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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Freedom of speech and the 'Bedreigen Wilders' speech crime - future projects

In that aftermath of the "Innocence of Muslims" hate film as "freedom of speech" an opportunity has now opened to demonistrate the hypocracies of the Western notions of what is freedom of speech and what is speech crime.  We now accept the notion that radical anti-Muslim and Islamophobic extremists can make videos that cause an international crisis, while it is strafbaar to make anti-Wilders videos in the Netherlands where one must face the rechtbank for the bedreigen Wilders speech crime.

...and as is typical with "Muslim control" in the Netherlands - everything is shamefully justified -SURPRISE! SURPRISE! - from narrative of the murders of "Pim and Theo."

[youtube id="5VHP6iVIUwo" w="300" h="300"] [youtube id="QIKaM4EuFRg" w="300" h="300"]

We know that this American extremists who made the anti-Muslim hate film  (some are also backers of Wilders) claim "freedom of speech," but their record is that they are actually opposed to freedom and liberty for their critics and opponents. Geert Wilders in the Netherlands trampled over the freedom of speech of his critics and people have been prosecuted criminally for speech crimes against Geert Wilders. In the video above, a Rotterdam rapper is getting straf (punishment) for creating a bedreigen Wilders (to threaten Wilders) video. I will be working on a full academic paper (in PDF also) about those victims who have been persecuted for this speech crime (and I may even try to contract some of these victims) and post some of their videos...

Crazy religious extremist talk is also freedom of speech!!! The are also a couple of goofy groups running around Belgium and the Netherlands calling themselves "Sharia4Holland" and "Sharia4Belgium." Most people laugh at these loud and obnoxious groups as they shout how much they'd like sharia for their countries (not likely to ever happen).

[youtube id="hMK34cG80eA" w="300" h="300"]

As a (near) flaunt speaker of Dutch, I can understand about 85% of what this fellow is saying. People DO have the freedom of speech to talk crazy and talk about sharia and the economic crisis in our streets! I applaud these religious zealot-nutcases for their courage!  BLIJVEN PRATEN!  Deze zijn je mensenrechten!

Now - this fellow above was fined 450 euro for his speech crime against Cry Baby Geert Wilders (the real juvenile delinquent here) - an act of speech crime that is actually harmless compared to the anti-Islam film that has deliberately cause harm between the US and the Arab world.Shouting that you want sharia law to rule in Belgium and the Netherlands should not - in a democratic and free societyNEVER warrant any national security investigations, or intelligence spying, having your bank accounts sifted ----- let allow charges for a criminal act. However - knowing the AIVD (Dutch intelligence service) like I do, this is no laughing matter. The AIVD is as genuinely Islamophobic of an organization as one can imagine, and I suspect the AIVD uses the discredited NYPD  "radicalization model"- and given this assumption - the fellow and his friends have probably been labeled as "radicalized Muslims" a long time ago.

Not all 'threats' should be viewed as legitimate. Usually, but never the case with the bedreigen Wilders speech crime, what is a legitimate crime is weighted against the ability to carry out a threat. The fellow has no ability to harm Geert Wilders as much as getting his sharia law dreams for Europe. We must realize that this fellow  simply has no means with which to carry out his threats against Wilders.  These public statements being heard by people in the street have the appearance of street theater, not actual threats to take action against Wilders.

If somebody wanted to actually harm Wilders, he would not tell people in such a public place and he would be an expert assassin, and such an expert assassin would not waste his time on Wilders. It is highly likely that al-Qaeda has higher value targets than Geert Wilders.  So, we should see the occasional reports of "somebody threatened Wilders oh my" as childish methods to bring about social control of Muslims and justify the speech crime of bedreigen Wilders. We know that  Geert Wilders in the Netherlands trampled over the freedom of speech of his critics and people have been prosecuted criminally for speech crimes against Geert Wilders.

Geert Wilders has NO claim to be some "protector of freedom of speech!"

In reality, it's the AIVD that is becoming quite radical and this intelligence agency works against freedom of speech (as well as other freedoms) for Muslim citizens. I have some projects for the future that are going to expose the AIVD and the Dutch counter-terrorism unit NCTb and their brand of Islamophobic bullshit to the free world. In reality, AIVD needs something else better to do than Muslim social control!

Here's an ad from the CDA political party against the PVV and Wilders that avoided the prospect of criticizing Wilders as "threatening him."  Yet - is it good that child actors had to be out through this?

[youtube id="jht-LQCozB4" w="300" h="300"]

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Arabic Music on a Spanish Airbus

Arabic music on a Spanish Airbus airliner - another case of Islamophobic insanity in Dutch security. Well a couple of days ago, the crew of a Spanish Airbus bound for Amsterdam were slow to respond to the control tower. When the crew did respond - there was the frightening sound of Arabic music in the background. Well - the goofy Dutch sent up F16 fighter jets to escort the Spanish Airbus to the ground.

The past Islamophobic insanity of Dutch intelligence and security apparatus. As I have demonstrated here on this blog [ see below ] Dutch intelligence and security(AIVD and NCTb) in the area of "counter-terrorism" is actually about the maintenance of the myth of "jihad in the Netherlands, with much of this myth built on the murder of Theo van Gogh.  The other task of the Dutch apparatchiks is to help facilitate social control of Muslims and Left-leaning groups that especially support asylum seekers.  After all, de kogel kwam bij de linkerkant (the bullet came form the left), as the political Left is responsible for the murder of "Pim," just as  Moroccan-Muslim community is responsible for the murder of "Theo."

But - another major use of the Dutch apparatchiks, the Dutch Ghostbusters, is to keep the Dutch people scared - so they learn to forget their great national traditions of religious tolerance and peaceful, pillarized pluralism. According to the new and deviant national myths being forced upon the Dutch people - tolerance is culpable for the murders of these "Dutch heroes."

Last May we had the out pouring of sympathy from the Dutch people (those that still understand what being Dutch is really about) for the plight of Somali and other asylum seekers across the Netherlands. This out pouring of sympathy was quickly followed by a story that a BBC journalist in Somalia had met with an al-Shabaab fighter and this fighter told the BBC that "there were terror cells in Western countries, including the Netherlands." This latest episode of Arabic music on a Spanish Airbus airliner causing a "security crisis" can be viewed as yet another on of these false flags- perhaps intended to promote fear and prop up Islamophobia in the Netherlands.

We can see where the Dutch get their fantasies of "jihadist terrorism" - and the whole of the Dutch intelligence and security apparatchik engages in this perverted form of Islamophobia. Discourse analysis is a useful means and method of examining the Islamophobic insanity behind Dutch intelligence and security. Despite the lack of evidence of  "jihad networks" and "international al-Qeada terrorist networks" - those that want to frighten and engage in spread Islamophobia in Dutch society continue to put up these false flags "terrorist threats in the Netherlands" - but with no real proof that there is a real terrorist threat.

Among other very important Islamophobic things - it is highly suspected that the Dutch security apparatchiks use the biased and discredited NYPD "radicalization model."  We can certainly suspect that there is a "Mohammed Bouyeri" profile used to sift the Moroccan community for intelligent, and faithful Muslim boys that do well in school - never mind that such young men can contribute to Dutch society.

The maintenance of fear in the Dutch people is also purpose of the activities of Dutch security apparatchiks. Pim Fortuyn was an expert at keeping the Dutch people scared. It was his stock and trade to scare the Dutch people away from the pride of their national identity.

Again - there is a high prospect that the murder of Theo van Gogh was just a murder by a street gang member - not an actually terrorist attack by "an al-Qeada network." We see from this latest episode the kind of mileage that turning the murder of "Theo" into a "terrorist attack in Amsterdam" gets...more of the same fear creation ...

Remember this: There is NO evidence that there is an organized and wide spread effort for "jihad in the Netherlands" except in the minds of Dutch security apparatchiks - the Ghostbusters of the Netherlands.

We can also expect more of this type of phony Islamophobic "jihad in the Netherlands" threat as the September 12 elections loom -m it is an effort to keep fear in the minds of the Dutch people and prop up Islamophobic discourses.

Arabische muziek op een Spaanse Airbus - Het bewijs dat Nederlandse veiligheid volkomen krankzinnig is!

De Nederlandse Ghostbusters buste Arabisch "moslim" muziek op een Spaanse Airbus! Ja - misschien is het een jihad spook!- ja - de Nederlandse veiligheid zijn krankzinnig islamofoben! Wel een paar dagen geleden, de bemanning van een Spaanse Airbus op weg naar Amsterdam waren traag om te reageren op de verkeerstoren. Toen de bemanning reageerde - was er het angstaanjagende geluid van Arabische muziek op de achtergrond. Nou - de goofy Nederlandse stuurde F16 straaljagers aan de Spaanse Airbus begeleiden naar de grond.

De afgelopen islamofobe waanzin van Nederlandse inlichtingen-en veiligheidsapparaat. Zoals ik hier laten zien op deze blog [zie hieronder] Nederlandse inlichtingen-en veiligheidsdiensten (AIVD en NCTb) op het gebied van "terrorismebestrijding" is eigenlijk over het onderhoud van de mythe van de "jihad in Nederland," en met deze mythe gebouwd op de moord op Theo van Gogh. De andere taak van de Nederlandse apparatsjiks is om sociale controle van moslims en linkse groepen  te ondersteunen asielzoekers te vergemakkelijken. Immers, "de kogel kwam bij de linkerkant," als de politieke linkse is verantwoordelijk voor de moord op "Pim", en de Marokkaanse moslimgemeenschap is verantwoordelijk voor de moord op "Theo."

Maar - een andere belangrijke toepassing van de Nederlandse apparatsjiks, de Nederlandse Ghostbusters, is om het Nederlandse volk bang houden- zodat ze leren om hun grote nationale tradities van religieuze tolerantie en vreedzaam, verzuilde pluralisme vergeten. Volgens de nieuwe en afwijkende nationale mythen wordt opgedrongen het Nederlandse volk - tolerantie is schuldig aan de moord op deze 'Nederlandse helden. "

Afgelopen mei hadden we de uitstorting van sympathie van het Nederlandse volk (die nog te begrijpen wat het betekent om Nederlands echt om gaat) voor de benarde situatie van Somalische en andere asielzoekers in heel Nederland. Deze uitstorting van sympathie werd snel gevolgd door een verhaal dat een BBC-journalist in Somalië had ontmoet met een al-Shabaab vechter en deze vechter vertelde de BBC dat "er terreurcellen in de westerse landen, waaronder Nederland." Deze laatste aflevering van Arabische muziek op een Spaans Airbus vliegtuig veroorzaken van een "security crisis" kan worden gezien als weer een andere een van deze valse vlaggen, misschien bedoeld om angst te bevorderen en tot steun islamofobie in Nederland.

We kunnen zien waar de Nederlanders krijgen hun fantasieën over "jihadistisch terrorisme" - en het geheel van de Nederlandse inlichtingen-en veiligheidsdiensten apparatsjik houdt zich bezig met deze perverse vorm van islamofobie. Discoursanalyse is een nuttig middel en de methode van onderzoek van de islamofobe waanzin achter Nederlandse inlichtingen-en veiligheidsdiensten. Ondanks het gebrek aan bewijs van 'jihad-netwerken "en" internationale al-Qeada terroristische netwerken "- degenen die willen bang maken en in verspreiding islamofobie nemen aan de Nederlandse samenleving verder op te zetten deze valse vlaggen" terroristische dreigingen in Nederland "- maar met geen echt bewijs dat er sprake is van een terroristische dreiging.

Onder andere zeer belangrijke islamofobe dingen - is het sterk vermoeden dat de Nederlandse veiligheid apparatsjiks de bevooroordeelde en in diskrediet NYPD gebruikt "radicalisering model." We kunnen zeker vermoeden dat er sprake is van een "Mohammed Bouyeri" profiel wordt gebruikt om de Marokkaanse gemeenschap te ziften voor intelligente en trouwe moslim jongens die het goed doen op school - never mind dat zulke jonge mannen kan bijdragen aan de Nederlandse samenleving.

Het onderhoud van angst in de Nederlandse bevolking is ook het doel van de activiteiten van het Nederlandse veiligheidsbeleid apparatsjiks. Pim Fortuyn was een expert op het houden van het Nederlandse volk bang. Het was zijn voorraad en de handel aan het Nederlandse volk weg te jagen van de trots van hun nationale identiteit.

Alweer - is er een grote kans dat de moord op Theo van Gogh was gewoon een moord door een straat bendelid - ". Een al-Qeada netwerk" geen daadwerkelijk terroristische aanslag door We zien uit deze laatste aflevering van het soort kilometers dat het draaien van de moord op "Theo" in een "terroristische aanslag in Amsterdam" krijgt ... meer van hetzelfde angst creatie ...

Onthoud dit: Er is geen bewijs dat er sprake is van een georganiseerde en breed verspreid inspanning voor "jihad in Nederland", behalve in de hoofden van de Nederlandse veiligheid apparatsjiks - de Ghostbusters van Nederland.

We kunnen ook meer verwachten van dit soort nep-islamofobe 'jihad in Nederland' dreiging als van 12 september verkiezingen loom-m is het een poging om angst te houden in de hoofden van de Nederlandse bevolking en het faillissement van islamofobe discours.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

One year after Breivik and nothing has changed

[caption id="attachment_2267" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Breivik: A terrorist and enemy to Western democracy and freedom!"]Anders Behring Breivik[/caption]

Norway after Breivik. It was one year ago when right-wing terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, committed the "twin terrors" on his own nation of Norway. "The bomb and the shots were intended to change Norway. People responded by embracing our values. He failed, the people won" said Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. Rather than allow the tolerance and democratic society of Norway to change, Norwegians have embraced more democracy and values of openness.  In his "sanity trial" Breivik rants about the court in which he is being tried as "supporting multiculturalism," and therefore "illegitimate."   What the so-called "terrorism experts" in Western security, intelligence and law enforcement fail - utterly - to realize is that Breivik and his sympathizers are actually opponents and enemies of their own liberal democratic nations, they are also enemies of freedom, individual liberty, as well as equality before the law and the rule of law in liberal democratic nations. Breivik and those of his ilk are anti-democratic  and have placed themselves as enemies of Western liberal democracy!

[youtube id="VoiXqU_NgxE" w="250" h="250"] [youtube id="HiSM6obdlMQ" w="250" h="250"]

Yet - Norway has now taken the footsteps of anti-Muslim, oriented counter-terrorism in outlawing "training in a terrorist camp" (what ever that means) - while Breivik never "trained in terrorist camp."  This is a sure sign that we are back to the notion that Muslim communities are "threatening," even in Norway. Yes - one year after Breivik mercilessly butchered teenagers at the Utøya summer camp - Western security, intelligence and law enforcement act as if Norway, July 22, 2011 never happened - or was not as bad as it really was - compared to the mere presence of bearded, dark-skinned Muslims with loud, "anti-Western views" living in their own "suspect communities" in our countries.

Right-eye blindness continues to be a real problem with Western security. In other European countries, "political leaders" holding Breivik's views sit in parliaments and in security and intelligence agencies. Breivik and his sympathizers have nothing to fear from Western security, intelligence and police agencies, in contrast to outspoken Muslims and the political left engaging in legally protected speech acts, the targets of Breivik terrorism. "Terrorism" continues to be something that only Muslims do and violent criminal acts by suspects of a Muslim background are now "lone-wolf jihad."  Violence and suspicion of violence by Muslims is still viewed, in a discriminatory and Islamophobic sense, as more dangerous than the prospect (or likelihood) of another Norway attack. We still see discourses out of agencies, like Europol and the Dutch AIVD, that actually downplay the attacks in Norway and the security threat from the radical, dangerous European right-wing.

Over this past year, we have seen the unchecked growth of the radical, and possibly dangerous right, with several violent acts by members of the English Defense League, the most serious threat to the security of the UK. A couple of weeks ago, and EDL member was sentenced to prison for a knife attack on his neighbors. This week convictions were secured against EDL members for breaking the jaw of a Muslim man who was attacked while walking near his home with his brother.

In November, we have learned of the killings of mainly Turkish shopkeepers in Germany by the National Socialist Underground and that German intelligence may have know about this terrorist group.  As I have demonstrated, German intelligence has a blind right eye, as the victims of the NSU are Muslims and, therefore, "deserving victims." The NSU was believed to have carried out the murders of nine shopkeepers between 2000 and 2007 and a nail bomb attack against Cologne’s Turkish community. There was a German intelligence officer known as “little Adolf” who was believed to be present, or at least nearby, when one of the murders took place. This right-wing terrorist group was allowed to terrorize at liberty because, as I demonstrate, some in Germany police and intelligence may have viewed the Turkish-Muslim victims as "deserving victims" and not deserving of equal police protection.

"Terrorism" that is viewed as acceptable by a larger society (terrorism against Muslim communities) tends to provide tacit support for the terrorist groups that perpetrate terrorist violence against "deserving victims." The reality is that the EDL is the Number One threat to the security of the United Kingdom, yet, we still see Muslims "arrested" under the so-called "Terrorism Act" of the UK - which - as in the Netherlands - appears to be a law that only Muslims can be charged with ...

Yes - police DO, indeed, make up "terrorist plot" evidence. We know how British police made up "evidence" against a graduate student of terrorism studies, Rizwaan Sabir, at Nottingham University and levied  accusations of a "terrorism plot" (yep - here we go). Sabir obtained a document about al-Qaeda terrorism from a US government website. It's not what happened to the student, who was also being slandered  by Nottingham University - but what happened to his professor, Rod Thornton, a former intelligence officer in the British Army and terrorism expert, who became outraged by the student's treatment by British police.  Professor Thornton spoke out and authored a paper about the ill treatment his student received from British police - and was essentially persecuted and punished (in violation of academic freedom rights) for his noble efforts. Professor Thornton said of the ordeal he and his student were put through by British police:
"The police were totally unprofessional. After their mistakes they tried to cover them up. I've seen some altered police notes, I've seen evidence made up. The whole thing seems to be a complete tissue of lies, starting from the cover up of their mistakes in the first place."

"What should raise alarm bells is how and why the police think it is acceptable to make up information to send innocent Muslims to prison as terrorists. The onus is now on the IPCC to conduct a full and proper investigation into this matter."

Even after the the lies of the British police were exposed, Rizwaan Sabir continued to be stopped and has been stopped numerous times since his 2008 "arrest."
In June 2011 for the Equality and Human Rights Commission found that “for some Muslims, these stops have become a routine part of their travel experience, and that―this power is silently eroding Muslim communities ‘trust and confidence in policing.’”

Those on the receiving end of Schedule 7 stops report: intrusive questioning over social, religious and political views or community activities; the taking of their bio-data despite not being under arrest; officers refusing to wait the arrival of a solicitor before conducting the search and questioning; the stress caused to the person stopped and to those travelling with them, as they worry about missing flights or losing baggage; and the seizure of mobile phones and credit cards.

And - do they seriously think this tyrannical and utterly useless busy-work is  "keeping us safe from terrorism?" What rubbish! What outrage! How stupid! How counter-productive!!!

[youtube id="nKsFQYGiqGE" w="250" h="250"] [youtube id="ZUK1KsrcttQ" w="250" h="250"]

Well - this week we were shown just how safe the "counter-terrorism practice" in the Western world keeps us. Unless you were sleeping in a cave this week, you know that there was the massacre at a movie theater in Colorado. The accused in is James Holmes a white, upper-income "good kid" - non-Muslim- which is what makes him totally undetectable for "terrorist activity."   Holmes is a brilliant  bomb-maker as he was a neurobiology student - as he booby-trapped his apartment so well that police bomb experts had to do a lot of careful work to defuse his handiwork.  Holmes was described as having ordered 6000 rounds of ammunition from the Internet. Where did he get his ballistic vest, helmet and the smoke grenades?  Isn't James Holmes a terrorist who perpetrated a terrorist attack - in a "Mumbai style" of shooting people with firearms in a movie theater?

Nope - as the saying goes: Not a Muslim, not a terrorist!

[caption id="attachment_3589" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Holmes: Not a Muslim, not a terrorist!"][/caption]

Western counter-terrorism efforts continue to be backwards oriented and utterly useless in protecting us. There is plenty of other evidence that Western security and counter-terrorism efforts have forgotten about Norway and have gone back to chancing the phantoms of "Islamists and jihadists" - and perhaps fabricating evidence or exaggerating "terrorist plots."   In fact - it is quite arguable that the Western security and law enforcement agencies charged with protecting us from real terrorism are utterly useless and serve as nothing more than agencies to chill religious freedom and speech of Muslims and the political Left.

If the victims of terrorism are Muslims or their "leftist allies" - then this is hardly "terrorism," but something else less than "terrorism" - as Muslims and the "leftist allies" are deserving victims of "terrorism."

Yes --- what we don't hear about the Colorado movie theater murderer is the T-word, either in the media or from the FBI. Mohammad... uhhh ... James Holmes is a brilliant bomb maker and in the spread of his message - what ever message that is supposed to be. But - wait - what if the alleged killer's name was Mohammad Holmes? Why - we'd be talking about "possible links to al-Qaeda" and Holmes "radicalization process." We'd also hear about "radical imans" and "lone wolf jihad." Since James Holmes is a "good" -  white - upper-class kid and non-Muslim (like Breivik) he cannot possibly be branded as a "terrorist" and his killings at the movie theater are never "terrorism."  "Terrorism" is something only Muslims do...just ask any terrorism expert in any Western security and intelligence agency.


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Monday, July 9, 2012

Muslim round ups in the UK ahead of Games

[caption id="attachment_3549" align="alignleft" width="206" caption="Why the way he's dressed and his obnoxious views - he must be planning a terrorist attack!"][/caption]

British police have no idea what a "dangerous individual" looks like, but think it looks like a Muslim. There is NO better demonstration of the dubious security, intelligence and police "work" than what we are currently seeing in the UK in the run up to the Olympic Games.  We see round ups of Muslim individuals on rather dubious "terrorist plots" while members of the English Defense League (EDL) remain highly radicalized and dangerous - and on the loose in the community.

At the same time, a member of the English Defense was sentenced to 9 years in prison for a knife attack against his neighbors ... we have round ups of Muslims with dubious and questionable police and intelligence work ... including accusations of unstated "terrorist plots" ... while the EDL remains at large to carry out violent "demos" against communities through out Britain.

The real threat to British security does not come from the Muslim community, but from the EDL, however, to the British police and MI5, a "dangerous terrorist" has nothing to do with an actual plot of real violence- but what a religious Muslim says and how the religious Muslim dresses. If actually plots of real terrorism were the goal of British security and intelligence - members of the EDL would have been put in prison a long time ago.

The "arrest" for "terrorism" appears to fit the NYPD profile: It is now criminal in the UK and elsewhere to appear as a devout Muslim with "anti-Western views." A devout Muslim who is outspoken and politically active, but a lacks a real "terrorism plot,"  is viewed as "radicalized" and is a "criminal."  As  I have predicted, the NYPD profile is now being used to arrest people for both their religious devotion and their political and social views. When we take a look at the articles over this "plot" we see very little evidence of violent planning, and this means justification for their arrests are probably based on legally protected religious and political viewpoints.   When we see the picture of Richard Dart above - we see the same long beard and dress that was highlighted in the NYPD "profile" - but these are legally protected activities and not "dangerous" and "violent."

We see that Richard Dart is a Muslim convert who adapted "anti-Western" views, and said that he would encourage others to go to Afghanistan to fight against British troops.

My response is sooooooooooo what! Such a statement is highly offensive - but these are words - not actions or behaviour!  Words are not bombs! Show us the evidence - as all we have are statements from police and government. So far - from current reports - Richard Dart does not appear to have engaged in ANY criminal activity!

Richard Dart should have the right to his religious freedom and freedom of speech - including obnoxious view - and be free from this kind of UK government harassment. "Extremist views" are not grounds for arrest and prosecution in  democratic societies with individual liberty. The manner of one's dress and speech maybe unusual and obnoxious, but people living in democratic societies with individual liberty - have a right to their manner of dress and views - without harassment of the likes of Scotland Yard and  MI5. UK Muslims now live in fear, thanks to British unchecked Islamophobia as "free speech" and personal abuse of Muslims now includes having their doors smashed in by British police:
Have you ever been called an Islamist? How about a jihadist or a terrorist? Extremist, maybe? Welcome to my world. It's pretty depressing. Every morning, I take a deep breath and then go online to discover what new insult or smear has been thrown in my direction. Whether it's tweets, blogposts or comment threads, the abuse is as relentless as it is vicious.

To say that I find the relentlessly hostile coverage of Islam, coupled with the personal abuse that I receive online, depressing is an understatement. There have been times – for instance, when I found my wife curled up on our couch, in tears, after having discovered some of the more monstrous and threatening comments on my New Statesman blog – when I've wondered whether it's all worth it. Perhaps, a voice at the back of my head suggests, I should throw in the towel and go find a less threatening, more civilised line of work. But that's what the trolls want. To silence Muslims; to deny a voice to a voiceless community. I shouldn't have to put up with this abuse. But I will. I have no plans to let the Islamophobes win. So, dare I ask: who's with me?

The "arrest" of Richard Dart and his friends shows that European security and intelligence remain focused on largely made up threats from the Muslim community - while highly dangerous and radicalized members of threat groups, like the EDL, do not get the same treatment police gave to  Richard Dart.  There needs to be a growing protest against this type of tyrannical and abusive police and security activity - along the lines of religious and political rights, human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human rights, as well as the European Conventions - and there needs to be some kind of world protest against these dubious and outrageous activities by the British State.

We need to start to realize that much of Western police and security, post-September 11, does very little to protect Western society from actual terrorist threat - note the attacks in Norway, July 22, 2011 and the Doner murders in Germany - and serve more as a tyrannical form of Muslim community control and to put on a brutal show to the rest of the world.

Now - last question: What makes the United Kingdom no better than rogue regimes, like Cuba, which also "arrests" its "troublemakers" before high profile events?

Instead of being "impressed" with British security - we need to be outraged and take vigorous actions against British security!




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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Europol tegen Anonymous en de echte veiligheid van Europa

Directeur van Europol Robert Wainwright denkt dat hij een "veiligheid genie" is (LOL!). Robert Wainwright en zijn Europol praten een leuk gesprek over "cyber criminaliteit en criminelen", maar als dit niet begrepen: Anonymous hactivists en hun "overlast" Internet hacking, die niemand schaadt. Terwijl Europol acties tegen hen die zich 'Anonymous hactivists zijn momenteel beperkt tot degenen die persoonlijke informatie op internet publiceren - anderen kwaad te doen - het is niet echt een sprong naar Anonymous hactivists die schade niemand. Hoewel we hebben echte en ernstige bedreiging met geweld van radicale en gevaarlijke rechts van Europa - dat Europol negeert - niet-gewelddadige Anonymous leden zouden kunnen zijn toekomstige doelstellingen van Europol.

De benodigde terugslagkleppen functioneren van Anonymous hactivists. In democratische samenlevingen die we verondersteld worden vertegenwoordigers die luisteren naar de behoeften van de gewone burger, niet alleen de hebben "1% ers." We leven nu in een tijd waarin miljoenen mensen in Amerika en Europa worden beroofd van hun fundamentele behoeften en nuttig werk - terwijl zij die het beleid maken in de nationale regeringen en de Europese Unie geen aandacht besteden aan mensen die lijden aan werkloosheid en armoede. De beleving, echt of niet, is dat alleen de belangen van Wall Street, de Europese bank-elites en 1%ers materie - niet als de rest van ons hebben banen en onze fundamentele menselijke behoeften voldaan. In dit gebrek aan echte gouvernementele representatie die fundamentele menselijke behoeften van "kleine mensen" zijn er twee fundamentele paden adressen: pogingen om gehoord te worden op een andere manier ( hactivism) of door middel van revolutie en / of terrorisme.

The Anonymous hactivists hebben geen gewelddadige of bedreigende bedoelingen tegen de mensen die ze aanvallen, alleen hun servers en websites, en niemand werd gedood bij een aanval Anonymous!

Dat klopt - niemand is gedood of gewond geraakt bij een aanval door Anonymous hactivists, maar de mensen zijn gedood en gewond geraakt bij aanvallen van de radicale rechts (Noorwegen 22 juli 2011). Anonieme hactivists en hun niet-gewelddadige internetactiviteiten zorgen voor een misschien wel de broodnodige controle waarde die misschien wel voorkomt dat echte terrorisme en geweld. In deze tijd waarin van de overheid leiderschap niet luisteren naar de grieven van de reguliere, niet rijke mensen - is het beter te nemen met DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) aanvallen dan bommen en geweld. We krijgen - mede dankzij Europol het negeren van de toenemende dreiging - genoeg van het geweld van de radicale recht dat nu is op zoek om hun potentieel voor haat en geweld in heel Europa uit te breiden. Naast het negeren van de rechts-radicale Europol is eigenlijk het creëren van nog een andere bedreiging van de veiligheid door het verwijderen van de cheque waarde die door Anonymous hactivists. Dus, om Europol "Thunder" in Spanje is een "grotere bedreiging" dan de uitbreiding van de EDL-stijl mobs in Europese steden, die een feitelijk fysiek gevaar voor de eigendom en de EU-burgers de veiligheid.

Dus, wat een zekerheid genie Robert Wainwright is! Ga na de Anonymous kind dat spuiten vieze woorden schildert aan de zijkant van het gebouw, maar niet de rechts-radicale gek dat wil opblazen van het gebouw en de schade die mensen binnen!

Europol gaat na Anonymous moet beperkt blijven tot de werkelijke schadelijke Internet inbreuken. Misschien Robert Wainwright wil Europol te krijgen na die spuiten op muren van het gebouw graffiti in Europese steden, niet de radicale recht dat daadwerkelijk wil opblazen gebouwen, dat is hoe we kunnen Wainwright en zijn Europol de inspanningen te beschrijven tegen Anonymous hactivists. De meeste hactivism Anonymous beperkt tot een geweldloze hinderlijke activiteit niemand schadelijk en veroorzaakt geen schade. Wij hier in Wisconsin Anonymous hactivists gezien als helden wanneer de gehackte in de Koch Brothers servers vorig jaar. Ik zal toegeven dat ik Anonymous hactivists gezien als helden (en nog steeds doen) - maar meer dan dat Anonymous kan omschreven worden als een noodzakelijke terugslagklep dat zelfs iemand die erg van heel radicalisering (gewelddadige radicalisering) en het instellen van een bom gefrustreerd iemand voorkomt deur.

Er is een goed bewijs te worden gemaakt dat wanneer iemand te beweren dat ze een Anonymous hactivist persoonlijke en gevoelige informatie van andere mensen over het open internet zet, net als de politie, dan is dit doet schade aan echte mensen. Luister naar deze: Het is verkeerd om andere mensen schaden als deze! (Het deel van de politie werken mensen met gezinnen - net als de rest van ons - en zetten hun leven op het spel om ons te beschermen!) Anonymous hactivists het algemeen politie zelf en zijn goed in de politie zelf - maar ze moeten hun frustraties in een manier die geen schade doet aan de privacy en het leven van andere mensen, zelfs als ze zelf niet de politie maar wilt.

Wat kan zich voordoen onder samenwerken druk van de rijke elite is voor Europol te gaan na Anonymous hactivists die zijn onschadelijk en slechts defacen websites en bezighouden met DDoS-aanvallen die niet schadelijk zijn voor mensen of servers. Europol is momenteel haar activiteiten beperken tot alleen die personen die de werkelijke schade toe te brengen - maar deze praktijk te gaan na Anonymous hactivists kon routine in Europol worden als een politie-organisatie en worden verschoven naar die anonieme hactivists die geen schade berokkenen aan mensen of servers. Pogingen door Europol aan nadat alle Anonymous hactivists naar de punt van een chilling effect zijn, op het einde, contra-productief voor de veiligheid en terrorismebestrijding. Het verwijderen van de controle waarde-effect van Anonymous 'niet-gewelddadige aanvallen zou kunnen betekenen dat echte en gewelddadige aanvallen die daadwerkelijk mensen doden en break dingen worden een mogelijkheid.

Robert Wainwright nodig heeft om een leven en Europol dient te leren dat er meer veiligheid bedreigingen dan Anonymous - voordat iemand wordt gedood! Als men echt gelooft dat de arrestatie elke hactivists uit dat er een plaag en niets meer veroorzaakt - zij hebben een ander ding komen. Het beste voor de veiligheid van Europa is met rust te laten deze hactivists, zijn ze niet een bedreiging van de veiligheid, en er zijn meer bedreigingen van de veiligheid die er zijn die niet willen mensen fysieke veiligheid schaden. Het meest voor de hand liggende is de poging van degenen die gelijkgestemd met de Nationaal Socialistische Ondergrond van Duitsland, het English Defense League en Anders Behring Breivik aan een Europese vereniging van haat-handelaren, racisten en gewelddadige radicalen met het potentieel om een bedreiging van de veiligheid te vormen Europa, dat is gewoon niet gesteld van andere Anonymous hactivist!

Misschien - Robert Wainwright en zijn Europol zou liever zien dat mensen gaan uit en in plaats daarvan op te bouwen bommen. Waarom - we hebben de "linkse terrorisme" van de Koude Oorlog dag weer?  Wat leuk! Is Robert Wainwright een  beveiliging genie?! Wat de heer Wainwright eigenlijk heeft op het gebied van opleiding en achtergrond is niet in het echte politie-en beveiligingstaak-nope - maar de economie. Dit is de reden waarom de heer Wainwright gewoon niet weet wat echte cyber-crimineel en bedreigingen van de veiligheid werkelijk zijn ... of de terugslagklep functie van Anonymous hactivists.

De verwachting is voor Europol om na echte cybercriminelen die hack gaan in persoonlijke informatie te stelen van andere mensen identiteit, waardoor deze slachtoffers reële schade. Maar - we moeten de lijn te trekken in het zand met Europol dat de politie zich beperken tot schadelijk gedrag en niet te worden uitgebreid tot Anonymous hactivists dat er geen schade doen aan iedereen. We moeten bereid zijn om op te komen voor het grootste deel van Anonymous hactivists die opkwam voor die van ons hier uit zonder een stem van protest tegen het beleid elite die ons beroven van de werkgelegenheid, basisbehoeften en een fatsoenlijk leven. We moeten bereid zijn om op te staan ​​aan Europol - en ik ben degene die zal - en ik heb een post-graduate onderwijs in de politie-en veiligheidsdiensten veld en kon zelfs de kanteling van het speelveld ... je weet wel ... de balans van de macht.

We zouden veel liever opgemaakt met kinderen, anoniem en de rechts-radicale, dat sommige kick te halen uit spuiten vieze woorden op de zijkant van een gebouw, of beschadigen van een website. 

[caption id="attachment_3307" align="aligncenter" width="280" caption="Anonymous - Dank U voor uw stem! "][/caption]

In het sluiten dat degenen die willen echte terrorisme te ondernemen tegen moskeeën en moslims - misschien doden echte mensen - nog moeten worden gestopt dit te doen door Europol!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Europol against Anonymous and the real security of Europe

Europol Director Robert Wainwright thinks he’s a “security genius” (LOL!). Robert Wainwright and his Europol talk a nice talk about “cyber crime and criminals,” but if this does not includes Anonymous hactivists and their "nuisance" Internet hacking, which harms nobody. While Europol’s actions against those claiming to be Anonymous hactivists are currently confined to those who publish personal information to the Internet – harming others – it is not much of a leap to Anonymous hactivists that harm nobody. While we have real and serious threats of violence from Europe’s radical and dangerous rightwhich Europol ignores – non-violent Anonymous members could be future targets of Europol.

The needed check valves function of Anonymous hactivists. In democratic societies we are supposed to have representatives that are to listen to the needs of the ordinary citizen, not just the “1%ers.”  We now live in an age where millions of people in America and Europe are being deprived of their basic needs and useful employment – while those who make the policies in national governments and the European Union pay no attention to those who are suffering from unemployment and deprivation.  The perception, real or not, is that only the interests of Wall Street, European banking elites and 1%ers matter – not if the rest of us have jobs and our basic human needs met.  In this absence of real governmental representation that addresses basic human needs of “little people” there are two basic paths: attempts to be heard through other means (ex. hactivism) or through revolution and/or terrorism.

The  Anonymous hactivists do not have violent or threatening intentions against the people they attack, only their servers and websites, and nobody has been killed in an Anonymous attack!

That's right - nobody has been killed or injured in an attack by Anonymous hactivists, but people have been killed and injured in attacks by the radical right (Norway July 22, 2011). Anonymous hactivists and their non-violent Internet activities provide a perhaps much needed check value that perhaps prevents real terrorism and violence. In this age when out government leadership do not listen to the grievances of regular, not wealthy people – it is better to put up with DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks than bombs and violence. We will get – thanks partly to Europol ignoring the growing threat – enough of violence from the radical right that is now seeking to expand their potential for hate and violence across Europe.  Besides ignoring the radical right Europol is actually creating yet another security threat by removing the check value provided by Anonymous hactivists.  So, to Europol “Thunder” in Spain is a “greater threat” than the expansion of EDL-style mobs roaming European cities, posing an actual physical danger to property and EU citizens’ safety.

So, what a security genius Robert Wainwright is! Go after the Anonymous kid that spray paints dirty words on the side of the building, but not the radical right crazy that wants to blow up the building and harm people inside!

[caption id="attachment_3290" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Mr. Wainwright thinks Anonymous is dangerous to Europe. Nope, they provide with a needed voice!(Wikipedia)"][/caption]

Europol’s going after Anonymous must be limited to actual harmful Internet breaches ONLY. Maybe Robert Wainwright would like to get Europol after those who spray graffiti on walls of building in European cities, not the radical right that actually wants to blow up buildings, which is how we can describe Wainwright and his Europol’s efforts against Anonymous hactivists.  Most of Anonymous’ hactivism is limited to a non-violent nuisance activity that harms nobody and causes no damage. We here in Wisconsin viewed Anonymous hactivists as heroes when the hacked into the Koch Brothers servers last year. I will admit that I viewed Anonymous hactivists as heroes (and still do) – but more than that  Anonymous can be described as a needed check valve that prevents even someone who is very frustrated from really radicalizing (violent radicalization) and setting a bomb at someone’s doorstep.

There is a good argument to be made that when someone claiming to be an Anonymous hactivist puts private and sensitive information of other people over the open Internet, like police officers, then this is doing harm to real people. Listen to this: It is wrong to harm other people like this! (The majority of police officers are working people with families – like the rest of us - and put their lives at risk to protect us!) Anonymous hactivists generally police themselves and are good at policing themselves – but they must take their frustrations out in a way that does no harm to privacy and the lives of other people, even if they personally don’t like police officers.

What could occur under cooperate pressure from the wealthy elite is for Europol to go after Anonymous hactivists that are harmless and just deface websites and engage in DDoS attacks that do not harm people or servers. Europol is currently confining its activities to just those individuals that do actual harm – but this practice of going after Anonymous hactivists could become routine in Europol as a police organization and be shifted to those Anonymous hactivists who are doing no harm to people or servers.  Attempts by Europol to go after all Anonymous hactivists to the point of a chilling effect are, in the end, counter-productive for security and counter-terrorism.  Removing the check value effect of Anonymous’ non-violent attacks could mean that real and violent attacks that actually kill people and break things become a possibility.

Robert Wainwright needs to get a life and Europol needs to learn that there are greater security threats than Anonymous before somebody gets killed! If one actually believes that arresting every hactivists out there that causes a nuisance and nothing more – they have another thing coming. The best thing for the security of Europe is to leave these hactivists alone, they are not a security threat, and there are greater security threats out there that do want to harm people’s physical safety. The most obvious is the attempt by those who are likeminded with Germany’s National Socialist Underground, the English Defense League and Anders Behring Breivik to form a Europe-wide association of hate-mongers, racists and violent radicals with the potential to be a security threat to Europe that is simply not posed by any Anonymous hactivist!

Maybe – Robert Wainwright and his Europol would prefer that people go off and build bombs instead. Why – we could have the “Leftist terrorism” of the Cold War days again, how fun?!  Isn’t Robert Wainwright a freaking security genius?!  What Mr. Wainwright actually has in terms of education and background is not in real policing and security –nope - but economics. This is why Mr. Wainwright simply does not know what real cyber criminal and security threats really are…or the check valve function of Anonymous hactivists.

It’s expected for Europol to go after real cyber criminals that hack into personal information and steal other people’s identity, causing these victims real harm. However – we need to draw the line in the sand with Europol that its policing activities are limited to harmful behavior and not to be extended to Anonymous hactivists that do no harm to anyone. We need to be willing to stand up for the majority of Anonymous hactivists who have stood up for those of us out here without a voice of protest against elite policies that deprive us of jobs, basic needs and a decent life. We must be ready to stand up to Europol – and I am one who will – and I have a post-graduate education in the police and security field and could even the tilt of the playing field…you know…the balance of power.

We should much prefer to put up with kids, Anonymous and the radical right, that get some kick out of spray painting dirty words on the side of a building, or defacing a website. After all, we should think spray paint is better than bombs any day!

NOTE in closing that those who want to take real terrorism against mosques and Muslims – perhaps kill real people - have yet to be stopped from doing so by Europol!

[youtube id="aCW3AGJZ-oU" w="250" h="250"]

Cyber Resilience?! I say Europol Resilience! In the video, Mr. Wainwright talks about real cyber criminals – good go after those -  but this should NOT include Anonymous hactivists!

Also - thanks to Anonymous from me personally for the support and "help" for our poor State of Wisconsin last year against Koch Brothers' tyranny. This has not been forgotten-at least by me!

See: Hactivists arrested in Spain

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Defecte en bevooroordeeld terrorisme studies veld achter NYPD radicalisering model

"Ik heb deze twee [adviseurs om een ​​regering te terrorismebestrijding deskundige] vroeg: 'hoe heb je je werk te krijgen?' En ze zeggen:" oh, we de enige kwalificatie die persoon wilde hebben ... we wisten niets over terrorisme. '"(uit een interview met een terrorisme-expert, 2006) -qtd. in Stampnitzky 2011, 1.

De defecte en bevooroordeelde wereld van de (orthodoxe) terrorisme studies. De NYPD's 'radicalisering model "is voortgekomen uit een studie veld dat is gekritiseerd in het verleden van ondeugdelijke sociaal-wetenschappelijke methoden, het overmatig gebruik van etiketten en stereotypen, en het produceren van anti-islamitische verhalen. Wat is vooral merkbaar over terrorisme studies zijn dat ze niet de effecten van de Staat (westerse regeringen) praktijken en het beleid over dergelijke belangrijke dingen, zoals rechten van de mens te berekenen. De gevolgen van de bestrijding van terrorisme beleid op het gebied van de mensenrechten van de kant van State beleid wordt nooit overwogen bij terrorisme studies.

De Nederlandse Staat (ook bekend als "Nederland") is niet onschuldig slachtoffer en Theo van Gogh moord lijkt te worden gebruikt als een excuus voor de Nederlandse Staat om de onderdrukking van moslims te omarmen, maar ook AIVD spionage, die waarschijnlijk een ontmoedigende uitwerking op moslim deelname aan het sociale en politieke leven van het land. Het gebruik van de "radicalisering" label als een korte-hand voor "gevaarlijke moslim" en biedt een vermoeden te onderzoeken, zonder een misdaad te hebben gepleegd (Center for Human Rights and Global Justice 2011, 43). Bij wijze van Pim Fortuyn, alle moslims zijn gevaarlijk en de islam is een "gewelddadige ideologie." Orthodoxe terrorisme studies ziet staten, zoals Nederland (de Nederlandse Staat), als een onschuldig slachtoffer van terrorisme (de moord op Theo van Gogh), dat moet "aangaan van de uitdagingen om zijn macht."

Er zijn een aantal waarnemers dat hun kritische beoordelingen hebben gemaakt tegen de (orthodoxe) terrorisme studies. Het gebied van terrorisme studies, die tot bloei na 11 september 2001, is ontdaan van het bijzonder onderzoek naar kaders en standaard sociaal-wetenschappelijke praktijken. Studies van het discours van de orthodoxe terrorisme veld weer te geven tonen ook aan dat het veld, naast het bekijken van staten als onschuldige slachtoffers uitgebreid, etikettering, anti-moslim verhalen en de opvatting dat de islam altijd gewelddadig is en er is een bedreiging overal zijn er islamitische immigranten. Het meest afsluiting beschuldiging is dat de orthodoxe terrorisme-experts worden vaak gebruikt door overheden, en conclusies van deze deskundigen niet te vertrouwen (Blakeley 2007, Jackson 2007, Weinberg en Eubank, 2008, Stampnitzky 2011).

"Islamitisch terrorisme" discours wordt eerst,, geladen met de belangrijkste begrippen, labels en veronderstellingen zijn zeer betwistbaar en het discours is gebaseerd op vereenvoudigingen en generalisaties. De domineren verhalen van "islamistisch terrorisme" in orthodoxe terrorisme en terrorismebestrijding onderzoek is van een politieke en betwistbaar de natuur. De wijze waarop "islamitisch terrorisme" wordt geïnterpreteerd en sociaal geconstrueerd zijn een "existentiële bedreiging" dient te rechtvaardigen diverse politieke en sociaal beleid in de sociale orde in een staat (Jackson 2007, 412, 425), net als de Nederlandse Staat.

In zijn studie van 300 werken van "islamitisch terrorisme" Richard Jackson (2007) vonden dat er een uitgebreid gebruik van verschillende labels, waaronder, maar niet beperkt tot: "islamistische", "jihadistische", "politieke islam", "het Westen , "" salafisten "," radicalisme "," wereldwijde jihadistische beweging. "Het gebruik van deze termen is vaak vaag omschreven, indien gedefinieerd helemaal niet, en was zeer flexibel in inzet en categorieën. Deze labels zijn ingedeeld in dualistische, oppositioneel paren, zoals "het Westen ten opzichte van de islamitische wereld" en "democratische versus totalitaire" (400). Jackson vindt dat het discours van de onderliggende veronderstelling is dat geweld, contrast tot het christendom, is inherent aan de islam als de islam markeert geen verschil tussen Kerk en Staat. De veronderstelling bevat ook de notie dat het bestuur van de islamitische landen staat de regulering van de publieke en prive-leven van moslims en de verbinding tussen de politieke islam en geweld bevat. Van deze aannames tussen de islam en geweld veren in de veronderstelling dat het terrorisme direct gekoppeld is aan, en geïnspireerd op, extremistische en fundamentalistische vormen van islam. Veel werken lijken een automatische koppeling van de "islamistische", "wahabitische" en "salafistische" direct naar het terrorisme en politiek geweld te nemen. Deze werkt vaak trok op culturele stereotypen en langlopende vijandigheid tegenover de islam en moslims in de mainstream media (403-404, 401).

Het gek, gek, gek, gek zoeken naar een "radicalisering model." Tegelijkertijd, terrorisme studies is in een gekke, gekke zoektocht naar een 'radicalisering model ", dat lijkt gelovige moslims, in het bijzonder gelovige moslims te demoniseren met verschillende politieke opvattingen en wereldbeelden. Om de NYPD's 'radicalisering model, "dat een moslim al markeert de moslim als een afwijkend en een crimineel. Als gevolg van deze waanzinnige zoektocht naar een 'radicalisering model "door een veld met defecte wetenschappelijke methoden, wordt dit veld aanpassing van de NYPD's' radicalisering model" - en dit is de reden waarom we hebben iedereen die "moslim" wordt onderzocht door de politie intelligentie zonder een kern van het bewijs van de "moslim" is daadwerkelijk betrokken bij criminele activiteiten. Radicalisering modellen bestaan​​, en ze niet demoniseren enige religieuze geloof of politiek oogpunt, maar alleen vasthouden aan gewelddadig crimineel gedrag.

Anthony Richards (2010) is zijn studie van de Britse "Voorkomen" programma gevonden dat de term "radicalisering", die dreiging inhoudt, kan worden gebruikt om het gedrag en de overtuigingen die niets te maken met geweld en terrorisme te beschrijven. Richards twijfelt aan het nut van "radicalisering" als een focus van de reacties op terrorisme, zoals vaststelling van wat de term betekent zijn geworden verward en ingewikkeld, en geen echte duidelijkheid bestaat om de betekenis van "radicalisering" (144). Richards vraagt ​​dan: Wie zijn dan de 'geradicaliseerde? Zijn ze gewoon mensen die zich bezighouden met geweld - of mensen die begrijpen waarom sommigen willen gewelddadige acties? Richards nota genomen van een enquête die werd gegeven door het Britse Office of Veiligheid en terrorismebestrijding dat de focusgroepen en interviews met de Britse Pakistani, Bangladeshi en Somalische de personen die en vond dat, terwijl zij verwierpen de middelen die door de terroristen gedragen, ze sympathiseerde met de oorzaken van onrecht en onderdrukking van moslims als gesteund door terroristen en het gevoel dat ze legitieme grieven hadden.

Zijn deze mensen "geradicaliseerd?" Zijn de mensen die geloven dat de islam onverenigbaar is met democratie te radicaliseren? Of mensen die geloven dat de sharia zou goed zijn voor het Verenigd Koninkrijk, zijn ze geradicaliseerd? Richards vragen de focus van de term 'geradicaliseerde' op wat mensen denken en geloven, en niet op gedrag, vooral gewelddadig gedrag (144-145). Terwijl Richards van mening dat de onderliggende oorzaken van het terrorisme moet worden verstaan​​, de focus op brede en ondoorzichtige begrippen "radicalisering" leent voor verwarde en ingewikkelde reacties (146).

Het woord "radicalisering" en zijn anti-islamitische definities worden ook veroorzaakt problemen in de VS. De Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (2011) beschrijft hoe het gebruik van de NYPD's 'radicalisering model "is geworden" populair "en onschuldig, wettelijk beschermde activiteiten, zoals" het kweken van een baard, het dragen van islamitische kleding' als "zelf identificatie," samen met culturele praktijken en politieke overtuigingen als "radicalisering." Van deze discriminerende definitie, de overheid kan en wordt maatregelen te nemen tegen individuen, zonder enig bewijs van criminele activiteiten (42). We weten ook dat, in combinatie met het gebruik van partijdige en anti-moslim materialen die worden gebruikt in de rechtshandhaving opleiding, orthodoxe terrorisme studies en zijn gek, gek, gek, gek, zoek een "radicalisering model" achter de gerichtheid van onschuldige moslims voor niets meer dan moslim. Dit is het misbruik bevoegdheden van staten en hun beschermheren in de orthodoxe studies veld.
De overheid is gericht op de moslimgemeenschap in rechtshandhavingsoperaties ook impliceert het recht op vrijheid van mening en meningsuiting wanneer individuen worden blootgesteld aan meer toezicht vanwege de bijzondere politieke meningen die ze uiten. Anti-radicalisering het beleid en de daaruit voortvloeiende rechtshandhaving praktijken-in combinatie met het algemene klimaat van islamofobie ze stoken-ook een indirect chilling effect hebben op de vrijheid van meningsuiting en godsdienst hebben in de islamitische gemeenschap in bredere zin (Center for Human Rights and Global Justice 2011, 43 - 44).

De Orthodoxe terrorisme studies veld geeft weinig over de mensenrechten, godsdienstvrijheid en vrije meningsuiting in liberale democratieën, en dergelijke praktijken in liberale democratieën zijn misschien wel contraproductief en in de weg van "het vinden van jihadisten." Om de orthodoxe terrorisme studies veld, het is zo als we allemaal leven in staten waar vrijheden, zoals vrijheid van godsdienst, niet bestaan. Aangezien "het vinden van jihadisten" (als die al bestaan​​) is de enige waardige doel van de staat, hebben we de aanvaarding van de NYPD's 'radicalisering model "door leden van dit gebied. De staat (vooral westerse regeringen) moet komen naar de plaats van het instellen van de rechten en vrijheden buiten de bescherming alleen maar om misschien een weinig of geen vinden "gevaarlijke jihadisten?" Ja, de NYPD heeft precies gedaan, dat met zijn enorme spion programma. Dit is geen vrijheid en vrijheid - het is tirannie - en de NYPD is een anti-Amerikaanse politie-organisatie die openlijk pronken met Amerikaanse waarden. De gevolgen van te brengen anti-moslim terrorisme studies in het beleid en de zoektocht naar een 'radicalisering model "dat alleen moslims past is nu manifesteerde zich in spionage programma van de NYPD.

Wat wel en wat niet het terrorisme in orthodoxe terrorisme studies. De Staat, net als de Nederlandse staat, moet plaatsen moslims buiten de bescherming van de mensenrechten en vrije meningsuiting die worden verdedigd voor andere groepen, zoals de PVVers en Volkskrant. Hate speech en "bedreiging speech" zijn krachtig vervolgd in Nederland wanneer de luidsprekers zijn moslims of linksen. Tegelijkertijd wordt Geert Wilders vrijgesproken van zijn kosten voor het misbruik van zijn bekendheid en media de toegang tot mythen over moslims te verspreiden en het creëren van maatschappelijke vijandigheid door het gebruik van de oorlog praten, dat kan een rol hebben gespeeld bij de terreur aanslagen in Noorwegen afgelopen juli.

Net zoals Hofstadgroep nog nooit is geweest studies als een straatbende en gebrandmerkt een "terroristische organisatie," we kunnen leren wat een staat als de Nederlandse Staat met betrekking tot "het terrorisme." We kunnen er ook rekening mee dat de ergste terroristische-type evenement op Nederlandse bodem sinds de aanslagen van 11 september op de VS was niet de moord op Theo van Gogh - maar de Koninginnedag 2009 aanslag in Apeldoorn door Karst Tates (een vermoeden van rechts radicale) tegen een bus met de koninklijke familie. Deze aanval is nergens op het radarscherm van het terrorisme studies Dus "experts en onderzoekers." - Wat is "terrorisme", zoals "radicalisering", is beperkt tot moslims - en deze visie is bevooroordeeld en discriminerend, en heeft geen plaats in de veiligheid en rechtshandhaving in liberale democratieën. Er mag geen aanpassing van de NYPD model in door de politie en veiligheidstroepen van liberale democratieën die vrijheid van godsdienst en van meningsuiting voor al haar leden te verdedigen zijn - en het gebruik van de NYPD model door een democratische samenleving moet worden verboden.

Etnische registratie voor Nederland met andere middelen. Een waarschuwing voor de Nederlanders: We zien nu dat het Nederlandse ministerie van Justitie Ivo Opstelten de NYPD-model voor Nederland wil. Dit zou kunnen betekenen alleen maar politie-organisatie, maar het kan het zijn "Demografische Unit." We moeten niet vergeten dat Geert Wilders (de Puppet Master in de Nederlandse staat) wilde en etnische registratie programma. Hier is het citaat van de ambassade Nederland naar de VS:
Terwijl in New York City, zal de minister aan NYPD commissaris Raymond Kelly en de New York Port Authority zich te richten op de politie technieken en het tegengaan van gewelddadig extremisme. De organisatie van de NYPD is ook van belang voor de minister. In Nederland is de politie nu georganiseerd door de regio. Onder minister Opstelten, zal de politie uitgegroeid tot een geïntegreerde nationale politie melden om een ​​commissaris van politie, een constructie die vergelijkbaar zijn met de NYPD model.

Het lijkt erop dat Geert Wilders zal zijn etnische registratie te krijgen op een andere manier ... en ik, voor een, ben dat een stilstaand oog op de Nederlandse Staat en de misbruiken.



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Monday, July 12, 2010

Roman Polanski FREE ! Another Oh Yeah Moment!

For all of its recent stupid Islamophobia and delusional behavior based on the Islamification myth - the Swiss have finally done something reasonable: Rejected the extradition request from the United States, the State of California for Roman Polanski's flesh and possible sentencing in the United States on a 33-year-old sex charge.And - what's more - the United States CANNOT appeal!  Ohhhhh - yeah! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="182" caption="Polanski can expect Cooley not to rest...his political career is at stake!"][/caption]The legal concerns that the Swiss had to look at: "It this the right person and not 'guilt or innocence.'" The right type of paperwork and legal records had never been sent to Switzerland, the Swiss argued. District Attorney Steve Cooley of Los Angeles County also fought to keep secret transcripts out of Swiss hands that would have shown that Polanski's 1977 stay in a psychiatric facility was to be his sentence and that the results of the mental tests shown that he was not a risk to re-offend.In February 1978, after 42 days, Polanski was released, but fled before a judge could impose an additional 90 days in jail.  The Swiss believe that Polanski served his sentence and the other part of the sentence would have been voluntary deportation. Some other consideration and good points brought up by the Swiss with regard to the "very serious faults" of the attempted extradition of Polanski:
  • The victim, Samantha Geimer, who was 13 at the time - would like Polanski left alone and set free.
  • Has already served his sentence and therefore both the proceedings on which the U.S. extradition request is founded and the request itself would have no foundation.
  • The US never made any attempt to have Polanski extradited "for years" and Polanski bought a house in Switzerland and did not expect arrest when attending a 2009 film festival.
The last point - why now?  the Swiss may be asking - because Steven Cooley wants higher political office! Other than Swiss -cited concerns, the real reason for the refusal could be that the Swiss probably saw that the whole extradition attempt was for the padding of a political career.  There are many American prosecutors that use their powers as prosecutors to, say, send ham sandwiches to death row - why many would send their own mothers to death row - if it would mean greater political office!Steven Cooley for Attorney General ! YEP! It really figures - we should now know the game - and the Swiss do to! [Read "Steve's blog" and see just how "assembly line justice" for personal gain you see. Assembly line justice is likely to send innocent people away, even to death row!]Mr. Cooley is a political animal, predator prosecutor - which is the proclivity to abuse power for personal gain. Too easy to see here! This means that Roman Polanski's ordeal at the hands of this predator prosecutor animal are far from over - and I will predict that this predator prosecutor will search for some way to drag Polanski back to the horrors of the California penal system, like the notorious Pelican Bay.Also the victim would like to be free of the case - as a 40 something with her own family - she's a real healed victim. Good for HER! Prosecutors like Cooley hate healed victims, as it means they cannot be abused by being prompted to cry and carry on for show trials. Healed victims also mean that they cannot be dragged out to cry on cue at a legislative hearing for more "tough on crime" rubbish. Healed victims cannot be abused by predator prosecutors and legislators looking for more "law and order" votes.The Swiss must keep one thing in mind - America is a vengeful nation. America will search for some method and manner to extract revenge against Switzerland for this slight. Also -Roman Polanski will not be safe if he travels and it's suggested that he check the relationship that counties that he wants to travel to have with the United States. Since Americans are a vengeful and punitive people that don't take international slights - Polanski can expect Trouble Made in the USA from anyplace on Earth, mainly from fellow Europeans that practice the Please America First policy.While Americans argue that the Swiss were not supposed to consider facts of the case - it appears that they did - and this Author regards this as a good sign. What is good about this development, as with the UK terrorism development, is that prosecutors and law enforcement officials need to be aware that their practices in the criminal justice system, from the death penalty to prison conditions to prosecution behavior - is coming under increasing scrutiny and weighed in relation to norms and human rights standards of truly civilized nations.  The "war on terror" mad-dogs, criminalization of innocent acts, the death penalty and brutal prisons - and now the challenges to American prosecutors - yes - its about time we had international intervention against the American domestic order.The days are getting brighter all the time - chic-a chic-a--  ohhhh yeah![ Polanski Transcript Plea Opposed by Prosecutors - Swiss won't extradite Polanski on child sex charge - Polanski free, Swiss reject US extradition request - Roman Polanski avoids extradition to U.S - Roman Polanski will not be extradited to United States to face sentencing over 1977 sex case]Blogs - The Tattler -

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UK: Continued focus on Muslims while ignoring the EDL

The threat to British society from the EDL and Western Islamophobes. We can bet that MI5 - which has constant surveillance over Muslim communities - can't give a single answer as to how to prevent British youth from falling victim to radicalization by the EDL, which claims active British soldiers as members. The EDL is also believed to be associated with the British National Party, or BNP, which has seats - in the European Parliament - and therefore legitimacy.The EDL thrives on the Islamification myth and has even turned out to defend Geert Wilders. Geert Wilders stokes violent Islamophobia through the Western world - which in turn stokes the violence of the violent hate groups like the EDL. The EDL is made up of primary football hooligans that dress in black masks and harass people in public, especially people that appear to be Muslim. They are described as being the "leaders of anti-Muslim demonstrations" in the UK, which has resulted in a climate of hate and fear in many parts of British society. Violent Islamophobia is even being learned by young children, as a Guardian reporter found for herself :
Islam, and consequently Muslims, seem to have become a dirty word – only a couple of weeks ago I was on a bus in south London on which a rather flustered weekend dad was trying to control his unruly young son. "You fucker," screamed the boy as his father attempted to stop him from licking the window of the bus. "Don't you dare swear at me you little shit," the dad spat back. "Muslim. You love Muslims you do, you Muslim," was the youngster's bizarre retaliation. I didn't know whether to laugh or despair as the father hissed at his child to "shut the fuck up". 

This growing threat of violent Islamophobia should be taken as a very serious threat to the security of the United Kingdom, and other European nations, as a "long hot summer" of protests and violence is expected from the EDL and affiliated groups. They EDL are believed to be now the basics of a "street army" that can travel around and fight at a moments notice, with more than 100 divisions set up across the UK. While claiming peaceful protest, The Guardian investigations found very violent and brutal Islamophobia and "Muslim bombers off our streets" chants directed at anyone that looked Muslim.[ The English Defence League uncovered -Guardian videos - English Defence League: new wave of extremists plotting summer of unrest - This is England: Masked like terrorists, members of Britain's newest and fastest - growing protest group intimidate a Muslim woman on a train en route to a violent - Who are the English Defence League? Muslims must refuse to rise to EDL provocation - The EDL and Geert Wilders - English Defence League to welcome Geert Wilders - Shunning the English Defense League]Meanwhile there is the continued over-emphasis on "Islamist" terrorism while neglecting more clear and present threats from the European far right. We should first be reminded that the threat from "Islamist" terrorist acts has waned in both Europe and America, but the growing threat from right-wing extremism is being downplayed and even ignored. Terrorists attacks in the EU were mostly from separatist groups, according to the 2010 Europol report, there was only one Islamist attack in the European Union last year.  Europol had to go outside of the EU to report on Islamist attacks on Europeans.  According to the FBI's terrorism report up to 2005, between 2002-2005, 8 out of 14 attempted US domestic terrorist attacks were carried out by right-wing extremists involved in the militia, white supremacist, "constitutionalist" and tax protestor, and anti-abortion movements. The link between the right wing extremists across the Atlantic has been documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC - SPLC articles on the BNP).  [also see: Tavis Smiley Takes Out Ayaan Hirsi Ali]Post 9-11 "securitizing" of relations between Muslim communities and European governments. However, the focus in the US and much of the Western world appears to be almost exclusively on Muslim communities, often "securitizing" the relationship between the communities and government officials. This appears to be especially intensified after attacks, such as the London and Madrid bombing, along with September 11. According to Jocelyne Cesari's 2009 report, the policies that followed in Europe were increased restrictions on immigration, more threats to privacy, data mining, detention centers, and increased surveillance of certain communities. These increased measures have brought about increases in the public's level of Islamophobia, even as there are more serious terrorist threats from other groups, such as separatists. In an early paper (2004), Cesari called on further research  into the effects of treating Muslims and Islam as "exceptional" in European politics and policy. [also see: Muslims in Europe, post 9/11 - The Consequences of European Security Laws after September 11th on Muslims in Europe - Securitization and Religious Divides in Europe]

[caption id="attachment_314" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="British Muslims and "Prevent" - The overemphasis on the overblown threat"][/caption]

Well, one such report is giving us the effects of policy and practices. Efforts that focus exclusively on Muslim communities have now been brought into question in the United Kingdom, where the past few months have brought critical assessments of the so-called "Prevent" program of the UK's domestic counter-terrorism strategy.On the fifth anniversary of the July 2005 attacks on London, the efforts of "Prevent" have been described as resulting in the alienation of Muslims and their communities, (as well as a waste of UK tax payers' money), by driving a wedge between Muslims and public bodes. This alienation is largely caused by spying on Muslim communities, government intervention in theological issues and attempts to "create a moderate Islam" to the government's liking. Community cohesion is being undermined, as well as efforts to combat social exclusion.  The result of this could be a real breading ground for real religious extremism. These are part of statements that MPs heard during their questions put to witnesses,  including statements that the "Prevent" program has resulted in the stigmatization of whole communities --  while white, far right extremism has been ignored. The "Prevent" program is focused only on Muslims and their "Muslim-ness" and re-enforces the notion that the UK, like the US, is "at war with all Muslims." The United Kingdom ignores real and present internal security threats to its own peril. The EDL and like groups have planned violence again Muslim communities- this is known - but it's more important for the British government to chase the ghosts of  "Islamist networks" and harass and alienate Muslim communities. The real threats to British society are ignored, like the EDL, and the existence of these hateful and violent groups threatens to rip British society apart in a fashion that few Islamist terrorists could ever hope to match."Violent extremism" should be ALL forms of violent extremism, including the EDL's! To its credit, this report does mention the need to address and combat ALL forms of extremism, including what it calls the "far right,"  as stressed in Point 168 of the "Prevent" report (emphasis mine):
All community cohesion work and work focusing on shared values should be decoupled from the Prevent agenda and brought under CLG's broader responsibilities for cohesion and integration. Specific cohesion work which is directly aimed at preventing extremism should be addressed through one broad programme encompassing all types of extremism—from al-Qaeda-inspired extremism, to that inspired by the far right—and clearly focused on tackling disadvantage and exclusion, as opposed to being targeted at a single social, cultural or religious group. The Government should learn lessons from the Prevent experience, that any programme which focuses on a single community risks alienating that community, and ignores the fact that no section of a population exists in isolation from others. 

[Islam in the United Kingdom - 'Millions wasted' in bid to halt Islamist terrorism (VIDEO) - Five years on from 7/7: Prevent programme: 'Failed strategy bred suspicion and alienation' - MPs warn Prevent Programme is backfiring in local communities - Communities and Local Government Committee-Preventing Violent Extremism]