiracy theories about the EU.  Given both the hate of the EU and the Dutch nation, it should not surprise us that Geert Wilders has taken to sabotage the Netherlands’ standing in the European Union.  This is also another means for those who hate the European Union to further attack and divide European solidarity.

Calling on the Dutch people to remember their “example of freedom and tolerance” is a start. However, many Dutch people have turned against their own nation’s values of tolerance and freedom (because of the “Fortuyn revolution”), and this appeal must be made to larger Dutch society to turn away from support for Geert Wilders. The problem is also within the Dutch political system where “respect for political parties” (politics of accommodation) in the Tweede Kamer is held higher than truth and discussion of “facts.”  There is no challenge to myths and lies promoted by a political party, as this could mean not being included in a governing coalition or having one’s own policy positions considered.  There is a serious need for a long-overdue, open debate in the Netherlands over facts and truth about immigration and Islam, and the real nation character of the Dutch nation outside of the Dutch media that is pro-Wilders, pro-VVD and distorts what is means to “be Dutch.”

European nations need to care about extreme right and hateful politics in other European nations. European nations need to realize that the domestic politics of a nation can affect the foreign and European policy of that nation. As I have argued before, what happens in the domestic politics of one European nation is important for the rest of Europe. Maybe now this Europe-wide attention will get the attention of the Dutch people, they will wake up from this dark day of Geert Wilders and the PVV, but we cannot count on this. Wilders is funded and supported from outside of the Netherlands, from the US and perhaps from Israel, as well as other extreme right and Nazi groups in Europe. The 10 ambassadors need to keep in mind that once a nation is an EU Member State, there is little in the way of sanctions and actions that can be used to hold the Member State accountable.

The first action that can help is for European nations to realize that what is needed here is solidarity with the Dutch people, as the majority of Dutch people do not like what is happening to their nation and have little respect for the PVV.  It is right to want a more constructive discussion on freedom of movement of EU citizens, but the whole notion of “EU citizenship” has yet to be accepted by most Europeans in the whole of Europe. So, Poles and Romanians and other East Europeans are still regarded as no better than Turks and Moroccans.  Rather than EU citizenship, the discussion should be on human rights and mutual prosperity of Member States of the European Union.  European nations and the European Union must also turn away from the use of xenophobia and Islamophobia as “good police and security practice.”  Human rights are for all humans, not just for EU citizens or non-Muslims.

Therefore – other European nations need to actually care about what is happening in the Netherlands, as it does affect their European nation too, as well as the future of the European project. These extreme right, hateful politics should not have been allowed to get this far, but it is acceptable when European Muslims are collectively bashed as “Islamists,” along side of Muslims from Middle East countries.  The hate and social exclusion of “Muslims” is viewed as “good post 9-11 counter-terrorism policy” and most European nations continue to accept notion that “Islamist terrorism is a big security problem.”   It is also acceptable when the xenophobia is in “the other nation” and such politics are “the other nation’s problem.” While Turkey and Morocco don’t really care about what is happening in the Netherlands beyond their own nationals, it does matter for EU Member States and for the prospect of protection of human rights and progress for peace and security in united Europe.


[caption id="attachment_3144" align="alignright" width="212" caption="PVV hotline being mocked: "Bother of others? Hotline against anyone who is different from you otherwise call.""][/caption]

Poolse immigranten meldpunt: Geert Wilders en de PVV zijn een schande voor Nederland.

Geert Wilders en de PVV "politieke partij" zijn nu in verlegenheid gebracht in Nederland, deze keer bij collega van het land EU-lidstaten. Ongeveer een week geleden, hebben we geleerd van een website opgezet door de PVV "politieke partij" die vroeg om verhalen over "lastige" Oost-Europese immigranten in Nederland. Dit was voorspelbaar en volgt de oude haatdragende argument van Pim Fortuyn dat "Nederland is vol," met het verleden misleid, in heel Europa "debatten" op immigranten en immigratie die leiden tot de infantiele, xenofoob notie van "immigrant = crimineel." Na september 2001, deze misleide en hatelijke "debatten" nam een anti-moslim zijn beurt, die opgenomen uit van Justitie van de Commissie onder leiding van Franco Frattini ("islamitische immigranten = islamistisch-terroristische") en de oprichting van Frontex . In Nederland, de hatelijke "debatten" gericht op islamitische immigranten lang voor 9-11, maar na de moord op Theo van Gogh, de nationale veiligheidsapparaat werd een middel om met name islamitische burgers van Nederland te onderdrukken.

De noodzaak om de Nederlandse porren van buitenaf. De ambassadeurs van de 10 Oost-Europese landen hebben een open brief geschreven "aan het Nederlandse volk." Deze brief roept het gebruik van "feiten" met betrekking tot Oost-Europeanen wonen en werken in Nederland, maar "feiten" die worden gehouden door Geert Wilders en zijn aanhangers kunnen het best worden omschreven als haat mythen en samenzweringstheorieën. Omdat de PVV is een anti-Nederlandse "politieke partij" en Geert Wilders, net als Theo van Gogh en Pim Fortuyn voor hem, is een Nederlander die zijn eigen land en zijn eens bewonderde nationale karakter heeft een hekel aan, kunnen we niet verwachten dat een beroep op Nederlandse waarden om daadwerkelijk te worden gehoord door de PVV. Tolerantie en vrijheid zijn de Nederlandse waarden gehaat door Wilders, en deze waarden werden ook gehaat door Fortuyn en van Gogh. Deze mannen overuren af te breken hun eigen volk van de waarden en nationale karakter. Voeg toe aan deze Wilders 'haat van de EU, soms uitgedrukt in samenzweringstheorieën over de EU. Gezien zowel de haat van de EU en de Nederlandse natie, moet het ons niet verbazen dat Geert Wilders heeft genomen om van Nederland staan ​​in de Europese Unie te saboteren. Dit is ook een ander middel voor hen die de Europese Unie een hekel aan verdere aanvallen en verdeel de Europese solidariteit.

Het vragen van de Nederlandse bevolking om hun "voorbeeld van vrijheid en tolerantie" onthouden is een begin. Toch hebben veel Nederlanders zich tegen de waarden van hun eigen land van tolerantie en vrijheid (als gevolg van de 'Fortuyn revolutie'), en dit beroep moet worden gedaan om grotere Nederlandse samenleving af te keren van de steun voor Geert Wilders. Het probleem is ook binnen het Nederlandse politieke systeem waar 'respect voor politieke partijen "in de Tweede Kamer wordt gehouden hoger dan de waarheid en de bespreking van" feiten. "Er is geen uitdaging om mythen en leugens bevorderd door een politieke partij, omdat dit zou kunnen betekenen niet opgenomen zijn in een regeringscoalitie of het hebben van een eigen beleid posities beschouwd. Er is een ernstige behoefte aan een langverwachte, open debat in Nederland over feiten en de waarheid over de immigratie en de islam, en de echte natie karakter van de Nederlandse natie buitenkant van de Nederlandse media, dat is pro-Wilders, pro-VVD en verdraait wat betekent "is Nederlands. '

Europese landen moeten over extreem-rechts en hatelijk politiek zorg in andere Europese landen. Europese landen moeten zich realiseren dat de binnenlandse politiek van een land kan het buitenlands en Europees beleid van dat land beïnvloeden. Zoals ik al eerder betoogd, wat er gebeurt in de binnenlandse politiek van een Europees land is belangrijk voor de rest van Europa. Misschien nu dit in heel Europa aandacht zal krijgen de aandacht van het Nederlandse volk, zullen ze wakker worden uit deze donkere dagen van Geert Wilders en de PVV, maar we kunnen niet rekenen op dit punt. Wilders wordt gefinancierd en ondersteund van buiten Nederland, uit de VS en misschien wel van Israël, en andere extreem-rechts en nazi-groepen in Europa. Europese waarden moeten worden gewaardeerd dan haat en verdeeldheid. De 10 ambassadeurs nodig hebt om in gedachten te houden dat wanneer een natie is een EU-lidstaat, is er weinig in de weg van de sancties en maatregelen die kunnen worden gebruikt om de lidstaat ter verantwoording te roepen.

De eerste actie die u kunnen helpen is voor Europese landen om te beseffen dat wat hier nodig is, is solidariteit met het Nederlandse volk, als de meerderheid van de Nederlanders niet leuk vinden wat er met hun land en hebben weinig respect voor de PVV. Het is goed om een constructieve discussie over de vrijheid van verkeer van EU-burgers willen, maar het hele idee van "EU-burgerschap" moet nog worden aanvaard door de meeste Europeanen in heel Europa. Dus, Polen en Roemenen en andere Oost-Europeanen nog steeds beschouwd als niet beter dan Turken en Marokkanen. In plaats van burgerschap van de Unie, moet de discussie over mensenrechten en wederzijdse welvaart van de lidstaten van de Europese Unie. Europese landen en de Europese Unie moet ook af te wenden van het gebruik van xenofobie en islamofobie als "goed politie-en veiligheidsdiensten de praktijk." Mensenrechten zijn voor alle mensen, niet alleen voor EU-burgers of niet-moslims.

Daarom - andere Europese landen moeten eigenlijk zorgen over wat er gebeurt in Nederland, omdat deze hun Europese natie te beïnvloeden, evenals de toekomst van het Europese project. Deze extreem-rechts, hatelijk politiek moet niet had mogen plaatsvinden om zo ver te krijgen, maar het is aanvaardbaar als Europese moslims collectief sloeg als "islamisten", langs de kant van de moslims uit het Midden-Oosten landen. De haat en sociale uitsluiting van "moslims" wordt gezien als "goed na 9-11 terrorismebestrijding beleid" en de meeste Europese landen blijven idee dat te accepteren "islamitisch terrorisme is een groot veiligheidsprobleem." Het is ook aanvaardbaar als die vreemdelingenhaat is in "de andere natie" en dergelijke politiek zijn "van de andere natie probleem." Terwijl Turkije en Marokko niet echt zorgen over wat er gebeurt in Nederland buiten hun eigen onderdanen, maar er wel toe doet voor de EU-lidstaten en voor het vooruitzicht van bescherming van de mensenrechten en vooruitgang voor vrede en veiligheid in verenigd Europa.

UPDATE 26/2/12: Volkskrant's shameless publication of PVV hate-site advertisement in it's newspaper. "Free expression?" Part Two: Volkskrant and it’s shameless “standing for (Dutch misconceived) free expression”

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Open brief 10 EU-ambassadeurs Midden- en Oost-Europa aan de Nederlandse samenleving en haar politieke leiders

English - "Open Letter to Dutch society and its political leaders."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poor Little Extremist Brat! Geert Wilders angry over German extreme right propaganda report!

Why Geert Wilders is a right wing extremist.  There is an idea out there that “extreme right” is only a label for those people and “political parties” that are anti-Semitic and hate Jews. It’s as if there is a checklist, and if the “requirement” of anti-Semitism is not met, the person or “party” is “not extreme right.” Well – this is wrong and the label “extreme right” also includes hate of multiculturalism and opposition to the idea of equality of all human beings before the law.

Paul Hainsworth (2008) wrote one of the most recent books on the extreme right and he devotes an entire chapter to names and label of the extreme right. “Extreme right parties” and movements can be defined as in opposition to liberal democratic values and practices of liberal democratic societies. Extreme right wing is anti-constitutional and anti-democratic, rejecting the idea of human equality before the law (12). Hainsworth also devotes some ink to Geert Wilders and the notion that he is not a right wing extremist because he embraces some liberal values, as well as the argument that Wilders' love for the Jews means he is not anti-Semitic, and therefore not "extreme right wing."  However –the defination of "extreme right" includes a larger hate that is directed at immigrants, refugees and hate of the multicultural society (73-74). Hate of multicultural society and Muslim immigrants is part of Geert Wilders' trademark, as it was for Pim Fortuyn, and the belief that “Muslim immigrants threaten Dutch values.”  Paul Hainsworth (2008) The Extreme Right in Western Europe. New York, NY: Routledge.

The Dutch are in need of a serious ear washing! Following their pro-Wilders fashion, the Dutch media, especially Volkskrant, has published Wilders rants over a German Justice ministry’s report on propaganda that has pinned extreme right activity – including radicalization of young people – on him. Wilders - behaving like a real Nazi - has now demanded that the Dutch foreign ministry “summon the German ambassador” over “slander against a major Dutch political party.” If the PVV is a “major political party” this should present a great shame on the Netherlands, as well as a major threat. Wilders – the piece of garbage that he is - rants over Twitter:
EN-se government must summon German ambassador and power wash the ears of outrageous suggestion PVV ideas.

Now – it’s the German ambassador who should go and give Uri Rosenthal a much needed ear washing over his country's allowing of Lone Loon, “political parties” that openly threaten liberal democratic values, both at home and abroad, to spread hate and help promote violence against a religious minority. The Dutch are in need of a serious ear washing and the Germans may yet save Europe from another violent dictator coming out of the Netherlands. It is the Dutch government that needs to be lectured to – not the Germans – who are rightfully protecting their country from Geert Wilders and his “Freedom Party” (not!). The perception from the Dutch media is that “Wilders right, German government wrong.”  It is the Dutch who are wrong and pro-Wilders rags (Volkskrant is a main pro-Wilders offender) continue to harm Dutch society with their irresponsible spread of anti-Left hate and Islamophobia as “news stories.”

Geert Wilders is possibly responsible for anti-Muslim violence. The main theme of the German report was the hate of multiculturalism and the “fear of the stranger.” Connected to the terrorist attack in Norway, we see the rise of hate-mongers using the term “freedom” and “pro.”  The pro-Wilders rag, Volkskrant, scoffs the idea that hateful activities in Germany have caused a rise in the radicalization of German young people.  The German report cites websites and Facebook groups that spread and celebrate hate against Muslims, featuring Wilders’ own picture on extreme right buttons, often against multiculturalism and advocating major human rights violations against Muslims and Muslim communities.  In the context of Wilders, the German report cited the radicalization of German young people to hateful associations and ideas.

Thank you Germany! First of all – as I’ve stated – there is quite a bit of a difference between how Germany views the extreme right – and how the Netherlands views the extreme right.  Allowing for “political parties” that desire to persecute and define as “enemy” a portion of a national population should be viewed a shameful by the Dutch people.  Germany has learned from its history that these types of politics must never become acceptable and legitimized in a civilized, democratic nation. The German experience of the 1930s now allows Germans to use this past historical experience to see other such threats against Europe. It is quite clear from Geert Wilders statements and actions that he intends to spread anti-Muslim hate and violence through out the Western world.

Germany could possible help save Europe (as well as the Netherlands) from Geert Wilders and the PVV’s hateful ambitions against religious minority communities in Europe and North America!

I suspected , sooner or later, Geert Wilders and his hateful ways would be discovered by German officials to have had an influence in the German extreme right. Hate of Muslims goes in hand with hate of multiculturalism and liberal democratic values, such as equality before the law, but also freedom of religion and expression. Geert Wilders and his highly dangerous PVV “political party” want a society that is contrary to liberal democratic values – and this is something that must be vigorously resisted. Lets now hope that this report on extreme right propaganda helps to send the PVV to the garbage dump of history –next to the Nazi party - and sends Wilders into a permanent retirement from politics!

[caption id="attachment_3121" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="Wilders rightly called an influence on the German extreme right."][/caption]

Excerpts from Zwischen Propaganda und Mimikry Neonazi-Strategien in Sozialen Netzwerken (translated) :

1Anti-Muslim racism

The button recalls, with its red sun on a yellow background with the knownPins »nuclear power? No Thanks, ". This is by design and another example ofhow to take right-wing populist / right-wing extremists inside and a symbolism thatoriginally come from different political contexts. This sun peeps grim and wearing a black beard. There is still the slogan: "Islamization?No thank you, ". Right-wing populist / neo-Nazi press in and so their rejection of Islamfrom which they impute generalizing to be aggressive and hostile. Islamophobia /internal use in the social networks like lbildern buttons on their professional to share their beliefs at first sight with the world. Thus Buttons by - among others by Geert Wilders used - logo of a crossed-Mosque spread. Slogans such as "multi-cultural? No thanks!  "," No Sharia "and"All know: Sarrazin is right" are popular. Some of these users commit / inside to the NPD or the 'Autonomous Nationalist / inside out ", other right-wing populistParties as "pro Germany" or "Freedom". Many also use this Buttons, without getting too committed to a right-wing organization. Islamophobic Sayings and symbols are not only far-right and right-wing populist /inside, but apparently also in the general population (23).

2In the summer of 2011 were right-wing extremists in Berlin-Kreuzberg organize a march- Surreptitiously and made an appointment for the social networks. However, the plan also flog just on this, because a neo-Nazi was looking forward to
the Facebook wall of a "comrade" in the run-off too s to the planned
Provocation. The opening ce could still organize a counter demonstration Prevent (including over the Internet) and the final deployment.But also very off-ene Event Views find themselves in the Web 2.0. Neo-Nazi concerts like "Rock for Germany, "or the" Day of the German future, "an annual stattfi Ndende right-wing demonstration, have their own pages on social networks. There
spread with the neo-Nazi propaganda texts and videos of their network, and provide a starting point for those interested in the Nazi scene, but not yet involved. Young people. Because in addition to neo-postings fi nd there always and positive-minded contributions of users / interior, whose pro le otherwise be very
little or no evidence of partially give an appropriate disposition.
The contact is formed, because a young person a song of a band like that on a plays such a concert, or because he or she is just in general for "the future Wants to use "- perhaps without thinking about it on racist ideas.
Whether the non-user right / inside but actually corresponding to the Events are gone, can not be checked, of course.

Even right-wing populist parties are trying to use the social networks, to advertise their events - but rather counter-productive. For example, announced "Pro Germany 'on facebook its so-called" Islamisation International "In Berlin and" Freedom "applied for an event with Geert Wilders- For which they claimed (horrendous) Admission. But since even before the Event became clear that the demand would be quite low, saw the Party forced to lower the ticket prices drastically. This development also can understand very well on the whiteboard. Weak demand indicated also on the Facebook page of the "pro Germany" - Congress to: Only 32 pledges received prior to the event virtually. Ultimately found to be Congress just Islamophobe / inwards (19).

3. Islam haters / inside

In summer 2010 Anders Breivik Behring perpetrated attacks in Norway, where77 people died. His motive was hatred of a multicultural  society and Islam, which threatened to take over Europe in his  delusions.The basic assumptions of the world share many thoughts Breivik. Under the Banner of right-wing populist parties, such as "freedom" or the  "Pro"-movements,gather those who perceive Islam as a danger for Europe, with theall funds must be wards. Besides Islam, the multicultural societyand also rejected the Greens, who makes one for the present social respon-sible. A white, Christian Europe is the ideal of this movement. TheirMentor / internal write down their thoughts on blogs, on sites such as the thenBe "Politically Incorrect," compiled and linked. Supposedly
demonstratedis the racist worldview with daily horror stories about "bad" Migrants / internally and / or Muslim / inside. Racist
statements and attributionsare the rule. The sources are often quite populist and extreme right.The "Islam-critical" movement is not a closed group and the
reservationstowards Islam and the Muslim / inside are widespread in society. Accordingly accepted and widespread the issue is also on the Internet. Nextpopular Internet sites such as "Politically Incorrect" (in the summer of 2011 at number 28 The German blog charts) are available in numerous social networks corresponding groups with names like "Islamization - no thanks," "Islam does not belong "to Germany," "Stop the multicultural mania.
They serve as a Type message stream, in which the user / inside constantly get the latest newsthe imaginary revolution of Islam in Europe or the collapse of the European Cultural gathering. In comments confirmed to each other how bad the Situation was and how depraved society and government. Extreme right parties be, despite the inherent racism declined and instead right-wing populist Groups preferred. The worldview is Eurocentric and
backward-robeconservatively. Foreign users / inside against one is open, provided them an affinity for "anti-Islamic" movement have. Is the first step inthe digital world of Islam-haters / inside is done, it is at once very quickly: in thecorresponding Facebook groups with names like "better Europe", "ConservativeVoice "or "Turkey is not in the EU "will be invited as well as unsolicited otherwise you also get friend requests. (Jb)


Geert Wilders Angry at German ‘Right-wing Populist’ Label
- Loonwatch

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Aughh! Geert Wilders boos door de Duitse extreem-rechts rapport

Waarom Geert Wilders is een rechtse extremist. Er is een ideeuit dat er "extreem rechts" is slechts een label voor die mensenen "politieke partijen", dat zijn anti-semitische en haat joden. Het is alsof er een checklist, en als de "eis" van anti-semitisme isniet voldaan, wordt de persoon of "partij" is "niet extreem-rechts." Nou - dat is verkeerd en het label "extreem-rechts 'ookeen hekel van multiculturalisme en verzet tegen de idee vangelijkheid van alle mensen voor de wet.

Paul Hainsworth (2008) schreef een van de meest recente boeken over extreem-rechts en hij wijdt een heel hoofdstuk aande namen en label van extreem-rechts. "Extreem-rechtspartijen" en bewegingen kan worden gedefinieerd als in oppositie met liberaal-democratische waarden en praktijkenvan de liberaal-democratische samenlevingen. Extreemrechtse anti-constitutionele en anti-democratische, afwijzing van het idee van menselijke gelijkheid voor de wet (12). Hainsworth wijdt ook een aantal inkt om Geert Wilders en het idee dat hij niet een rechtse extremist, omdat hij omhelst een aantal liberale waarden, evenals het argument dat Wilders de Joden lief te hebben en is niet antisemitisch. Echter, de extreem-rechtse is groter haat is gericht op immigranten, vluchtelingen en haat van de multiculturele samenleving (73-74). Haat van de multiculturele samenleving en islamitische immigranten is Geert Wilders handelsmerk, zoals het was voorPim Fortuyn, en het geloof dat 'moslim-immigrantenNederlandse waarden bedreigen. "Paul Hainsworth (2008) The Extreme Right in Western Europe. New York, NY: Routledge.

De Nederlanders zijn met behoefte aan een ernstige oorwassen! Na hun pro-Wilders mode, de Nederlandse media, in het bijzonder Volkskrant heeft gepubliceerd Wilders rants over een Duits rapport ministerie van Justitie op de propaganda die is vastgemaakt uiterst rechts activiteiten - met inbegrip vanradicalisering van jongeren - op hem. Wilders heeft nu geëistdat het Nederlandse ministerie over "de Duitse ambassadeurontbieden", "laster tegen een" grote Nederlandse politieke partij "Als de PVV is een" grote politieke partij "dit zou een groteschande aanwezig op Nederland -. En het is de Nederlandsedie hebben veel van de benodigde antwoorden te geven. Wilders rants op Twitter:
NL-se regering moet Duitse ambassadeur ontbieden en met kracht de oren wassen over schandalige suggestie over PVV gedachtengoed.

Nu - het is de Duitse ambassadeur moet gaan en geef Uri Rosenthal een broodnodige oor wassen over waardoor eenman, "politieke partijen" die openlijk bedreigen liberaal-democratische waarden, zowel in binnen-en buitenland, enhaat te bevorderen geweld tegen een religieuze minderheid te verspreiden. De Nederlanders zijn met behoefte aan eenernstige oor wassen en de Duitsers misschien nog Europa te redden van een andere gewelddadige dictator uit van Nederland.

Sta sterk Duitsland! Staan tegen Wilders! Je doet het juiste dingvoor Europa ook!. Het is de Nederlandse overheid dat moet ook de les gelezen - niet de Duitsers - ". "Partij voor de Vrijheid ". Wildersrechts, Duitse overheid verkeerd", die terecht het beschermen van hun land van Geert Wilders en zijn De perceptie van de Nederlandse media is dat het is de Nederlanders die zijnverkeerd en pro-Wilders rags (Volkskrant is een van de belangrijkste pro-Wilders overtreder) blijven aan de Nederlandse samenleving schaden met hun onverantwoordeverspreiding van de anti-linkse haat en islamofobie als "nieuws."


Geert Wilders is mogelijk verantwoordelijk voor de anti-moslimgeweld. Het hoofdthema van het Duitse rapport was de haatvan het multiculturalisme en de "angst voor de vreemdeling." Verbonden met de terroristische aanslag in Noorwegen, zien we de opkomst van de haat-handelaren gebruik van de term"vrijheid" en "pro". Het pro--Wilders vod, Volkskrant, spot het idee dat haatdragende activiteiten in Duitsland hebben eenstijging van de radicalisering van de Duitse jongerenveroorzaakt. Het Duitse rapport citeert websites enFacebook-groepen die te verspreiden en te vieren haat tegenmoslims met Wilders 'eigen foto op extreem-rechts knoppen,vaak tegen multiculturalisme en het bepleiten van de belangrijkste schendingen van de mensenrechten tegen moslims en moslimgemeenschappen. In het kader vanWilders, het Duitse rapport noemde de radicalisering van de Duitse jongeren om hatelijk associaties en ideeën.

Dank je Duitsland! In de eerste plaats - zoals ik heb gezegd - er is wel een beetje een verschil tussen hoe Duitsland uitzicht op de extreem-rechtse - en hoe het standpunt van Nederlandextreem-rechts. Rekening houdend met "politieke partijen" dat verlangen te vervolgen en te definiëren als "vijand" een deel van een nationale bevolking moet worden beschouwd eenschandelijk door het Nederlandse volk. Duitsland heeft geleerd van de geschiedenis dat dit soort van de politiek nooit moetaanvaardbaar worden en gelegitimeerd in een beschaafde, democratische natie. De Duitse ervaring van de jaren 1930maakt het nu mogelijk Duitsers om dit verleden historische ervaring te gebruiken om andere dergelijke bedreigingen te zien tegen Europa. Het is heel duidelijk van Geert Wildersuitspraken en handelingen die hij van plan is om anti-moslimhaat en geweld verspreid over de westerse wereld!

Duitsland mogelijk zou kunnen redden Europa (even als Nederland) van Geert Wilders en hatelijk de ambities van de PVV tegen religieuze minderheden in Europa en Noord-Amerika!

Ik vermoed, vroeger of later, Geert Wilders en zijn hatelijkemanier zou worden ontdekt door de Duitse ambtenaren te hebben gehad een invloed op de Duitse extreem-rechts. Haatvan de moslims in hand gaat met haat van multiculturalisme enliberaal-democratische waarden, zoals gelijkheid voor de wet, maar ook de vrijheid van godsdienst en meningsuiting. Geert Wilders en zijn zeer gevaarlijk PVV "politieke partij" wil eensamenleving die in strijd is met de liberale democratische waarden - en dit is iets dat krachtig moet worden bestreden.Laten we nu hopen dat dit rapport over extreem-rechtspropaganda helpt om de PVV te sturen naar de vuilnisbelt van de geschiedenis, naast de nazi-partij - en stuurt Wilders in een permanente pensioen van de politiek!

Fragmenten uit Zwischen Propaganda und Mimikry Neonazi-Strategien in Sozialen Netzwerken:
1. De knop roept, met zijn rode zon op een gele achtergrond met de bekende Pins »kernenergie? Nee bedankt, ". Dit wordt door design eneen ander voorbeeld van hoe de rechts-populistische / rechts extremisten binnen en eensymboliek die rekening oorspronkelijk komen uit verschillende politieke contexten. Dat de zon ziet er grimmig en het dragen van een zwarte baard. Er is nog steeds de slogan: "islamisering? Nee dank u, ". Rechts-populistische / neo-nazi pers in en zohun afwijzing van de islam van waaruit zij toerekenen generaliseren om agressief en vijandig. Islamofobie /intern gebruik in de sociale netwerken zoals lbildern knoppen op hun professionele om hun geloof te delen op het eerste gezicht met de wereld. ZoKnoppen door - onder anderen door de gebruikte Geert Wilders - het logovan een gekruiste Moskee te verspreiden. Slogans zoals "multi cultureel? Nee, dank je! "," Geen sharia "en "Alle weten: Sarrazin is right" populair zijn. Sommige van dezegebruikers plegen / binnen
aan de NPD of de 'Autonome Nationalistische / binnen naar buiten", andere rechts-populistische Partijen als "pro Duitsland" of "Freedom". Velen gebruiken deze Knoppen, zonder al te hecht waarde aan een rechtseorganisatie. islamofobe Uitspraken en symbolen zijn niet alleen extreem-rechtse en rechts populistische /
binnen, maar blijkbaar ook in de algemene bevolking.

2. Zelfs rechts-populistische partijen proberen de sociale netwerken te gebruiken, om hun evenementen adverteren - maar eerder contra-productief. bijvoorbeeld, heeft aangekondigd "Pro Duitsland" op facebook de zogenaamde 'islamisering International "In Berlijn en" Freiheit "aangevraagd voor een evenement met Geert Wilders- Voor welke zij beweerden (verschrikkelijke) Toegang. Maar omdat nog voor de Geval duidelijk werd dat de vraag zou heel laag zijn, zag de Partij gedwongen om drastisch verlagen van de ticketprijzen. Deze ontwikkeling ook kan heel goed begrijpen op het whiteboard. Zwakke vraag aangegeven ook op de Facebook-pagina van de "pro Duitsland" - Congres: Alleen 32 toezeggingen ontvangen voorafgaand aan het evenement virtueel. Uiteindelijk blijken te zijn Congres alleen maar islamofoob / naar binnen.

[caption id="attachment_3113" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="Wilders terecht riep een invloed op de Duitse extreem-rechts. "][/caption]

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Queen Beatrix visits Saudi Arabia - PVV shows anti Dutch colors!

The House of Orange –the embodiment of Dutch identity and culture. The House of Orange (Orange-Nassau) and William the Silent (Orange) were a major factor in the experiments with religious “freedom of conscience” that occurred in the Low Countries in the late 1500s. Even though the road to religious freedom and tolerance in the Netherlands was a rocky one and not without setbacks, William of Orange bucked the trend of outlawing Catholic worship. The Union of Utrecht declared “freedom of conscience” in religious worship. Religious freedom and tolerance are great Dutch traditions.
One of the first standards for protection against religious intolerance was the founding document of the Republic of the United Netherlands, the Union of Utrecht from 1579, which stipulated that no one will be persecuted because of his religion. In 1648, in the Treaty of Westphalia, a minimum of freedom of religion was guaranteed: the right to freedom of religion in private and equal rights in all other fields of public life, regardless of religion. In the 18th and 19th centuries, several other treaties protecting religious rights followed (The Right to Freedom of Expression and Religion).

From the House of Orange we get the real feel for what it means to be Dutch. The very symbols that are at the heart of Dutch national identity come out of the House of Orange: The tricolor Dutch flag, the national anthem, Het Wilhelmus, and the national color of Orange.  Queen Beatrix now occupies the head of the Dutch state, as well as the House of Orange, and she does a fine job of protecting and projecting what it means to be Dutch to the world.  

[youtube id="1AXJi5efqz8" w="300" h="300"]

The Dutch Royal visit to Saudi Arabia- Beatrix represents the Dutch nation well. On her visit to Saudi Arabia, the royals visited a mosque and Queen Beatrix, as well as Princess Maxima, were wearing headscarves on their visit. The wearing of the headscarves is what is causing Geert Wilders (who is anti-Dutch anyway) to have fits, and that is discussed below. What is really encouraging is the message Beatrix left in the guest book of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. This message represents the finest thoughts of the Dutch Nation and expresses the Dutch tradition of tolerance, respect and understanding:
The Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi stands as a shining symbol of the spirit of the United Arab Emirates and the wisdom of the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Father of the Nation.  As well as a house of worship and an important centre of learning it is a beacon of hope sending a strong message of tolerance, respect and mutual understanding to all.

On the occasion of the State Visit of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Their Royal Highness the Prince of Orange and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nahyan.

Sunday, January 8, 2012 (see Royalblog -Beatrix laat ook voor moskee haar hoed niet thuis).

The PVV has fits!  The “Freedom Party,” PVV, of Geert Wilders and Pim Fortuyn stand in contrast to everything it means to be Dutch – especially tolerance and religious tolerance.  The disrespect shown by Wilders and his PVV over the conduct of the royals' visit to Saudi Arabia is not the first time Wilders and his anti-Dutch ilk have shown disrespect to this symbol of the Dutch Nation.

To demonstrate how really anti-Dutch the “Freedom Party” is, their leaders have fits over Beatrix’s wearing of the headscarf and visit to a mosque.  This anti-Dutch anger, the PVV submitted various questions to the minister of Immigration, Integration and Asylum shows the desire of Islamophobic hate and false accusations against Muslims over Dutch traditions of religious tolerance and respect. Among the four questions, we see the notion that the headscarf represents “Islamification” – Islaimfication is a myth that there is no evidence to support. The other phony question relates to the phony respect for woman’s rights and the headscarf as a “symbol of oppression of women.”  All of these questions smack against Dutch liberal society and the Dutch tradition of tolerance.  These questions openly expose the PVV and Geert Wilders as absolutely anti-Dutch.

Queen Beatrix the wise Head of State for all Dutch people.  We should be amazed by leadership of Queen Beatrix, who has demonstrated what it really means to be Dutch. After the terrorist attack against their family’s bus by Karst Tates in Apeldoorn in 2009, Beatrix visited the injured in the hospital and addressed a frightened nation. Beatrix is a queen and head of state for all of the Dutch people grounded in Dutch traditions and national identity. Beatrix is also queen for those Dutch people that have chosen Islam as their religious faith and queen for those Dutch people who wear the headscarf.

Queen Beatrix show the world, especially her own nation, what it means to be Dutch in the world. Religious tolerance is a part of being Dutch. The PVV and VVD enablers want a Netherlands that returns to religious conflict and persecution of the Spanish Catholics. Dutch Muslims now play the role of Protestants 500 years ago. Geert Wilders and his enablers would like a nation that spreads intolerance and hate in the false name of woman’s rights and security abroad, while creating an Apartheid system of permanent exclusion for Dutch Muslims at home.

Beatrix must have anticipated the PVV reaction in her visit to Saudi Arabia. Showing the courage of her ancestors against brutal Spanish rule, Queen Beatrix has the courage to buck PVV rule and act as the Head of State that is becoming of the Dutch nation. We now should have some hope that the Dutch people can realize that Geert Wilders is not the Dutchman he claims to be and that the house of Orange can lead the Dutch nation back from this dark chapter of Geert Wilders and his anti-Dutch policies.



PVV verbolgen over gesluierde Beatrix

Monday, August 16, 2010

Religious Freedom, the Radical Right and the New York Mosque

This Author is 200% in favor of the construction of Cordoba Mosque and Islamic community center a few blocks from "ground zero" of the 9-11-2001 attacks. The Cordoba House could serve as a beacon of much needed reconciliation and help combat the notion (also promoted by al-Qaeda) that "Islam is at war with the West" and challenge the image that "Muslim=terrorist." What an asset such a community center could be to combat Islamophobia in America and the Western world! What a stand for religious liberty in the face of both the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Western Taliban here at home that oppose it![youtube id="JfIPO7CVflA" w="200" h="200"]There are several very good articles in major newspapers in defense of religious freedom and the right of the Muslim community to build the Cordoba House, the "Project 51," the so-called "New York mosque" and "Ground Zero Mosque." The first is from the Washington Post by Susan Brooks, who congratulated President Obama for his strong convictions on religious liberty of Muslims:
It is crucial that Americans show the world that we have the courage of that conviction, especially when it comes to a plan to build an Islamic Center in lower Manhattan. Religious diversity is, as the President noted, not a national weakness, but "a strength," perhaps more so when controversial as it is a way, if "we can work through these issues, and stay true to our core values" that "we can emerge stronger for it."
It is not weakness to stand for religious liberty - and President Obama is absolutely right in his convictions and should NEVER apologize or change his statements. It is about time that a Democrat somewhere get some kind of spine and stand up to the radical Right and the threat it holds for our future. The center Left, both in America and in Europe - could become champions of freedom and human rights. Advocacy for freedom and human rights could have a reinvigorating effect on the center Left in the Western world.[youtube id="vvFUakL-bqw" w="200" h="200"] According to Doug Thompson of the Capital Hill Blue not accepting President Obama's statement on religious freedom of Muslims make you are a bit un-American:
If you don’t accept Barack Obama’s statement that religious freedom gives Muslims the right to erect a mosque in downtown Manhattan then you don’t accept one of the basic tenets of America.Freedom is not, and cannot be, selective. Blocking construction of a mosque is a threat to the freedoms that once defined this nation. If it is blocked, we will become the tyrants that our forefathers founded this country to defy.
How true - and the un-American Tea Party, Republicans, and Islamophobic nutcases like Pamela Geller are exploiting wide-spread Islamophobia in America (and Islamophobia is a huge problem in the Western world).[caption id="attachment_857" align="alignright" width="224" caption=""Our liberty of worship is not a concession nor a privilege, but an inherent right.""]Worship-monument photo by David Ball from Wikipedia[/caption]There are two rather obvious points that are coming out is the so-called "New York Mosque" debate. The first is that the American right has little respect for our freedoms and liberties and the rule of law. The Islamophobic radical Right has little respect for the concept of "all men are created equal" - as Muslims are not created equal in the empty heads of the radical Right. We need to also keep in mind that the Civil Rights Movement to bring equal liberty to African Americans mirrors this fight to bring full liberty to Muslims living in the Western world.All authors, add to that the USA Today, believe this this "controversial Ground Zero mosque issue" was manufactured by the Republicans and the radical Right and Islamophobic nutcases like Spencer and Geller for exploitation:
The argument over building a mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero is mostly a sorry exercise in political exploitation. For all the attention the issue gets, there is no national decision to be made. New York, like other localities, regulates how land in the city is used, and even if it wanted to block the mosque, which it doesn't, finding a legal way to do so would be tough. The Constitution doesn't let governments treat one religion differently from another.Republicans, seizing on the gaffe and antipathy about the mosque in polls, then sought to whip up a frenzy, giving lip service to religious freedom but offering no solution that wouldn't offend it. Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, who has been setting new lows for dialogue on this issue, even accused Obama of "pandering to radical Islam," as if any president would do such a thing.
The radical Right, including in Europe and the Netherlands, has more in common with our enemies in the Taliban and al-Qaeda.  They are the Western Taliban. They are also composed of Geert Wilders' and his personal political  party, the "Freedom Party," that want close Muslim schools in the Netherlands just as much as the Taliban want to close schools for girls in Afghanistan. They are also composed of Mark Williams and the racists of the Tea Party, who state that Muslims "worship a monkey god."  They are NOT for freedom and they are thoroughly anti-freedom to the core,  and just as the Taliban and al-Qaeda want to impose an exclusive social-religious order, so too the Tea Party and  "Freedom Party" want their exclusive social-religious order.  An excellent article by Liam Fox in the News Junkie Post makes obvious connections between the Taliban and the radical Right that oppose Project 51 and find American freedom offensive:
Not in the sense of a murderous group of black-cloaked men as we’re shown on television, but as a group of social conservatives who have proclaimed themselves to be divinely-ordained, and are intent on imposing religious doctrine on an entire society, and are willing to use ‘Second Amendment Remedies’ in order to get their way.A disturbing number of American politicians, and political celebrities, have demonstrated their willingness to repeal the rights of American citizens in order to further a political agenda based on a particular religious doctrine and the preference of one religion over any other. Whether they are true believers themselves, or simply attempting to pander to a very assertive portion of their base, the result is the same. The current platform of many conservative politicians threatens the fundamental rights of all Americans.
Keep in mind also the Geert Wilders wants to change the Dutch Constitution to make Dutch Muslims second class citizens in their own country. The Taliban also destroyed historical Buddha statues dating to the fifth century BC for "not being Islamic enough." The idea that religious freedom is also for Muslims and that freedom is made manifest in the Cordoba House is something whole offensive to the Western Taliban.  The real threat - again - is less these days from Islamist terrorism and more from those of the Western Taliban that abuse people's fears and seek control of governments. From New Amsterdam to old Amsterdam - this ilk is the real threat to our way of life !See also Loonwatch - Barack Obama in Freedom of Religion Speech: Muslims Have a Right to Build in NYCGod's Politics blog - Forgiveness, Fear, and the Mosque at Ground Zero